Vote our country to glory

With the general elections 2009 in its third phase there is excitement in all the so called NEWS channels, endlessly running updates and predicting the elections. You would see some four guys arguing something and the anchor of the show interrupting them frequently saying , i quote "we are running out of time". You will also see films stars frequently urging us to vote in their ad slots,i wonder why don't you relay them during the IPL which has more exposure than any of the channels, oh i forgot how will they earn money, silly me how can expect this from IPL. Whatever i am ashamed that we have to be reminded by some X,Y,Z to exercise our right to vote.

When someone urges you to vote the immediate response would be "nothing will change" ; "waste of time"; " everyone is corrupt". I would dismiss those arguments as bullshit. Lots have changed the generation now is far more informed and mature than our predecessors. When Dr Abdul Kalaam says the youth is the future and dream your destiny, many end up day dreaming. Why don't you think about the former part.

I was so pissed off when i asked a child who is the PM of India it went blank and when asked about the President of America it said Barack Obama. Why is this? why is this western perverseness? I would say it's all because we stamp ourselves and make others look great. We are not as bad as you think. Be proud to be an Indian. We are improving , no growth is possible without unity. United we stand divided we fall , not one drop of water makes an ocean.

"So Please VOTE and complete your duty as you want your right"


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