The Indian Dream

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    Indian Dream is pretty "complicated" like a Facebook relationship status. Summing up the dreams of more than a billion people ain’t easy. But, I had as usual two too conflicting views, one from Venkey (better half) and another from mankey (bitter half). To sum it up for you to decide there is Sri Sri Great Great Fake Fake Swami Venkatanda.

Venkey Says Angel

“The dream of person, who earns daily wages, lives in a hut and doesn't get food to eat is; eating a nice meal 3 times a day; sending his children to school; to build a good roof to stop the rain water seeping and the sun beating down.

Then there is the salaried middle class man who has all the basic amenities he needs; food, water and shelter. But is greedy and stops enjoying what he has and dreams about what he does not have.

 And then the men who have their coffers full, having everything in the world. His money can buy everything and for others they have VISA MasterCard. The One thing he doesn't have and no VISA MasterCard can buy is happiness . He lives in the fear of losing all his riches and tries to safeguard it. The affection he receives  from people is also fake. He dreams about being happy and as well as rich, a state I describe as having a mutton biryani in some maami's mess in Kumbakonam.

  You may wonder why I talk about all this. I do have a point. All these play a part in my interconnected “Indian Dream”. I want to see an India which has no people suffering for basic amenities, content with itself and be happy. I want an India which dreams less and does more.”
Mankey Says  Devil

“It’s not gonna happen Venkey. Come on! Dreaming is in our blood. How the hell would we get through auditing class, where the professor speaks more bullshit than you? Here goes my list.
  1. Better parking facility at the Mambalam Railway Station.
  2. Make Venkey the ruler
  3. Let me control Venkey, so that i can shift the blame.
  4. A land where Public buses arrive on time 
  5. No etching of their names along with their lover's name in the train/buses/public places that includes "gang" names too
  6. A road without pot holes
  7. No power cuts. The reason why I have posted so late.
  8. Clean the coovam river.
  9. Vada pav stall in every other street.
  10. Indian winning the World Cup. Oops when is that going to happen.
Wow very realistic dreams, I better rub a magic lamp and ask genie all these wishes. Lets cut the crap, Indian Dream is all about doing wrong things and not getting caught. Nothing is wrong unless you get caught. It is not about doing right things it’s about doing things right”

  Those are magnificent views expressed by Mankey. Give him Denmark, he will change it like Somalia. You sure have an astute thinking. Go to hell you moron.

Swami Venkatanda Says

     “Dreams are our deepest desires. What we can’t achieve or want to achieve, end up being mere dreams. Once in a blue moon they end up being reality. Dreams can be bifurcated. One is sub-conscious dream, which we get when we are in deep sleep, which we have no control of and is inane. Another is the conscious dreaming, which we can decide what to dream of and how will the dream be and is less inane than the former.

   Our former president  Abdul Kalaam said to the youngsters to dream their destiny. Our youngsters have taken that a bit too far to be honest. When a boy is caught mind fishing in the class, he answers to his teacher “Sir, Abdul Kalaam told us to dream”. Yeah that's what he told! You moron! Did he tell you to dream about; how you are going to cut your classes; what you’re gonna eat for lunch; how will be your favourite hero’s next film; your dream girl? You non-contributing zero.

   People have the habit of gloriously misunderstanding notions or twisting them according to their whims and fancies. What he said does not concern with our silly sub-conscious or day-dreaming but is focusing your energy with full conscience to certain thoughts or imagination or whatever it may be and execute it.

Indian dream is all about being happy and Letting others to be happy. Your freedom ends where my nose begins and nose is reaaaalllly longggg. Live and let live. Wishes From Sri Sri Great Great Fake Fake Swami Venkatanda. Hey! you there,  give me the soda, very long speech pa.”

   All i would say is “Trust everyone, just don’t trust the devil inside them” Hope you got what i meant and geo the right message, that’s my dream Winking. Hope you liked the post.

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  1. hey..nice one venky.. first blog-a-ton post..good..good.. the conept of being venky and then manky was good and unique....all the best to win blog-a-ton..

  2. hey nice one...
    enjoyed reading it
    all the best

  3. Mankey, you alter ego, I guess is just awesome.. and the thing about "No names written with their lovers names on train that includes gang names also" was a good one.. quite interesting one!! all the best

  4. A very nice post I liked "Your freedom ends where my nose begins. Live and let live." - Amen !

  5. Loved "Your freedom ends where my nose begins" :-) .

    Mankey is a lot of fun ..

  6. @ Shankar
    thanks da.
    Hmm lets see i dont think i have a chance there are so many good post man.

  7. @ Raji

    thank you. your post is awesome as well.

  8. @ dhiman and Madhu rao

    My nose is quite long that wont hold good to me hehehe.

  9. Hmm a good blend of humor(which is really really tough) and message can be found in your post!I love the character Swami Venkatananda! that is the cream of your post!!Nevertheless mankey is also cool..the emoticons are perfect!

    you are defintely in the race!!

    all the best!

  10. A bit serious post with a good message but it din lose the venkyism also :P Loved it thumbs.. THUMBS UP for my thumbs :)

  11. From one swami to other :P
    ...nice post ...i liked the alter egos...

    "Indian dream is all about being happy and Letting others to be happy"

    This is the jest of it all

  12. Good one!!
    Liked your Venky and Mankey approach!!
    And Sri Sri Great Great Fake Fake Swami Venkatanda's ,"Hey! you there, give me the soda, very long speech pa.”...LOL!! :D

    All the best! :)

  13. this post can do it man....
    (I think that's enuf to say what I mean)

  14. @ narendra

    "you are defintely in the race!!"

    I am glad to be in it with so many good writers around

  15. @ naveen

    this swami is quite different he is not a atheist but he is cheeky and witty :)

  16. @ Shilpa garg

    Thank you very much, Venkey and Mankey are just a way of my life so i didnt find hard to find inspiration.

  17. @ RSV

    hopefully it can but i dont think it i have 3 people in mind who will make it, i am not one of them.

  18. I really liked your post. Swami Venkatananda ki J Ho.

  19. Nicely written buddy boy. Obviously, I liked the comparison between riches and happiness - somehow, almost always, the two seem to be at the opposite ends of the spectrum. And oh yeah, the pizza-cocunut chutney to drive home the point was hilarious. Epdi ipdi???!!! rotfl.

    I see the syntax has improved in leaps and bounds too. Good work. Keep it up! :)

  20. luvd the sarcasm bro!! No power cuts..thats y yu posted late ?:D ....hmm pity most mankey's dream are proportional to Indian Politics! all the best dude

  21. I liked the dialogue "Give Mankey Denmark he will change it into Somalia".
    Good one.
    I liked the way you intertwined wit and seriousness together in the post!
    Great going mate!


  22. Hey, hilarious take on a serious take! You have proved once again!
    Some highlights which i liked a lot

    **Vada pav stall in every other street.
    **Wishes From Sri Sri Great Great Fake Fake Swami Venkatanda.

    Topping all of them
    **Hey! you there, give me the soda, very long speech pa.

    Nobody dares to think all these except you!

  23. nice post. I like the way you presented it.

  24. "No names written with their lovers names on train that includes gang names also" I want to add trees and old monuments too.. they are filled with hearts and lovers names :) That was a very neat post.. I liked Mankey part :)

  25. hmmm .... saw ur comment on Shruti's blog .. liked it ...
    abt the post ... unique perspective ... I appreciate it ... my first visit to ur blog :)
    I like it :)

  26. Aww... too good!
    Swami Venkatanda was the icing!
    Like it! :)

    Cheers, G.

  27. @ Srini

    First clear the doubt am i your buddy or boy. I had something other than pizza chutney. If i would have published that, then next they will start protesting then strike. Thank you

  28. @ Hary

    Yep it is similar to the promises made by the politicians and which they eventually end up not following.

  29. @ Pawan

    The devil inside is so bad. thanks for your views

  30. @ shruti

    I am flattered thank you. And even todat we had to go from Ashok nagar to Alwarpet Mansuk's to buy vada pav really a sad story. It's time we protested

  31. @ Bharathi

    Thank you so much for giving your views. What about the thing presented was it ok.

  32. @ Evanescent thoughts aka Avra Kedvra

    Sadly Mankey doesnt not visit such places he travel by train on footboards so he only notices that hehehehe

  33. @ Whysoserioustoday aka suga sugu

    I am glad you liked ti visit more often i wont disappoint you.

  34. @ guria

    thank you. bows! bows!

  35. [applause] great one venky, great one!! i think this should jus do it!!

    i haven got to read any of the other posts in the running, but tel ya what, that judge whoz gonna value this one, will surely be awestruck if "" isn already on his bookmarks,, well seein de way ppl havin been flockin this blog,, wouldn be surprised if he's already sneaked into de 'world of venkyisms'

  36. @ Ajay shyam

    that is certainly a huge compliment because it is coming from you.

  37. good article
    3 meals yes nice thoughtful

  38. So finally Swamy had to come in to rescue Venky from mankey :)

  39. @ Sm
    thank you buddy

    @ Sojo varughese

    na there is no need for him save venkey he can handle mankey by himself.

  40. I liked your '3 in 1' approach..

  41. @ Aativas

    Ek mar theen thukuda

    ore kalula moonu maanga.

  42. Beautiful post venky! This is the first post with humourous aproach to the subject.and you did it nicely.I like your statements-
    "an India which dreams less and does more.” and "Trust everyone, just don’t trust the devil inside them" I totally agree with you there!!

  43. @ Pra
    thank you

    " I totally agree with you there!!

    this is quote is from a film called Italian Job

  44. Hey a nice thought nd execution buddy.. it rmindd me of Daisy Blue's Blog Angel and Blog Devil in Blog-a-Ton 1.
    Swami Venkatanda seems a 2 b a learned man :p
    Your freedom ends where my nose begins.- very beautifully u have defined libertarianism.
    And yeah Mankey is also not wrong in wat he say's bt u've put it rightly in the end tht Trust everyone, just don’t trust the devil inside them. He may b right but still we'll prefer not 2 trust him:)
    keep addding ur inputs to blog-a-ton in future too!

  45. @ Vipul

    thanks a lot i will keep adding inputs. This venkey mankey thing has been going for quite sometime now. I named them in june though the existed nameless within my think ever since i was born. I also believe everyone has their version venkey and mankey.

  46. an isi mark for wit .. great post..I really liked it//

  47. @ Sai manohar

    thank you but why an ISI O_o

  48. Thanks so much for enjoying, your faith and of course, picking the winner! :D

  49. Nice thoughts you have shared here..."Dreams are our deepest desires. What we can’t achieve or want to achieve, end up being just mere dreams. Once in a blue moon they end up being reality." How beautifully expressed, and we all wait for that blue moon to turn would be all more happier.


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