Review of Paa and Rocket Singh.


   I follow the policy “If you dont have anything to say just do say anything” Now I have something to say. Not long back I saw two good films, Paa and Rocket Singh. Both had  similar weaknesses and strengths, but very different story lines.




Rocket Singh is a film about an undergo who barely gets through his graduation and wants to become a salesman. He ends in a company where gets harassed and then finds company to form a company with his colleagues secretly. What happens to him is for you to see the film and know.

Strengths: The film’s strength is its realism. Jaideep Sahni has once again pulled the rabbit out of the hat. The mannerisms of each and every character is well thought of. All the actors are absolutely brilliant, especially that of the Senior Salesman and the porn addicted employee. Ranbir is awesome with his turban pulling stunt and  beard comb and makes you feel he is a real Sardar.

Weaknesses:  For starters the climax of the film makes you feel good but for the all the realist work done by the director and writer, it is not quite believable. The last half of the film is quite a drag to be honest.

Overall Rating:  *** 1/2 – 3.5 star rating



Paa is about Auro, who is affected by progeria and ages four times  more than average human, meeting his father who had left him and his mother for joining politics and developing the country.

Strengths: What works for the film are the quality of acting that is for show. The cast is really amazing and Amitabh as Auro is sensational and i need not say it vouch it. The make up for Amitabh is amazing and PC Sreeram is the real hero. The camera is a toy in his hands which makes for quality viewing experience. Balki has done a commendable job with the script which could have easily turned melodramatic.

Weaknesses: The Problem with the film it is too predictable. It lacks the twist and turns. There is no suspense as the fact who is the father of Auro is broken even before the movie kicks off  thanks to the flashback and the promos. That was the really disappointing as the film could have been much more better.

Overall Rating: *** – 3 star rating

I felt Rocket Singh was tad better than Paa. To be fair both a really good films and certainly a must watch.

It’s been a while since I most anything on this deserted think tank. Fortunately or unfortunately the freak’s break is over.  2009 has been very kind to me. I did everything i only dreamt of, everything i laid my hand on turned gold. But I am smart enough to understand life wont treat me that way all the time and 2010 ain’t gonna be the same.

I leave with wishing everyone and freaky year ahead and hopefully seeya guys soon.


  1. hang on for my review :)
    din't read yours yet. Don't wan't a spoiler.

  2. i watched both films and i found them equally good and bad as u said...agree to ur views..
    happy 2010 venky!


  3. Havent watched either of them. Nice review. Should watch them

  4. waiting to watch Paa. got caught up with 3i hangover. Thanks for the great review :)

  5. I read only PAA cuz gonna watch Rocket Singh :P hang in there for my review too :P

  6. @ Sayrem


    @ evanescent thoughts
    3 idoits is also nice. There is nothing great about this review

    @ Meow

    Watch both they are nice

    @ srini

    You already wished me

  7. yet to watch both of them...heard gud reviews abt paa, well bcos of the fact that local theatre is capable of playing VETTAIKARAN and not PAA... southampton!

  8. @Venks

    lol. I didn't know what else to say as I have watched neither of these films. :P

  9. @Hary

    what the .... Vettaikaran is screened is Vijay that famous. You always download torrent :-)

  10. @srini

    In that case you need not comment srini I wont feel bad after all you are my guru

  11. Venky,
    Just watched Rocket Singh and couldn't agree more with the strengths and weaknesses. Spot on. My rating was a 3/5. Preferred Wake Up Sid to it :-)

    Ranbir definitely had a great 2009

  12. @ madhu rao

    Thanks. I liked wake up sid too :-)


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