Remains after the ashes ;) how ironical.

   It's been a while since i wrote anything about cricket. I think this would be the right time to end my exile from posting about it. I am writing this like a phoenix out of the Ashes rather after the ashes  :)  .Yep the Ashes was done dusted literally few weeks back. I know i am pretty late, but better late than never. Even if i post late i will post the latest  :)

   The Summer Ashes ended with England taking back the ashes of its cricket after bashing the Aussies 2-1. They are now the proud owner of the urn at least till next years winter Ashes down under.

Here is a sum up of the some events and players this series.

Broad Shoulders :The most noticeable one is Stuart Broad. Many remember him for the six sixes, in ashes he picked up six wickets in an innings and scored fifties. Time really turns the tables doesn't it ?

Trott-a-thon : Jonathan Trott trotted his way to his century on his Debut. A great find for English cricket, though it is very early to say so.

De-straussed :Strauss was very conventional in his approach towards captaincy and got away with it but he lead from the front with his batting. BTW he was the Man of the Series.

Pup which packs a punch rather a bite:Then there is Michael Clarke aka Pup, who was in sublime form. The one who might become the alpha male after Punter

Swann's swaha aussie wickets : How can we forget Graeme Swann's ball of the century and his superb bowling throughout the series.

With him England have found out the Spinner they searched for all these years.

Surprise packages: Hilfy and Pete Siddle were the surprise packages for the Aussies. Marcus the least talked about stamped his authority with his gritty batting showing that he is a class act. He even picked a few wickets.

Nothing rave about Ravi : I would rate Ravi Bopara as the no: 1 flopstar of this series. The guy was given Michael Vaughan's no: 3 spot and failed to impress. He had a torrid time and still having so in the T20 played just recently.

The Man who ended up being Johnson and Johnson's  baby: Mitchell Johnson is not far behind. Mitch was only a shadow of himself in SA. He had no rhythm at all, bowling wides and easy pickings for the batsmen.

Bret Fl(e)ed : Brett Lee was making comeback whole of the ashes. He was a mere traveler. He made news before every match that he is gonna play and ended warming the benches. That is the only impact he had on the series.

KP jus kidding around dressing room: KP probably the best batsmen in the English side couldn't play whole of the Ashes and was a dampener.

Farewell to Big Fred: Last but not least the ashes saw one of English cricket's greatest All-rounders Andrew Freddie Flintoff bidding adieu to Test cricket, if his recent knee surgery is anything to go by, to cricket as a whole. Freddie's  test career has been drawn curtains way to quickly than one would have expected. He was given the farewell he deserved, 'An Ashes victory'.

Barking pups seldom bite : The notorious Pup ( mike Clarke) said that it is sad that Flintoff will end as a loser. Hey pup look who is the Loser, you are now the loser with a small 'l' and Ponting is the Loser with a capital 'L'.

Batter and bruised: Talking about the loser with the capital 'L', he literally got battered and bruised in the final test look at this pic.

hahaha. Look who had the last laugh. You guys should have seen him speak to Atherton at the presentation, he was almost crying.

Its not about doing right things but doing right things at the right time: The funny thing is that Australia scored more runs and took more wickets in the entire series than England and still lost the series 2-1. Both the teams were really good when they were good and really bad when they bad. England did the right things at the right time and shook the booty

   A captain who whitewashed the same team back home, a captain who has never lost a match in the World cup, a captain who has won series against every test team was left biting the dust for the second time in a row. Australia has now become Losstralia, at an all time low. Knowing the Aussies and their aggressive nature, they will be ready to get their revenge. That is gonna be the recipe for much better cricket in the Ashes once again. For now the Ashes of English cricket is in safe hands.


  1. hmmm... a typical cricket lover Indian .....
    Nice names for players...liked it.
    Australia is tired of winning (n whinning) for a pretty time. let dem giv chnces to oders...:P

  2. I told you during the starting time itself... that australia will pay for its over confidence and unwanted comments about fellow players in england...I am very happy that england won....

  3. O venky, most of my english frnds before the match thought KP and Freddie were just too much hype and England cud still win without them.. but Freddie proved otherwise... neenga inga vanthu irukanum, we saw the match on a giant screen..sema comedy, everyone drinking beer and cheering very very gentleman mathiriyaaaa reaction kuduthanga...we watch matches like as if rejoice!!

    anyways goood post and hmm England shud win Ashes in Australia and prove a point if yu ask me!


  4. Venks o' Venks! This is superbly written :) And I absolutely mean it! :) Was like reading a review on cricinfo.

    What with Bret (F)lee(d), Lostralia, Broad Shoulders (I have developed a great admiration for the guy the way he has come back after the hammering from Yuv's willow!) and all that. Hillarious in parts but also very observant and meticulous.

    Was Swann's ball that special? Ah, I missed it man; was in my hostel. :(. I like the looks of him too but far too often English spinners have timorously petered away like diseased animals. I hope he remains a threatening spin option for a few years to come! :)

  5. @ Rimz

    Yep you got that one right i am a cricket lover and a cricoholic

  6. @ Shankar

    Yep you told me. Remember first match i was teasing you telling the scores when England were down. hahaha

  7. @ Hary

    yeps they should win down under to prove a point. It is not gonna busy, wounded tigers are dangerous. Aussies will surely pack punch winning in their backyard aint gonna be easy, that i can guarantee

  8. @ Srini

    thank you srini, i am humbled when you said it was like a cricinfo review.

    And srini swann looks really good and u can see that delivery in the video i posted. The ball pitched way outside off stump spun viciously and bowled Ponting between his bat and bat and hit the middle stump. I was awestruck and jumping up and down since i like bowling more than batting unlike many.

  9. hey Venky!!
    Rightly u r a cricoholic!
    Am really very happy for the english men! They shattered the dreams of aussie's! They have gained what they have destined!
    After broad's ^ wicket haul even i thought about the same!! SIXERS off yuvaraj!

    Also Strauss is doing an awesome job as a captain!

    Good post again!

    Keep Smiling!

  10. @ Shruthi

    Are you a cricket fan?
    No doubt i am a cricoholic.
    And will keep smiling and keep others smiling through my blog.

  11. It had to occur one day....
    aussies have done too much folly since they started thinking that they were invinsible..
    I pity them now...

  12. @ RSV

    U r right it had to occur, they were too cocky when they were winning.

  13. hey venky!
    am sure a cricket fan!!
    Cant you identify that from my comment ???? :P

  14. @ shruthi

    yes i can, but just to make sure. I am pleasently surprised to see a female who can look beyond looks of a cricketer

  15. @venky!
    I love cricket!
    Looks doesn't matter! Stuff matters!

  16. @ shruthi
    Ya i get it and i am happy

  17. hey yeppovume online la irupaya?!
    yenna vida vettiyo?!

  18. @ shruthi

    not quite, today is a holiday thats .BTw if you mail me if you want, this comments section is get longer and longer :-o

  19. End of an era isn't it? Australia are just not the team they were even just a year back. But, as you rightly said, they won't come down so easily... we can expect them to come back and back hard.

  20. Nice sum up man.
    And the swann wickets were indeed beautiful!
    Anyways, let's look forward to Aussies rise 'for' the ashes

  21. @Ajai

    certainly, Aussies have lost some of the greatest player to have ever played cricket.

  22. @ Issam

    welcome to my blog, i licking my lips for the winter ashes down under

  23. Kudos to the English! Poor Australia.. I think over confidence and too much of hype does this to a team! Well written post da :)

  24. @ Sandhya

    Many say the same, i think there is more to it.

  25. I DID feel that way. You can count on me, I hardly mince words when it comes to my observations - not on cricket, anyway - just as you don't.

    Talking of cricket here is something that you may wish to read if you find time. This is "cricket fiction" and was written some three years back. Cheers!

  26. @ srini

    will take a look. perhaps more than a look ;)

  27. Hey Venky....eva wondered why its called the Ashes?

  28. @ Rakesh

    I know. It is called the ashes because an English daily addressed that English cricket has been burned and the ashes were taken over to Australia, after after Australia claimed their maiden test victory. It is just a note which says the above which was burnt and enclosed in that urn. It means a lot to them, there is no bigger achievement for an Aussie or English cricketer than playing and winning the Ashes. The real one always stays in England museum only replica changes hands. In a way the Aussies can never win the ashes.

  29. Losstralia!ROTFL!
    It was a pleasure watching the poms thrash the aussies! After such a long period of aussie dominance, it's refreshing to see em lose!
    An yeah, Swann's ball of the century was def one of the highlights of this ashes.

  30. @ Govind

    Since i am a neutral i would have been either of the two won or neither of the won.

  31. Hi :)
    Check out my blog!
    I have something for you!

    Keep smiling!

  32. hahahah..i loved the battered n bruised one;)
    n yeah also yr about me:) made me :)
    way to go venky!

  33. @ shruthi

    thank you for loving my blog

    @ divsi

    Welcome to the freak's think tank, you will se some lot more freaky things here.

  34. beware people, here comes fake IPl 2 :D

  35. Hi :)
    you are tagged!
    Check my blog!

    Keep smiling!

  36. @ Sayrem

    Fake IPl 2 come on sayrem i dont blog anonymous.

    @ Shruthi

    Pls gal there is a chat box widget on the sidebar type it there OK, no offence meant

  37. venks, well what can i say, lotta ppl compare this year's ashes to de one in 2005 and say it was such a good series, thoroughly entertainin!!

    It was certainly 'entertainin' and a clash of two evenly matched teams, but unlike de one in 2005, where there were two 'GOOD' teams wantin to stamp their authority by claimin de ashes, this one was fought btw two 'AVERAGE' teams who were seekin for REDEMPTION after a string of lows!!


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