Sunday, September 3, 2017

On travel

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I wouldn't call myself a wanderlust, but I don't mind traveling. From the age of 5 to 22, I hardly traveled within the city, let alone outside the limits of the city. I spent all my childhood and weekends within the confinement of the neighborhood that I lived in. I didn't know many places in Chennai until 2011. 

I've just gathered my thoughts about traveling, so that I could refer to this after a period of time. Hindsight is always a better vantage point, isn't it?

More than the serenity of the destination, what has always amazed me, has been the journey to that place. Beauty no longer fascinates me, it is the oddities that do. I dont want to go beautiful places, i just want to go to odd places, the mundaness of the place that people look over when they view with a romantic eye.

My ideal kind of wander would be to choose to travel like a common man, stay in a humble place without any luxury and experience the place like how any local would, in that area. I don't want to eat my comfort food when I am travelling. I want to eat the food that is available there. I just want two things to be fixed when I am traveling. The entry plan and exit plan. I want the middle part to take it's own course, improvising as I travel.

There is this saying, "If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together". Sometimes there is this urge to travel alone. It totally puts the control unto me. But then nothing matches the joy of traveling with the people you love and share a similar wave length. If you want to know someone, there is no better way than traveling together. You get to see the multiple facets of their personality, at their most vulnerable positions. You can only maintain the facade only for so long. You either grow apart in hatred or grow together in love.

Sometimes I feel travelling alone is liberating in the sense that you are not bound by anyone. You are on your own, you choose to do or not to do something. You do things at your own pace, you don't have get lost in the mad rush to tick off the places in your to do list, just for the heck of it. It is in stark contrast to the mundane life, where taking decisions is not in your hand and ones that have, hate to take decisions and move on. You are just saddled by the grief of inability to have a say over anything and you don't want this to spill over to the one area you don't want it to spill over.

When you travel with others you are bound to be out of your comfort zone now and then. It pushes you to do things that you normally wont to do. That is when new experiences, open you up to new ideas. For people who are lazy like me, it makes it easy when people are pushing me, to be constantly out of my comfort zone. I wouldn't have traveled to most of the places I traveled, if not for me tagging along with my friends.

To put it other way.  I would only to be travelling to places that I want to go for some purpose or the other, within my reach and deter all those places out of my reach. I have made so many plans in my head and I have shelved them just because I can't get there all by myself and because I couldn't find another person who shares the same inquisitiveness about that place, that I do.

Like all things in life, balance is the key. Extremes are always a problem. A string that is too tight or too loose will not give out the right note, same is true with life. 

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Friday, July 28, 2017


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There are days when you wake up and do not want to face people. You just want to avoid the whole world and then sulk in frustration. If you actually take the plunge and get out, it is amazing how your day changes. There is no point in sitting and mourning over spilled milk. If you are not getting something that you need from somewhere, don't cry about it, just go "Well, I am gonna go here and find what I need". At least that's how I have been leading, all my life. It is not reflecting poorly on the places we don't get what we need, rather puts the stress on the reluctance to make a fuss about not getting it.

In my opinion, what comes towards you is more important than things you go towards. I have let go numerous opportunities because I thought I will be of no use for the other person or they really didn't need me. I honestly think the world will be a better place and free of any disappointment, if we only did what we would offer others normally, rather going out of the way to impress them. It is really not worth it. I think we should see the things, the way they are, rather than what we want them to be. The problems crop up only when you identify yourselves with something that you are not.

I have been quite lucky with attracting the right kind of people in every sphere of my life. Sometimes all it needs is the that one friend who will cheer you up, rib you, you rib him/her and you slowly forget all that ever bothered you, before that point. For the moments you are with them, the world seems a wonderful place. The friends who cheer you up, keep changing from time to time, with the roles reversing.

Eeriness will soon kick in, when you are on your own, staring at the ceiling, thinking where the next smile would be and the cycle kicks in. Let us live for the moments of camaraderie which keeps us all going. Put a smile on the person's face and see it reflect back on yours.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rekka katti parakuthaiyya Nimbus

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When I were a kid, my father used to keep me in his lap and tell stories. All the stories would be me saving people, wearing a "power shoe", tossing groundnuts into my mouth, riding an "Oo ve si" (USA) cycle to the crime scene.

The first memory of me trying to actually ride a cycle was when I used to visit my grandmother's thatched home. There used to be shops dedicated for letting cycles on hire. I would give 2 rupees, hire a cycle for an hour and try to ride it, but to no avail. My mother then got me an used ladies cycle to learn cycling. After innumerable number of falls and jamming the cycle into the curb, I learned to cycle. I rode that cycle to my school with so much pride. That feeling of having grown up. 

After moving to a new house, new neighborhood and new school, my parents decided to buy me a cycle. My first proper cycle was a "Hercules Top Gear" with 5 gears aka The Black Panther. All the kids at school would muck around with the gears, leading to it's eventual demise. Even though I had a new cycle, now and then I would hire cycles for an hour to ride the cycles with the High handle bar, like the ones on cruiser bikes. I eventually got one fitted on my cycle, after all the hire cycle shops closed down. I meddled with the cycle so much that it broke down. I had 4 different handle bars, 3 types of seats, got rid of the gears, tried to spray paint my cycle and many more. World had moved on to mopeds and motorbikes, but I was still cycling my way. I was riding cycles up until 2014, when I used the big Hercules cycle to commute from my Intern office to my home. August 14th, 2014 was last day I rode a cycle. I moved on to get a TVS Wego aka Black Panther 2.0 

I decided to get myself a cycle and bought, Kross Maximus. I am still trying to fit a high bar to have a comfy ride. I have named it "Flying nimbus", the cloud that Goku used to travel in his early ages. It was totally a different feeling ,when I rode a cycle after a long time, having used a scooter for 2 years.

There is this sense of calmness and peace that I get while riding a cycle. The world around me takes a back seat. The best of thinking is done when I am riding my cycle, not bothered by anyone. If only life happened where I am eternally cycling and at the peak state of my consciousness

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Choosing your battles

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Watched Bahubali recently. I liked how the filmmaker conceived the situations where the characters are emotionally torn apart to make the right decision. There are no right decisions in certain circumstances. You will just have to choose one and live with the consequences.

Also it majorly sucks to be Palvazhathevan. He yearns all his life to become the kingdom's main man. He not just dreams, but works so hard towards to it, only to see his foster brother take over the crown. Then he wants to marry a woman he likes, only for the woman to be swooped over again by his foster brother, albeit she loved Bahubali. He is then given the kingdom, but not quite the king. He is second fiddle to Bahubali, in that as well. But my loyalties swayed away from Palvazhathevan, after the very dark portrayal of him in the latter half of the story.

If there is one quality that I would like to possess, it would be to choose my battles. I have the habit of being skeptical when I feel that people are stating the wrong facts. I go out of my way to prove them wrong and show them the real facts (according to me). It has earned me a reputation that I am a sort of a person who argues against everything.

Yesterday, I did something which I haven't realized myself doing in long time. I was about start an argument and then quickly my mind censured it. The question I asked myself was, "What am I going to achieve by doing that?" To think of it, nothing good would come of it. The other person is not going to magically correct their uninformed opinion, rather they would be offended. However, most of the time I find myself getting pulled into an argument and fight all the battles. I get a high out of proving others, wrong. At the same time I am ready to humbly accept defeat if I am proved wrong (Only if I think so)

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