My Rendezvous with rain

It was Monday the first day of the week. As always I had Monday blues. Everything seemed to be going in the right way, until………….. it was about 5.30  in the evening. I was listening to the boring lectures waiting to get out. I never knew that what was a simple drizzle would become an incessant rain. I thought it was just another gimmick played by the rain and never knew there was a conspiracy going on to stalk me. I walked from my college to the railway station the drizzle followed me as soon as I entered the train it stopped. I started riding my Black Panther, drops of rain were falling on me. Then came my rendezvous with rain.

Me: Do u always plan to piss me off.

Rain: yes, of course.

Me:  Please stop dripping for a while 'chal chal'. I will get in and u do your job. deal ?

Rain: chalak chalak chal chal chal(Then what is the reason I am here for, my answer is no.)

Me: Look I am not in a mood to dance a solo song in rain; I am super bad at it. I am not ready to make a fool of myself.

Rain: cha cha cha......llllll(sudden fast drippings that’s how rain laughs)

Me : Does my black panther sound like Amritavarshini ( the raaga which brings rain), i know it makes sounds never knew it is a raaga.

Rain: Chal chal.......chal( that means sucker in rain language)   

Me: OMG no not traffic. I must take short cut.Boy O boy I have smelled marinated food but I have never smelt a street urinated this much. thanks to you chal chal ( rain)

Rain: starting to rain heavily ( that means saavuda naye which is loosely translated as suffer my wrath doggy boy)

Me: I am totally drenched damn you Chal chal

Then I had to travel past our street road which is pretty narrow only a bus could get through. The two-way road which looked like a one-way road turned into a halfway road. Thanks to who else but the Chennai corporation, who gorged a wonder, called “not so grand canyon” a miniature of the real one which is in the USA. That now turned into the everglades (swamp in,  Florida, USA), the mud was now a slush courtesy rain. after all these obstacles i reached home.

Me: Finally made it

Rain: busssssss ( thats is how it stops and says duty over)

Me: I will get you for this.

I saw the clouds it looked very bleak that it would rain for sometime. I changed my clothes and challenged it to drench. I switched to mankey mode. No i did not say any fancy words to change mode or costume, forget it. So i went to the nearby food stall to eat.

Me: drench me if you can

Rain: grrrrrrr i will 

Me: oh i am sorry you are running out of clouds aren't you?

Me: wow the samosa and kachori are great.

Rain: why you!!!!!

Me: let me have a slow walk see if you can get me ( i was standing at the gate and mocking it )

Rain: the clouds are here i come. bussssssssss !

Me: hahahaha somebody stoppppp me

Me:  bye see you. sorry for the disappointment, guess who had the last laugh. ;)


It was Thursday and i made a wrong decision of attending all 5 hrs of my college. Man i got stuck in college till 7.00 pm. But had a blast with my friends in that atmosphere. 

Me: looks like i am gonna get a parade when i reach home, how the hell am i going to buy pooja stuff for tomorrow's pooja.

Rain: heavy rain ( it means it is angry with for what i did the other day )

it was no surprise everyone had bought the stuff i returned empty handed to my home. But got full with kind of scoldings from my mom " you are a waste cant you do even this right".
I had a trick up my sleeve i said " its raining outside how can i?" with a very sad face. Escape. 


I played my cards close to the chest, i had a secret weapon to counter it.

dhan te nan te na na nan.......................

Me: Unveil the umbrella ray, you are toast

Rain: Oh no spare me. nooooooooo !!!!!!!

Me: hahahaha. 

dhan te nan te na na nan.......................

That day it didn't even pretend to rain till i reached my place. This secret weapon was originally used by my dad. Since he travels by car nowadays, i am the new torch bearer to torment rain now and then. How dare it messes with me. Just for the sake of Chennai i might consider leavin my umbrella ray. 


  1. what a secret weapon! what a secret weapon.. same thing.. i wore new nike shoes and it rained!! bloddy rain! wanted to stamp on it wit my drenched, soaked, muddy new shoes :(

  2. Don't curse the rain Venky and Ms.Elithraniel Arawion .... we need rains for sure !!!!!!!!

  3. this is beautifully written... I liked the swears, the smattering of humour, the onamatapoeic expressions, the musical connection and everything. At places the post was cute, at others innocently comical - but overall pretty nicely done :-) :-) :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. dai...chennai la mazha varadhe adhisayam.... mazhaila jollya nenaiviya..adhavitutu....

  5. well,,am havin a tough time with the rains as well,, gettin all drenched up!! i feel like cursin myself (remember who brought the monsoon to chennai??!)

    btw as long as there are good souls (read 'me'), u'll 've rains!!
    am goin outta chennai next week, so you wont need you secret weapons then!! ;)

  6. I think you meant the Malhaar raaga.
    thats the one which brings rain.


  8. dear venky,
    what a lovely theme!and my favourite.;D hey,you chennaites should be grateful for the rains;the much awaited blessing in the scorching heat!and my friend had told me it was raining.
    do write often,venky;you have lots of happenings in and let us enjoy!i loved the humorous part of it!
    i think,megha malhar and amritha varshini bring rains.
    happy blogging........


  9. @ EA

    you and your imagination, trying stamp rain. Nike shows govinda govinda

  10. @ Srini

    never seen one review others post like this but for me. I want u review this post if mine as well

  11. @ shankar and Sowmi

    i have no problems with rain i hate gettin wet with the clothes i wear out, i have no probs gettin wet in me casual wear

  12. @ Ajay Shyam

    apidiya ok pa, ne porala kandhippa mazhai varum

  13. @ Sayrem

    Hey Amritavarshini is carnatic malhar might be hindustani they are same as anupama said

  14. @ Anupama

    I glad i made a few people and you smile with my antics

  15. @ sowmi

    capitala ezhuthina bayamthuduvoma, try me. hehehehe

  16. :) kalakal ngo...especially the part - Savuda nee! he he, that was some commute with Rain yu had! :)

  17. gud1 Venky...but I prefer to take a walk always ven it rainz.

  18. @ hary, sujay, ajai

    chal lal lala lal ( that is is thanks in rain language)

  19. hi da i also dont like rain,
    evening ana pothum senia uuri a edukuthu. uura sutha mudiyala da.. thola thangala.

    let this bloody rain stop soon... r let in come in the morning hrs.

  20. @ Sundaram

    Dei we need rain or else we will be haunted by the ghost of water problem. All i am askin is spare me

  21. So, You totally played with rain. You are now a rain-maniac. You should have brought mankey in these situations should i say! If mankey had cum he would have totally whitewashed ur game with rain.

  22. Amazing imagination... Love ur argument with the Rain... Good one.
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    Also, pls vote for my blog, if u like it, at this link. It requires signing up with your mail id. Hope u'll vote for me. Thanks in advance.. :)
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  23. @ Mitr- friend

    The blog deserved the vote and i would like to hear your thoughts too. keep visiting.

  24. Firstly, thanks a lot for the review on indiblogger. I wasn't expecting a comment on my template :P I was looking for something on the kind of stuff I write. Thanks again..
    Bout your post: Ah! Sadness..! The rain is beautiful mind you.. Its so beautiful when it rains.. You'll miss them, when summer scorches Chennai!


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