Conquering Mt Semester

   My so called Model Exams starts come Monday. While the uncorrected model papers of the yester semesters still haunts everyone. I think they ended up in the nearby waste paper mart without red ink crossing those wonderfully unwritten answers  and lots of stories right from the birth of Kamal to 50th yr celebration of Kamal in Indian cinema.
Mt Semester
Ok enough of parody and getting back to business i have my semester in November. The Date has not been confirmed yet as usual as by MU (Madras University). This time it won’t be a cake walk for me. I have a mountain to climb; no i am not making a mountain of an ant mole rather from a heap of books. Just look at the size of them mate! It is surreal.
Being the Stupid that I am, I also signed up to write Clerical Exam for SBI which is also due this November. So the height of Mountain has increased by a few inches now.  I have this habit of immersing myself into books only just before the exams, to be precise a day before the exam. I wanted to change that this time which obviously didn't work. I tried to open the book which i bought just a few days back, only to be ridiculed by mother, “Something strange is happening, my son taking out his books”. After taking all the ridicule, i pumped myself up and started marking the answers. Finding the answers for those has become a laborious task last time i didn't find that this difficult. Even a book exam will be tough for me now.

First time I tried, I ended up bumping into Bret Geeves’ blog in Cricket Australia website. That is one of best things ever happened to me. I was awe with his writing that I  set all his attributes in Cricket 07 to 100. Bret Geeves is a young Tassie(Tasmanian) pacer and an Aussie with an extended funny bone. You can read his blog here

   Just when i decided  immerse myself into books of knowledge; I get a tempting phone call from friend to watch a movie in his brand new LCD TV and home theatre system that shakes me apart. I sadly refused him and ended up marking answers. I switched on the AC and started marking the answers. A thought struck my mind “why cant i read the whole book?” (Talk about being realistic). I started  reading a few paragraphs. The level of the lactic acid secretion in my brain was working over time. The lactic acid coupled with the cool breeze of the AC put me to sleep. I slept like a baby for hours together.

   Later that evening i started marking the answers once again. Then i started playing FIFA 09  simultaneously checking out the team I sponsor Trinidad and Tobago. Haven't you seen the name “Venky’s” on their kits and NSW,my favorite team among the teams participating. End result i didn’t complete even half of what i wanted to do.

  This Deepavali has certainly started on a different note. I have changed like a batter cooked in a steam to a really puffy steamed idly both mentally and physically. Instead of wearing new clothes and bursting crackers, I went to my computer with bad breath and started downloading FIFA 10.

   Let us celebrate this Diwali differently. Let us burst fewer crackers and become Rockers, bring in those big speakers into play and disturb that neighbour next door differently.
  You know success tastes so sweet like the home made Baadushah by mom but failure tastes like Baadushah cooked by me. I dont want to taste my Baadushah. The last thing i need is, my mother talking to me about my increasing internet usage and flunking in the exams for the first. So i wont be around for a week or two blogging. Till then Adios amigos.

Happy Diwali to all.


  1. hmmm... best o luck ..happy cramming session..:)
    its jst evanescent, dnt worry....:P

    n o ya , theres a new "Venki"in the block~ the nobel laureate one...:)...
    nice it quiet matches wid mine, this MCQ ques n ol just makes me freaky all d more...

  2. Happy Diwali!! Very happy Mt Semester :D Dude, you've not seen any of my UG books. All of them are computer languages, and arbit stuff. if you've seen them, you wouldn't be putting up such a picture :D
    All the best for the egg-jams. Evalavo pannitom, idha panna mattoma ;)

  3. Happy Diwali.. lol@comparison of success and failure with badhushah made by ur mom and u respectively! thambi nee CA padikara.. adhula idha vida periya books iruku.. so get used to it :) lactic acid secretion adhigam??? sarila pa.. anyway all the best for your ejjaminasons.. oops Examinations... Will surely miss you :(

  4. Dear Venky,
    ''A stich in time saves nine''.as it was not done you have to do the nine stiches now.:)believe me,nothing is down n's tough to be away from blogs n chats.but,hard work leads to success.there is no short cut to attain teh goal.:)
    you can reach greater heights n u have the potential.chumma try!
    and i have to give a real tough test next week.:)
    be in high spirits n start studying!
    prayers n good luck,

  5. hey venky best of the exams buddy..
    and also for your SBI exams..

    and happy diwali buddy...
    may study and study during nights and days

  6. happy diwali to u....
    and i'm gonna miss u... ;)
    all the best for the exams. smash them. :)

  7. All the best :)
    And Happy diwali! :)

  8. well written!

    I have bookmarked your post on my blog! Hope you don't mind.


  9. @Rimz

    ya i know my nicname is common but my Full name isn't.

  10. @ Sandya

    Hey how can u solve the riddle if dont know the riddle. I cant find the answers in the first place

  11. @ Anupama

    thanks for the encouragement and happy diwlai to u too

  12. @ Meow

    thank you for your wishes

  13. @ Ajai

    thank you buddy same too u too

  14. @ RSV

    thanks hopefully i will try to manage all those with a nice sound sleep

  15. @ Sojo Varghese

    Wow thats great why would i mind

  16. @ Anu

    Thank you enjoy diwali at your native

  17. Hey all the best for your exams and even for the SBI exams!!! and happy Diwali too!!

  18. Guess am late..but Happy Diwali indeed bro..! Semester exam munadi padicha than athuku feel panatha..also...speaker time in Diwali? ena sonanga..pakathu vitu karanga?

  19. @ Ashwini

    Thank you wish u the same hope u had a happy diwali.

  20. @ Hary

    No hari this time my in went to my friend's place so my friend's neighbour

  21. "You know success tastes so sweet like the home made Baadushah by mom but failure tastes like Baadushah cooked by me. I dont want to taste my Baadushah." - yepdi paa indha maari yellaam yezhudhara???!!! Hmmm???!!! rotfl.

    Simply loved the flow of the post though it is random in a lot of ways. Keep it up.

    I have never worried about exams (I am not saying you ARE! ;) :p) prolly because I never had such textual mountains to ascend. hehe.


  22. dai..all the best for exams.... pack of those fifa and start studying buddy.... all the best for SBI exams too...

  23. the mountain is surely big..par humne bhi kacchi goliyaan nahi kheli haiin..(whatever that means..:P)

    all the very best...and do well..but just a thought will you be able to blog this way if you get throught the clerical exams-SBI???

  24. LOL...books, AC and sleep like a baby!! A cool combination!

    All the best for your exams, find all your answers and do well!!
    And see you back with a bang in the blogosphere!!

  25. @ Narendra

    First of all let me see if can get through hehehe

  26. @ Shilpa garg

    thank you. Hopefully will be back with a bang


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