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Hey guys I am Dubakoor Guru, yet another Incarnation of Venky like Venkey and Mankey Confused. My main aim is to enlighten you guys how to do things.

I am back once again with a “This is howie do it” guideBig Grin. Last time I enlightened you guys about How to put together a Page 3 page. If you aren’t enlightened as yet, enlighten yourself by reading that once again here

Ok! Now back to business, this time i am gonna teach you how to put together a promo song for Bollywood. Yep, you heard that right. I’ll leave a sample at the end of the post too. Now everything has been given in points for your purpose.

1. Nowadays the opening songs are of hip hop genre, make sure it is of that kind.

2. Dont get local artists to perform in that video.Instead  get Sardars Dancingfrom London to rap. Like in this video


3. Now let us come to lyrics part. Most of the films like these, deal with money and how money is king and stuff like that. They enlighten you about the reality and ideality. So make sure your lyrics contain them.Smug

4.  While composing the lyrics in Hindi or another regional language make sure you insert sentences in English. It  should have no meaning and shouldn’t be clearly uttered, so that people cant understand.Chatterbox

5. Pick a catch phrase from the lyrics and that should be repeated like umpteen times.

6. Dont worry about the tune. There are millions of English music videos from which we can rip off.Winking

7. As far as the choreography is concerned, a surreal set is a must and there should be no outdoor locations.

8. The costumes of the actors also should be very western and Coolers are a must.Cool

9. As far as dancing moves, there should be a signature move which he or she should do all the time. It is usually waving the hands up and  down like a rapper and shaking your neck.

10. Last but not least the actors should give an expression they are billion bucks like thisCool


Put this all together you have your promo music video ready hurray!!! and the VJ will exactly point a finger in middle of the TV screen with pin point screen and presses the imaginary button and it will be played


Listen carefully the tune of this song is from “50 cent – yeah”. You can also observe; the set is surreal; it has one signature move, one sentence which is repeated often( Baarish kardoon Paise ki jo tu hoge meri); Akki gives a ‘billion bucks expression’ with coolers on; there English sentences in between too and it is about moneyApplause.


Until next time this is Dubakoor Guru signing off


hey one more thing guys, Speak bindass interviewed me last week; I have left a link in the sidebar in the Pages widget. Do check it out if you haven't read it as yet.


  1. nandri pour l'enlightenment dubakoor Guru! (see I am already learning from you. :D That by the way is Tamil, French and English as you know)

    It was funny. Point 4 was simply out of the whole wide world! :P

    Point 3 typo: it should be "so" not "some"! (or may be it IS "some" because that makes grammatical sense as well!)

  2. hahaha.. good enlightenment.. :)... it will be a useful guide for a debut music director :D :D

    Dubakoor Guru vazhga valarga:)

  3. LOL! :D
    Good one and so very true...You see any new song and all the pointers you mention, hold true!! :)

  4. how do you get all those smileys? i love them!!!
    @4 lol !
    damn you thats my current faviourite song ;)


  5. Dubakoor Guruve saranam undhan guruvadi charanam!
    chanceless post :D
    Loved every bit!!
    aana its sooo true..

  6. Hahaha.that was awesome. Agree completely :))

  7. Really funny one Venky!I am now thinking of making one song...:-)

  8. he he... thambi... hindi padam eduthanla ma? lol!

  9. ithu yelam enga Deva anne, epove panitanga!

  10. I waited for ur year-end/new-year post, but i don't think its gonna come sumtyme soon, so,


  11. First of all i am really sorry for not replying to the comments being the jerk i am


    thanks buddy changed the mistake

  12. @ Meow

    I hope its not a guide for music directors

  13. @shilpa garg

    I saw all the songs and gave the pointer so much for co incidence

  14. @ neha

    use windows live writer and install the smileys plugin in that u will get that too.

  15. @ Infinite Monkeys

    thanks buddy be back for more enlightenment

  16. @ Shruthi

    " bagavaan charanam bagavathi charam"

    enna iyyappan song remix ah :)

  17. @ Pra

    Ji dont make new songs just ad some fast beats and say it is a remix. how is my idea

  18. @ hary

    Deva in tamil . This is for hindi audience :)

  19. @ Ajai

    Kaasu ne kudutha ready anna :D

  20. @ sayrem

    Hey you know my email, you are my FB frnd why do you have to wait for my new year post to wish me silly :). Anyways happy new year everyone and sayrem

  21. Dubakoor Guru ki Jai!!!

    The future Anu Maliks are gonna call you Guruji :)

  22. @ Meenakshi

    DOnt worry u will get some too but not for free hahahaha.


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