Saturday, August 15, 2009

63 and still going strong.

August 15th marks the entry into 63rd year of our Independence. 62 yrs on we have progressed leaps and bounds far quicker than other democracies. I take only democratic and not monarch countries, just for the reason we enjoy freedom they can only dream of and still manage a decent enough growth rate. USA a democracy of 150 years and more, 176 to be precise, took lots of time to reach where it is now. I am leaving all the cynicism and parody behind atleast for this post.

Exactly on this day in 1947 we were under the Poms rule. Just a day before our neighbours Pakistan got their independence, after all the chaos which took prey of many innocent lives. A day after our independence Pondicherry which was under French rule celebrates its Independence day on Aug 16th. I would like to thank all the freedom fighter and especially Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or in short Gandhi Thatha aka Gandhi granps  and many other unsung heroes who lost their lives for us. I owe a lot to them not only me but also you and everyone who breathes the air in this country. Without them i would have not penned rather post this and would be working as a peasant in some factory exporting riches to UK and paying tax to them. Many don't pay tax that is a separate issue altogether ;).

England owes a lot to us and so do we to them. The gift they have given for us for all those suffering they caused to us is the 'lingua franca English'; the well planned cities; railways ,the largest network in the world;artificial ports, Chennai is one of them; wonderful monuments. UK today is a multi-cultural society accepting people of all races as their own. I take my hats off to them even though i don't have one at the moment, having buried their ruins and starting a new lease of life.

After all the subtle pot shots and the way we function, i am still proud of where i come from.  Our past was glorious; our present is not so good, facing so many problems; but hoping the best for the future. As British comedian Paul Merton said India is a place where the exception is the rule , anything is possible if its India anything!

My feeling is echoed in this song from Rang de Basanti - Roobaro here is how it goes

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Hey my frnd just now i realized that a fire has started burning inside me so bright that it outshines the sun.

Let our generation awaken.

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Meow said...

:) :) lovely post :) :)

Anirban said...

GOD BLESS INDIA and yes even after 163 years later when we are a lot more changed and developed than before we will still keep on going ahead and march towards an even better nation...

God Bless our great democracy and god bless the true spirit of India...

Sandhya said...

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan and Jai Services Industry :D
India, is truly a great nation.. So many people, so many shades of life.. Yet we stand out as our nation! India, will soon be the HUB of the world..
A Generation as woken up!
Jai Ho!!

Shankar said...

After all the subtle pot shots and the way we function, i am still proud of where i come from. Our past was glorious; our present is not so good, facing so many problems; but hoping the best for the future

These lines were great da...

Happy Independence day.....Celebrate with beautiful blogger award from ballat....

AJai said...

Nice post. Happy Independence day to you too boyo. :)

HaRy!! said...

Jai Hind!! could not agree more on this day with yu :) ! Kudos to yur blog..

Ajay Shyam said...

aye saala,, its os nice to read this kinda 'patriotic' article from you,, after all that happened in de tenth standard!!

well,, "Saare Jahaan se Achcha, Hindustan Hamara"

Srini said...

"After all the subtle pot shots and the way we function, i am still proud of where i come from. " - my favourite line in the post and it echoes my own sentiments! :)

Merton's quotes are pertinent too! :)

May be JFK will come in handy too: Ask what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you.

I am sure you will make a great CA and do your bit. I want to get into education policies - eventually, let's see. :)

One suggestion: I think "Poms" is a colloquial even derogatory term. Perhaps replacing it with British may read better. Sorry Venks if you find me tampering too much with your work. Just want you to take care of these things because you write very well otherwise! :)


vEnKy said...

@ Anirban

God bless the whole world too

vEnKy said...

@ sowmi

vEnKy said...

@ shankar

thank you very much for the awards it means a lot to me

vEnKy said...

@ sandya

I am glad


thanks bro

vEnKy said...

@ Ajay shyam

sure da i have changed

@ hary thanks

vEnKy said...

@ srini

i am glad you liked it.

Yeah srini i new about that word Poms but used it because many britons call themselves that way. It was only written in a humorous sense.

They were called Poms by the Aussies because their skin would turn red under the hot sun. Pom = pomegranate

anupama said...

dear venky,
thanks for the patriotic post.i really wish each indian blogger should have written on Mera Bharat Mahan.
this post is informative and arousing the love for one's own country.great going.
hope you will have a hat before 64th I-DAY!:)
and the video has added beauty to the post.

rimz said...

Ahh nice post.. liked it.N ya liked ur mentality towards English, I do have somewat same feelings towards dem, we r somehow indebted to them.
And ya, the last line of the post is the big hit...:)

vEnKy said...

@ anupama

thank you so much and there are quite few blogger who wrote about this

vEnKy said...

@ rimz

yep gotta see both sides of the coin. I am not biased

K!NG OF T!ME said...

JAI HIND! lovely post dude! I didnt think that u were so patriotic! I liked the most part is u brought about the great leaders who got freedom for us mainly Gandhiji!JAI HO!

V Rakesh said...

I long to see a country, free of poverty, discrimination, disease and rot!

Shruti said...

Hey venky
awesome post!!
you are exactly right!! We have the greatest civilization!!
migh... Though we complain of certain things,we still do love our country..

Btw,Check out the 55fiction in my blog :

vEnKy said...

@ vicky

Well i am a citizen of the world with India as my country, tamil Nadu as my fav state and chennai as my fav city

vEnKy said...

@ shruthi

Thanks and keep visiting you wont be disappointed

vEnKy said...

@ Rakesh

Seeing you after a while Rakhs. i long to see those too in my lifetime.

angel in disguise.... said...

the lsat sentence was quite true..
yet i stnd by the old saying "mera bharat mahan "
jai hind!

vEnKy said...

@ angel in disguise

thanks keep visitin

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