Small Bada - Mission Vada Pav !!

....... A few weeks back...... My friend Hari went to one shop and asked for Vada pav. You know what he got. A huge pav with a Masala Vadai in it, that's what you call cross cultural bonding . Vada pav has now become, Ada paavame ! ( distress call)

....... A few days back....... we were watching the gangsters eating vada pav in "Kaminey", which made our stomach growl. We took an oath to eat vada pav , where else other than the north Indian haven of Chennai, Soucarpet.
Mission name: Small Bada Mission Vada pav.
Starting Point : Ashok Nagar
Destination point: Soucarpet
Start time : 5.30 pm
End time : 8.30 pm
Day eatmarked : Saturday
Status : Mission in progress- empty stomach and drooling mouth

A small introduction to who seem like caricatures but are characters:

Hari : The guy who can put mokkai ( blunt jokes ) that even a blade doesn't stand a chance . He thinks so differently from others. He says " The one who speaks without any connection is hari" . He also has his fair share of humor.

Venkatesh aka Machi the gochi : Don't ask me why he got the name, will tell you some other time. He does the funniest things you will ever see. For eg he shuffles his card while playing UNO because the other person has seen his cards. Now what difference does that make.

Then add me, who cant make out which is left or right side without seeing the scar on my finger ( for details see last para of this post of mine ), to them you get an awesome threesome.

"Dhan te nan te nan na nan............................" ( after effects of watching kaminey 2 times)
    We traveled by bike. We had to take the straight road from the Mount road
signal and not take a right turn to go to Soucarpet. So straight was right and right
was wrong, guess what Machi took the right which was the wrong turn. Wow ! what a start. Machi called us and got back with us . Meantime we betrayed Machi by drinking a spl Badam Kheer each, delicious!. Machi gave us a stare which would send anyone to their childhood size. After Machi's anguish we hogged on to the bike and went straight to Soucarpet.
    Machi was playing hide and seek with cops because he refused to wear a helmet. There was one signal in which there were cops catching people. You should have seen Machi's face, no one could give that reaction except for Chris Gayle and few other West Indians, reaction less , no grief or joy. Boy O boy Machi is king at that stuff.

    Sourcarpet was like walking a brown carpet to B-town full of Hindi, but there were no cars in there, only rickshaws unlike the name . Hari was using his not so perfect Hindi to communicate and show off his communication skills. We found everything but for vada pav there, so we decided to split and search.
    We sent Machi to the wrong street, the street which has a vada pav shop. Yeah right, it was the street with the vada pav shop, no typos there. Sending him there was the biggest mistake we made. Machi's describing skills are always found wanting. Machi called us and just said it was next to the temple. BTW there were temples all over.
    For once we took Machi's place and took the wrong turn, in which, every street has a SHARMA PAN SHOP and Hindi film poster. It is high time they added first names to their shops. Just imagine First names for shops " ISHANT SHARMA PAN SHOP " , "ROHIT SHARMA PAN SHOP" and for South Indian shops only initials " M.Murugan waste paper mart", " A.G. Iyengar's Bakery " .
    We walked to the end of the road and couldn't find a temple in near sight. To make it worse hari got his feet trampled by a rickshaw. Now a real Hari would have said something inane but all these things dried out Hari's mokkai.
    After half a dozen phone calls we found that place On the phone, which was next to the Jain temple. Machi described that as a temple which has a Hindi name , so Shakti Temple . God damn Machi's description.
    We went into Ajab's Chaat House to taste it immediately. But God had other plans, there were only 2 vada pavs. So we had to wait for the 3rd one. At last the price was in front of us, 'THE VADA PAV' . After we ate, rather licked Punjabi Mashoor Kulfi from a street shop which also existed in every other street.
Status Now : Accomplished- full stomach and we need a tooth pick .


  1. shabba!:P as a blogging friend of ours would say!!! :P. lolz.

    I loved the part about Gayle. Simply brilliant and true to the tee.;) :)

    you have the habit of making the small seem significant which is a trait of a good writer but yes do address a couple of syntactic snags here and there. Not big, but if you address them, you will have done yourself a world of good.

    Enjoyed it Venks... and yeah my sis is terrible with directions too! :P :D

  2. hmm... nice depiction...
    n its quiet obvious frm d piece dt u had loads of fun...:)

  3. Machi... I feel like eating vada paav now... he he! Sowcarpet... here I come.. dhan te naan! ;)

  4. @ Srini

    Please point those syntaxes out ,i wanna learn.

  5. @ Rimz

    Yes we sure had a blast, at the expense of each other

  6. @ Ajai

    Hey ajai eat at the one in mint road dont search like us

  7. sooper template :PP and i was lol at the pic... I like ur friend MACHI THE GOCHI very much pa :) and loved ur description about the incident....... wowwwww and sooper

  8. dear venky,
    i thoroughly enjoyed your post.hey,by now my taste buds are aroused i must look for vada pav somewhere here.
    hearty congrats for the lighter the way who is another anu here?:)


  9. @ Anupama

    thank you the another anu is one of my blog followers.

  10. Here are some pointers: some of these are absolute and others suggestive. I have indicated the suggested changes/correction in boldface within brackets:

    He thinks so (VERY, although "so" is also grammatically fine)) differently than (FROM) others. He says "(add a definite article THE) one who speaks without any connection is hari". He also has his fair share of the (DELETE "the") humor.

    "He does the most funniest (double "superlative"; guess you might have used it consciously but "funniest" alone will do in this context!) things ..."

    "without seeing the scar in (preposition use: ON) my finger"

    Sourcarpet was like (add indefinite article "A") walking brown carpet

    "it was next to (add def article "THE") temple"

    "For once we took Machi's place and took the wrong turn, in where (WHICH)"

    After half a dozen of (delete "of") phone calls

    rather licked Punjabi Mashoor Kulfi, which also existed ("WAS ALSO AVAILABLE" in place of "also existed) in every other street.

  11. @ srini
    i corrected them but the last one, "that it existed" i meant the shop and not the kulfi so i think its fine

  12. @Venks

    oh... ok... sorry about that. You might want to remove the 'comma' after shop then! But I guess interpretatory fault was mine there.

  13. @ srini

    I did that that one too now thanks a ton. I would like to clear my doubts about commas and semi colons later when we chat

  14. he he i still remember the day when my frnd and i set out to eat all north indian chats to they are so spicy and yummy..btw all Hari's are mokai or wat :)?


  15. @ Hary

    Hopefully not everyone. ;)

  16. Ahhhh venks!!
    Watta description!!
    VADA PAV saapda,ashok nagar lendhu sowcarpet ponavanga dan! You could have tried it in IYYAN PAZHAMUDHIR CHOLAI on the seventh avenue or the adyar bakery! :P
    Jus kiddin!!
    I like that machi the gochi character :P
    Loved the way you presented them!

  17. @ Shruthi
    Is it available in adayar bakery and Pazhamudircholai?

    Who cant like his character

  18. got to eat what you wanted...
    a very nice description indeed......
    now I am feeling very hungry!!

  19. @ RSV

    then go eat you would get a lot of them in Delhi, right.

  20. an award s awaiting for u in my blog.. visit it..:)

  21. Hey venky!! that was super cool. You have a unique way of writing yaar.:)

  22. o how much i luv vada pav!

    in mumbai it isnt so much of task though to find vada pav its available almost at every kilometre!

    seems lyk u r a foodie as wel

    folowin ur blog


  23. @ Rimz

    Thank u for the award, i am on a hat trick now, i already received from two peops

  24. @ Rajalaksmi Umapathy

    Thank u very keep visiting

  25. @ neha

    I know you could get a lot of Vada pav there. And bows for following my blog you are welcome

  26. Vadav paavs never appealed to me until now! After reading this post of yours, I reconsider! ;)

  27. @ Rakesh

    I suggest you have them they are delicious :)

  28. hey,, all i can say is that i regret havin chosen football over food!! should 've come wid ya guys, missed de fun!! btw am gonna gear myself up and 'll look out for that AJAB CHAT HOUSE, dont remember havin seen any shop with that name in sowcarpet before!!

  29. @ Ajay

    Temme one thing you didnt regret. Anyways the shop is different as the name suggests hehehe.

  30. 've been to that shop lotsa times before,, never bothered to look at de name!! my bad!

    (btw,, yeah, i regret a lot!!)

    oooops, i regret havin accepted to that fact!! ;)

  31. @ Ajay Shyam

    o_O you have taken regretting to a new level


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