3 days 2 nights and One love story.

  “Where am I? Who are you? Where is she?” Quick give him the anesthesia, we’ve got to calm him down. “Ah aah …………” Get the woman in the ICU hurry up fellas, we have lives at stake.
  We were a match made in heaven perhaps heaven on earth. We were dating for 2 years. We knew each other since high school, only 2 years back I built courage went upto him. The All star Ball game, Busch Stadium; Barack Obama threw the first pitch. I still remember as it was yesterday. I bought 2 tickets for the ball game in the box. David Wright was struck out, I stood up to her, took out the ring and said “It needs 3 strikes to get out. It took only One for you to strike me out. I love you, will you marry me”, she was in tears and said yes. That yes, that one yes made my life. My joy knew no bounds. We booked a trip to the Everglades for our honey moon.

   It was sunny morning in the everglades, we teed off to the swamps just by the river to watch the alligators. It was and still is a big time alligator territory one wrong move, you wouldn’t return in one piece. It was mid- day, that was when the Alligators were least active, so we went off to check other wildlife.

  As we were walking through the swamps, Claire felt a bite. I found a snake, I took a look at the stripes and it were red and black. The saying was lingering in my mind “Red and yellow kill a fellow; red and black friend jack” in our case friend of Mike and Claire. I picked the Scarlet King and showed it to Claire, like the bravest man in the world. I knew it had no venom in it.

   The sun was setting, that’s when i realized we were heading to the east and the dry land was to the west. Everglades was a very spooky place and nights were even spookier. So we decided to camp there for the night. Unfortunately we lost everything while watching the gators. All we had was a knife, my cigarette lighter and some water. We had to eat something. Fortunately or unfortunately that something means frogs which are in abundance and are not poisonous. I gathered some dead barks, leaves and I also found a tin. I carved the stick and went to hunt the frogs. Claire was looking seemingly in discomfort as the scarlet king had bitten her. Though it wasn’t poisonous the wound with the cocktail of mud is a recipe for disaster, hence she couldn’t walk properly. So i used the only available clean water to clean her wound. We then barbecued the frogs and ate them at one go. There is only one word to describe it, pathetic with a capital P. That night went on as we cuddled each other watching the canopy and we feeling each other’s breathe.

…………Increase the oxygen his breathe is slowing down, get a new one right away. Pulse is slowin down, hurry up fellas. Aye aye doc.
   “It was a new dawn, a new day. We started our journey to the west. The Swamp was so unforgiving and was sapping every bit of the fluid in our body. To make it worse the sword grass were wearing and tearing us down. We took our stick held it horizontally and navigated through the grass. Finally after hours of struggle we made it to Seminoles territory. We could eat the bitter yet life saving oranges grown by them. Thank God! Seminoles lived here.
   Flo-rida’s “you spin my head right round” was what i was humming. The reason was, here i am searching round and round for frogs in Florida, how ironical. Suddenly Lady Luck smiled on us, I found a  gopher tortoise, Jackpot! Gopher tortoise with lime juice over it Yummy! I thought i would never say this even in weirdest of my dreams. Claire suggested steaming the tortoise with its shell in the fire. To be honest it tasted alright. I filtered the water through my T shirt into the tin we found, boiled and filled our bottles. We ate the tortoise for dinner, pinch me. Without wasting a second she pinched me, sheesh! If only she had shown this swiftness we would have been home now.
   We took an early start, the next day and reached near the canal; adjacent to it were a road and our way out of there. It seemed barely a mile from there. We were walking through the swamp waters, that’s when i found myself in a sink hole. The more you struggle the more you get into it. I was perturbed and my heart was beating fast.

……………… The heart beat is slowing down charge it and give him a shock, one more and one more.
Claire was terrified and was in no position to help me. Her leg was badly injured; I don’t know how she managed to walk. She had heavy fever thanks to the mosquitoes, swamp water and tortoise she ate. She was lying down and telling to me go with the flow and we can make it. She told me to lean on my chest, pull myself up and monkey crawl out of there. That’s where my survival instinct kicked on, I came out of the hole with whole of my pants and half of my T-shirt covered in mud. I carried Claire with the muddy pants and reached near the canal and then lights off i had nothing left in me and i fainted.

……………. Doc he is opening his eyes. Where am i? Son you’re in the hospital we found you and the other woman nearby the canal. Where is she?
   “I am sorry to say this, she is no more. She had succumbed to dengue” said the doctor. My whole world went crashing down after hearing the doc say that. She meant a lot in my life. Why us? Why? Life is such a bitch.There were so many beaches in Florida, why a swamp? But then honey moons never last forever. In our case, it ended in our ‘so called honey moon’.
After a few weeks i was up and kicking out of the hospital. I started my vehicle and headed towards the Everglades hearing “The Backstreet Boys”
“never gone, never far, in my heart is where you are, always close, every day, every step along the way”
How meaningful can a song be to me than this one? Everglades here i come to pay tribute to the love of my life. 

P.S: Put off by the sad ending you see the problem with true love is, “True love never has happy endings, because true love never ends”


  1. Lovely and apart from that offending ":p" somewhere in the text one post from you which was all serious! And I liked that. The attention to detail, or shall I say the interplay of information about places and things, was interesting. I do not know much about Everglades, barbecquing frogs, cooking tortoises etc.

    There are areas where you can improve: for starters I personally believe that though length does not matter a short story should be sufficiently long to engage a reader and perhaps that is an area you could look into. Here because of the brevity of the story the so-called flitting between past and present has been shown, it seems, a bit too frequently and therefore a sort of suspense has been given away at the very beginning. Expanding on the story might help you avoid this.

    The syntax is clean and so is the usage. Miles to go but you are good to go!

    Cheers :)

  2. Those description about swamps and the way u narrated them was breath-taking! Yepdi than un moola ipdi vela seiyutho! Swamp description was awesome! Thaaru Maaru!!!!

    I loved the ending part : true love is, “True love never has happy endings, because true love never ends

  3. *Applause* ... blv me I could never blv that you wrote... I thought it was an excerpt from some book! Amazing it is... the way you've given the details, made me feel that the author has been to such a place and described it as if he had been there before... The Everglades, frogs, cooking tortoise... INCREDIBLE Venky :) Love it :)

    Highlight is your P.S :)

  4. sorry not old blog... own blog...

  5. Hey dude..

    enna achu.. i never expected this post from you... manky writing such a serious post.... I couldnt believe... very good one indeed....

    I wrote a very similar story a few days back and posted it for another site....i will give you the link..check out.... if you have time..else wait till next month..so that i will post that story in my old blog...


  6. u deserve a lot of kudos for this piece?
    is it a true story or fictitious?
    the detailed descriptions took me to d swamps only.. awesome....:)

  7. Nice post! :)
    Surprised to see such a post in your blog! :P

    Super description,narration,and termination(?):P.

  8. super description dude...one of your best....

    "why the one u love has to leave u so early...why why why.."
    and why I don't get the love I will leave some days after?

  9. That was too good.. a very senti post :) btw have you been to Everglades before? you gave such a wonderful description of the place.. This was too good "True love never has happy endings, because true love never ends"

  10. OMG bro...kalakita ne!! got swamped in yur post indeed! i like said...thought its an excerpt...wow! luvd those sad and touching lines “True love never has happy endings, because true love never ends" ...

  11. @ srini

    Thanks for the thoughts, but i think the length is absolutely fine. I did want to brief on the present because it wasn't about that. I am happy that my syntax has improved.

  12. @ Shruthi and Meow

    It is not a big deal i you spend your time watchin Discovery, Animal planet and Nat Geo. I took inspiration from that a wrote this piece and took love as desert to go with it.

  13. @ Shankar

    Always expect the unexpected from me that's y i am a freak. Will give it a read

  14. @ Anu
    thank you what hell does termination mean. o_O

  15. @ Rimz

    naah it is fictitious but every year around 63 people get lost in the everglades.

  16. @ RSV

    Thanks buddy. My best is yet to come

  17. @ Avada Kedavra

    I have not been anywhere outside South India hehehe. World is a Global village you need be there to know abt the places thanks to TV

  18. @ Hary

    I took that line from a ppt presentation its not mine.

  19. Venky,

    First of all, are u from hyd :P

    Man, first time here..

    beautifully written dude...

    I ma glad to visit your blog..and yeah one question..

    when u say true love never has happy ending and say it doesnt ends.. what does that mean? i am wondering..

    is it because i never fell in love or what ? *blink* *blink*

    See you around buddy :)


  20. @ Mahesh

    I am frm chennai.

    "is it because i never fell in love or what ? *blink* *blink*"

    may be

    keep visiting

  21. @venky
    ergh, have mixed feelings!! de fact that you have come out with such a post, already shook me and the way it was presented sorta swept me off my feet!

    well, tel ya what i have a sneaky, suspicious feeling that you, writin this story, must have an inspiration from books or otherwise!! o_O

    btw jus de one doubt, how many girls are we exactly talkin abt here?? i remember gettin confused with the usage of "women"!!

  22. oops that woman thing was a typo changed. Not a inspiration form books It's Man vs Wild. I wanted write serious adventure story with love as side dish. BTW i am not talkin about Machi's side dish.
    And why mixed feelings

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  24. Hey drifted here from indiblogger,

    reading some of your older posts,quite interesting.
    your narrative style is good.

  25. thank you so much i am really delighted having you here my pleasure


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