As random as a post can get.

Appearances are Deceptive:

If you take a glimpse at the sky, there would be snow white gorgeous looking things floating different shapes in the sea of blue. They look marvelous, dont they? Affirmative they sure do. Then there are clouds which are black rather grey. They dont look quite as pretty, do they? Relatively you can say yes they aren’t as pleasing as their fairer counterparts. But one thing that makes them invaluable is they are the ones which bring us the lifeline which makes the world go round, the rain.

2 yrs ago i was leaving for home. I met this old guy with bald head looking pretty decent at the railway station. He asked me to hold him and help him up the stairs. I did. Just a few steps, his hand touched my peter aka piston you know what i am talking about. I thought it was mistake and carried on. A few more stairs, my peter was given a knock knock who’s there kind of thing. That does it, I gave a stare, pushed his hand and walked away. Spare a thought for women who are harassed like this.

Appearances are surely deceptive, aren’t they? Why I learn it this way.

The More you give the more you get:

The Dead Sea as the name suggests is really place where no life forms exists apart from a few bacteria. You know why? I’ll tell you. You see the waters get into the Dead Sea but they dont flow out. This makes it almost 10 times saltier than the ocean. The density of the water is so high it makes you float. It takes all the water from the rivers, one of them is the Jordan River which has one of the least salinity and gives none. Dont be like that is was what i learnt from nature.

On a lighter note, in the first One dayer, our two bowling stalwarts Harbhajan and Praveen gifted runs to Aussie batters as a belated Diwali gift. Man! they were damn impressed and wanted to return the favor. They Dropped catches, misfielded, bowled full tosses outside off stump and long hops. That was so nice of them to give away Christmas gifts so early. Lee and Hopes said they wont play the second One dayer for that generous act. Christmas has come so early for the India if they 356 run target is anything to go by. Curse Siddle and Hauritz they were so stingy. That’s one more reason why you should believe the above thought.

Getting social with a drunk person is not a great idea:

This Diwali was really special for me. I went to my friend’s place that evening to light up crackers. We had a blast, literally. When I was about to kick start a series of blast, two amigos came at me smiling and dancing. “Happy Diwali” they said and hugged me. I was at my socializing best. I hugged them and wished them as if I knew them for ages. Then came the real deal, they didn't want me they wanted my Red fort cracker. After sometime playing I've got worst he’s got better crackers game and then You dont bring drunkards into our flat game, my friends had heartily laugh at my folly. Thats another lesson learnt, point noted my lord

I think, I have bored you guys enough. Seeya after my exams, until then adios amigos


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  1. exam padikama...okangthu moka podriya..! Oh i can think of the woman who can get harrassed !! eww!exam nala panu thambiiii..mokai vazhga :D!


  2. Oye Venky!! Poi padi da :P Accounting is calling u :P:P
    LOL @ The appearances are deceptive thingy.. :P Diwali with drunkards- sooober po :D

  3. hahahahahaha.......... funny one.. seri seri poi padikadha...:P elarum padinu solva... naan sollave maten onna.. cuz i know ur intelligence :P

  4. random indeed. I have had a few incidents with my pistons as well!

  5. Evlo vetti thanama yosiichurkka ne!! Unna adichukka yaaralayume mudiyathu!

    ATB da :)

  6. dai....enna da padikama...randoms....

    poi.padikara velaya paru thambi...

  7. Yup... that was random arbid BS! ;)

    Last match was kick-ass na?

  8. Oh, so many comments in Tamil!! Is it Tamil?? I am just guessing!

    Appearances are truly deceptive!!
    Sick people!!

    All the best for your exams!! :)

  9. @ hary

    i am getting bored by ur commenting style. Have u experienced something like that in Britain

  10. @ Meow

    Atleast you understood that ;)

  11. @ Sandya

    Hey it wasn't intended to be funny let me tell you that hehehe

  12. @ Ashwini

    u call that collection? o_O

  13. @ srini

    oh u too i had only one. where did you have yours? may be i will ask you when we chat this is not a place to discuss that hehehe

  14. @ Shruthi

    U call this vetti. Deep insights girl o_0

  15. @ Shankar

    When did u study for company exams? leave it man even my mum is not worried i will get through.

  16. @ Ajai

    I intented to be random but not arbid bullshit. The first had some meaning man. I know u didn't read this i will comment someother time in your blog not now.

  17. @ shilpa

    thats because man of them are from chennai. Hey all are saying the samething " study for your exams" in their own way. I am sick of hearing of it. I gave glad you gave the view on my write up rather than my exams.

  18. kandukkaada hari i was bonkers when i was replying.

    I asked whether u were stalked by gay in britian

  19. Nice post. Wanted to join in on the chorus and type a 'Go Study !' in tamil ; how do you say it ? is it "Ada pavi ?" ;-) . Kidding, all the best

  20. I liked this post very much...
    such things are important yet ignored most of the times by us..

    I don't like competition. :D

  22. @ Madhu

    Adapaavi is no where near go and study


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