Saturday, December 5, 2009

All in a day’s work

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Disclaimer which actually claims something: The characters in this post exist only in this freak’s think tank if you find them in any water tank or temple tank or your Fishville tank or another place for that matter would like to meet them Big Grin

“Your time is up; my time is now now; U can’t see me; my time is now” *alarm rings*
My world was awake but i was half asleep. I asked with my mouth which smelled closely to a concoction of rotten egg and onion, still dreaming about my job “ One coffee assistant”. “The guts you have, Keshu your time is really up and John Cena ain’t going to save you” As I heard my mom sound the warning bell I rushed to the bathroom; downloaded everything I uploaded last night (you must know what i mean) and rendered the bacteria homeless by showering my body.

“keshu eat something. It won’t be nice if the interviewer sees you holding the stomach. Eat this pongal”
“I should get there to do that and the interviewer wouldn't like me, if he caught me napping after eating your heavy pongal. Later, bye”

One, Three, Six”.. I was literally jumping down those staircases, and just as I was about to leap to the final few steps i realized  I forgot something which starts with a C . Dirty guys, not that. I forgot my certificates and asked my mom to drop them down.

  You see climbing the stairs is a really tedious job when you dont have an elevator carrying you so the "U drop, I’ll catch” technique was used.

   Is it a rocket, train or bullet, no its is the dumb head me. Everyone was looking why this guy who is dressed to kill is running on the road to kill himself and drew the attention of a few street dogs, which profusely barked at me. I was waiting for like 20-25 minutes, no sign of the bus.

   There came the savior. Only problem was that there were too many to save. I was riding on the foot board of the bus. Precariously balanced, i asked for the ticket to the conductor. When things go wrong they really go wrong. A car went by and splashed muddy water all over my pants. After seeing the car go past a safe distance, abuses about him, his immediate family, his 2nd cousin et al were mouthed.

   *plonk plonk plonk* drops of rain were knocking my head. Mr.Einstein in action, I was trying to wash away the mud through rain aka God’s spit. In the process I wet my pants, which might create a doubt whether i pissed in my pants. After half an hour of struggle in the crowded bus I reached the place. But I wasn't all that impressed by the way I was looking.

   I went to the corner of the waiting hall and was sitting there. A guy who was sitting next to me asked “Quick tell me all the accounting principles”. I smiled and said “You chose the wrong guy, ask some other guy”. Everyone who entered the interview room came out like the withered crops in Farmville. I was wondering why? It was my turn Ientered the room. There was a Superhero and two side kicks
A guy in the panel who looked like a side kick asked “Why are your pants unique? I have never seen this colour before”

“Sir that is to prove, I am unique” thank God i had a good reason
Another side kick replied “Let us see that Mr…….. keshav”. The superhero asked me my certificates and was having a hard look at it. Then the sidekicks were starting to ask me a series of unwanted questions.
“When was Obama born? What is Usain bolts world record time? Who invented the computer and when was it invented?”

“Sir I know all the answers but i refuse to tell”
The superhero asked “Why?”

“Sir, my problem is that I have applied for the position of an Accounting staff. Why do you expect your accounting staff to know about Obama’s birthday and Usain Bolt record? I will answer that if you give me a much higher position and if you send me to Inter-company quiz competition”

“Ok fair enough “said the super hero. The funny thing is that I didn't know the answer to any of those questions and I managed it. Just when i relaxed, the Super hero took over from his sidekick and asked me to explain the accounting principles. I wanted to hug the guy who was discussing the answer with someone. I went ahead explaining everything.

The superhero seemed content with my answer and asked me the real reason why my pants were so jaded.
“Sir, it was raining outside, Chennai is famous for pot holes and mini lakes on the road and to add to it we have good drivers who give us a wash for free in that water. To be honest I was late, no more excuses”

In that process I gave all the excuses I could and bluffed i had no excuses for being late and untidy. That is a neat trick to have, isn’t it?. Super hero gave a mean look and said i may go. I walked out confidently unlike others that I ensured I would be booted out for my gimmicks.

"Shucks keshu, looks like the Boss is straight on to your cabin, QUICK, QUICK, shut it down!"

“G.. Goo.. Good morning sir”

“Oh! Good Morning keshav. Carry on,Son. By the way keshav, I want that report done by today”. (Boss walks away)

“Close Shave, keshu. Think he wants you to get the post done by today,, he he”

“Guess, he had no clue as to what i was upto”

“Now where did i leave THE BLOG POST at ?”

.....I would be booted out for my gimmicks.
"He he!!" I let out a wry smile, I had got the Job after all. 


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49 blesses 'n' curses:

dilontherocks said...

Came out like the withered crops in Farmville? That was an interesting comparison.:)

Fun read..

Aneet said...

"“When was Obama born? What is Usain bolts world record time? Who invented the computer and when was it invented?”"

Exactly!!!! W.T.F kind of an interview question was this?!??!

Good answer on your part, though!

Karthik said...

ha haa.. :)
This was a hilarious post. Total fun!
Enjoyed reading very much.
And yeah, congrats for getting the job.
All the best! Cheerios! :-)

Srini said...

Nice. :) I have blogged from office quite a bit and it often gave me the creeps. But never when there was work to do. :P.

Liked the farmville references although I have not played the game.

I like the first person narration as well - seems more natural and nuttier as well. :D

Sandhya said...

If only interviews were cake walks :P
Nice post da! - Farmville, Fishville, I see the FB effect :D

Harsha Chittar said...

good one, had me laughing, could relate to the bus ride :D

Shruti said...

Saw all your comemnts! But yu know what i will say! Is not typical venky stuff! But I liked ur narration... Still can be improved!

Saimanohar said...

nice light hearted and very true post..

Shilpa Garg said...

Interesting day! And humorous narration. :)
"FishVille tank... like withered crops on FarmVille" are at it too!!
Congratulations for your new job! All the very best!!

vEnKy said...

@ Srini

Thank you srini for your mail and I had written the same like me narrating what happened that imaginary guy it was more of my kind of writing and friend suggest to go with first person and i did so

vEnKy said...

@ Sandhya

If interviews were cake walk everyone would get a job ;)

vEnKy said...

@ Harsh Chittar

Harsh one of my frnds said that this post wasn't all that funny but more of sympathetic and you found it funny is something which proves people see things diferently

vEnKy said...

@ Dil on the rocks, Aneet, Karthik and shilpa

Look guys this just a story and i havent completed graduation yet and god's sake my name is not keshu or keshav but Venky :D

And shilpa i play only farmville and am crazy about it you could now that level i am now though not as great as yours fishville is just an add on :D

vEnKy said...

@ Shruthi

Thanks for your honest views. I actually wanted it to be a little different from some of my posts. And try my level best to improve

@Sai manohar
Actually that is not a true post, it is fictional.

Roshmi Sinha said...

An entertaining read... as well as a humourous take on "interviews".

Congratulations for your new job... !!!

... and yes, H1N1 is passé... FV is in ;)

HaRy!! said...

title ku blog romba nala suit aguthu po :D !..enga bro romba busy ah?..naane busy aiten..he he

Dhiman said...

:D Nice little story and liked After seeing car go past a safe distance to makes sure he doesn't have any chance in the world to hear abuses and hurled abuses

vEnKy said...

@Roshmi Sinha and Hary

For the last time fellas if didnt read the post please dont comment i beg you i wont feel bad.IT IS JUST A STORY MY NAME IS VENKY NOT KESHU IF YOU DID NOT READ THE POST YOU WONT GET WHAT I AM SAYING.

vEnKy said...


Thank you buddy atleast you didnt congratulate me for the job

Roshmi Sinha said...

I read your story. And I was congratulationg your 'alter ego'... the 'protagonist' here.

... and I did not refer to you as Keshu at all.

Nethra said...

Congrats for the job. :)
It was a nice post.
All the best!

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Quite humorous and pleasant reading......
enjoyed it to the max...
Congrats and have fun...

vEnKy said...

@Roshmi Sinha

I wanna fire Keshu the trouble he is causing me hehehehe. Ok then

vEnKy said...


Not you too pls. Nethra pls dont congratulate didn't see the BOLD letters at the end of the post :D. I dont whoever you are keshu if catch hold of you i am gonna kill ya x-( hahahaha

vEnKy said...

@Mahesh Kalaal

Thank you buddy. You are one of the few persons who didn't congratulate for the Job you took a safe path with just "congrats" :-) Anyways i am giving awards you and others who didn't congratulate me "The venkat rathan param bore chakra"

Shalini said...

Hi Venky.

Your post felt liek an obstacle race course with the rough and tumble et al! Humorous read.

Good luck from a fellow blogger! :)

vEnKy said...


Thank you. You said you are a fellow blogger but i couldn't see your blogger profile

Nikhil Patokar said...


I mean Venky..
C i read your post..
anyways... gr8 post buddy... :P

vEnKy said...

@Nikhil Patokar

hahaha nice one for a comment thanks buddy

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Venky

I said it in a lighter mood...
Yeah....i did read the disclaimer...
As the post is fun reading, i jus dropped the word congrats...

Aneet said...

"The cartoons have bigger man i couldn't read some of them"

Hence the references at the end with hyperlinks to full-sized cartoons!

Makk said...


you could try better i guess...

but i must say..i smiled..


vEnKy said...

@ Aneet

I thought u added those to mock the refernces which are usually given :D

vEnKy said...

@ Makk

Dont guess but you are right i could've certainly done better. Next I will try to make you laugh like a mad man

narendra said...

heeeehaaaa "Is it a rocket, train or bullet, no its is the dumb head me. " typical of your posts....i really enjjoy reading them.!! and that was a hell interview

but i hear too many farmville stories..what is this??

being funny is realllly reallllly tough...u do it so well..oh i envy you!!

Aneet said...

No, all the references with hyperlinks are completely functional.

vEnKy said...

@ Narendra

Hey narendra thanks buddy. Hey i will stop Farmville once i finish 37 levels I am in 35th now


Ya got it buddy thanks for coming back

Karthik said...

Hey, Venky, getting congratulated for all the wrong reasons, eh? he he.. :D
Actually I think I missed that note at the bottom of the story. And by the way, the narration seemed so real, I thought it was a real experience with changed names. So you can't blame me, dude, for you've written beautifully. It's obvious that everybody thought it was real. :)
Cheerios! :)

vEnKy said...

@ Karthik

I never thought in that way. Anyway buddy if you really meant it thank you very much.


Hey guys i was just fooling around in the comments section. Dont take those things seriously it was only meant in a lighter sense.

Nανєєη said...

God's spit .. he he .. gud .. This was fun story ..very close to reality if u ask me !!

vEnKy said...

@ Naveen

Buddy i am far from being an atheist though :D. How close? :p

Gyanban said...

No I will not congratulate you on your job, but certainly for your post.;-) well written Venky.

sayrem said...

maybe i should just ditch my blog and get a new one. Blogger HATES me. not only does it NOT publish my posts at times, now-a-days it doesn't even show latest feed. :(

Vijay said...

hi venky.. i changed the spelling of padukone.. thanks

Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzz... what a day... rain knocking on your head ...ROFL ...
enjoyed reading it...

vEnKy said...

Hmm ok


Thanky you welcome to my blog :-)

Oxymoron said...

hilarious narration... :D
loved reading it...... i have an interview coming up guess i should brush up my knowledge of athletics.....:D

Meow said...

thambi......... nee interview pona ipdi dhan irukum! your style.. withered crops in farmville??? to much of farming eh??? Smart fella :) loved ur post so much :) and blogging from office... wah re wah!

vEnKy said...

@ Meow

:-D thank you. Yep lots of farming off late

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