Nammai Pol Oruvan ( some one like us)


  I was sitting in front of my computer day dreaming of getting the tickets of Kamal and Mohan Lal starrer “Unnaipol Oruvam” ( someone like you), the remake of the Hindi movie “A Wednesday”. That’s when my dad blocked my vision showing a ticket to the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this one heck of a movie.


The film deals with how a common man can really bring a city to a stand still. It picks up the issue of how to fight terrorism. The films Starts with Kamal Haasan a common man who plants bombs all round the city and call the Commissioner of Police enacted by Mohan Lal and negotiates with him to release terrorists to a location. Rest of the story revolves around what does he do with the terrorists and does he do what he actually wanted.

The Dialogues in the movie are really sharp, inspiring and witty at places. the dialogue uttered by an ethical hacker, who comes to track Kamal’s location is one of the best . When Mohan Lal asks him whether he can work with this computer he says“ sir, these computers are really old. Sir these ancestors . I will try and say Abivaadaye and start”. ( abivaadaye is a sort of introduction given by Brahmins to their elders in Sanskrit). There are many such places. No Character in the film are wasted or even overused or over emphasized.

The length of the movie works for its advantage as well. The pace, once it picks never Slackens. There are no songs sequences in it. The film lasts about an hour and forty five minutes. This one of those rare films you go out of the theatre and cursing why it ended.

The acting in the film is from the top draw. You cant make out that they act, that’s what i call good acting.  We all know how good an actor Kamal is and he doesn't disappoint us, so does Mohan Lal, so does all the other actors, so does the director Chakri Toleti and So does the film as a whole. That’s a lot of ‘so’s used in a sentence. What to do the film is so so good.

The only thing bad about this movie is i can say nothing bad about. This film is really spotless. One can say the views expressed in the movie may be debatable. But certainly one cannot find fault in the way it has been made.

This is definitely worth more than a watch and certainly a collectors item. To put it my way this movie has certainly entered this freak’s think tank and also his heart.Love Struck

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  1. Paisa vasool:)

    A remake has never been made better:) Was actually kinda inspired post the movie...I had seen a wednesday, but watching the same plot in mother tongue..its out of the world feeling:)

  2. @ Archana

    That exactly i wanted to say watching a movie in our mother is a feeling we cant get watching in other language

  3. I agree with the above comment (and I have not seen the film just yet Venks!): I saw "A Wednesday" last October and Nazeruddhin (forgive the spelling) Shah and Anupam Kher were something else. I may or may not watch this before I leave, but I can kind of see why this is good! :)

    Nicely written review (good you didn't give the suspense away! ;) :p).

    Cheers, have a good Saturday evening! :)

  4. @ Srini

    I havent seen Wednesday but my frnds this version was way than the original

  5. @Venks

    I must have to watch it to agree or disagree. But if it really is, it is yet another feather on Mohanlal's and Kamal's caps among other things! :)

  6. very true..excellent tamil is my mother tongue..I liked in tamil a lot.. because dialogues played a better role than the plot... Can anyone match kamal?? Far better than wednesday... Kamal was way better than nassurudhin shah...

  7. @ srini

    You better have a watch i mean you better see it not to have a watch literally hehehe

  8. @ shankar

    I havent seen the hindi version. None the less Kamal and Mohan Lal were brilliant

  9. Tamil or Hindi...I hope we the people don't get lost in translations and forget about the very basis and heart of the movie(s)...which deals with the limit of the common man's reaction to terrorism!:)

  10. @ Anu

    you have good point there, agreed

  11. It's an ultimate movie! Watched both the versions, and enjoyed both of em!Awesome to see the two titans, Mohanlal and Kamal sharing the screen!

  12. whhaaaat,, u in a theatre??? that news to me!!

    for de past couple of years i always thought i wouldn have any problem seein new movies ,,courtesy a good frnd of mine,, he gets it downloaded for me!! its a pity he too
    watched this movie on the big screen!! hope he's listenin and gets it done for me!!

  13. @ Govind

    spot on buddy ultimate movie.

  14. @ Ajay

    Hey i get to watch all Kamal films in theatre because my sis and dad are ardent kamal fans.

    Ok lad i will download the movie for you even i need it to add to my collection

  15. waiting for the torrent..if you get a me..

  16. Venks!!
    Awesome movie la!!
    ""The only thing bad about this movie is i can say nothing bad about""
    This speaks about everything!! Shruti's (Note the name :P), background score is awesome!!

  17. I had watched A Wednesday and it was awesome. THough i so wished that someone else had done the role of the Police chief...

    Naseer was jawdroppingly convincing as a common man who is just so fed up with the system. awesome...

  18. i have seen A WEDENSDAY loved it totally far from being a typical bollywood movie! totally diffrent and kickass performance and awesome theme!

  19. @ Shruti

    Praising your namesake ehei?

    Good job but i dont think it is great.

  20. @Neha

    Yeah it was something different for the regular especially with no song sequences and really short and sweet

  21. @ Chhaya

    i am gonna see the version as well to know how was the performance

  22. Have you seen the Hindi version? Now after your review, I gotta see the Tamil one.

  23. i need to catch this movie!!!!!!

  24. inum inga release agala pa!..cha will have to wait to see it though! nala irunga!

  25. @ Spit venom

    No i havent seen it yet, dont miss the tamil one you will love it

  26. @ Ajai

    Dont catch buddy watch the movie hehehe

    @ Hary

    With your blessings we all will be good :)


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