Is Time Travel possible?

    For Ages the term “Time Travel” has excited the Sci-fi film makers. All I want to say is that i am staying away from all that. What I am going to do is put down in writing, what I infer from time and the mystery of time travel

    Ok let us hang back and take a look at what is time travel all about. Time travel basically means travelling through time. For starters all of us are time travelers. I am travelling through time as i am writing this post and so are you while reading this. In a sense we all are time travelers

   What we actually mean by time travel is the act of us going back and forth in time with freewill like we move forwards, backwards, sidewards, upwards and downwards. The problem is we are 3 dimensional beings and Time forms the 4th dimension in our universe along with 3 space dimensions. Our movement is restricted to 3 dimensions hence our inability travel time back and forth.

  According to Einstein if an object can travel at the speed of light it can surpass time. But there is one glitch the object should be in an inertial state or to put it in simple words it should be moving at a constant speed without acceleration.
The time dilation equation would explain this better. Time dilation is the difference experienced by an object travelling close to the speed of light. We too experience time dilation because the Earth is always revolving around the sun. Time is a relative it changes accordingly. Now let us look at this equation.

T'= T [√1-(v²/c²)]

T' is time experienced by the travelling object
T is time object on earth
v is velocity of the travelling object
c is speed of light or speed light at vacuum which is constant

When the velocity of the travelling object reaches the speed of light, if you solve the equation you would get T’ as 0.
So what does that mean? It simply means it has surpassed the time barrier. But that is impossible because anything that has mass can never reach the speed of light. Light has effective mass that is why it is affected by gravity. But we talking in respect to rest mass. Rest mass is mass of body when it is at rest. Light cant be brought to rest hence its rest mass is 0. Light is made of photons which doesn't have the concept of time and hence light doesn’t. So there is the reason why you cant travel at the speed of light because you or any object has rest mass, light doesn’t and hence time travel may not be possible.

However If we do manage to achieve that; which is higly unlikely; we may not be able to travel to the past. We all know the time travel to future is possible because we are doing that now. What is present, is turning into past and future is becoming present. But we can never go back to the past not even using the so called ‘Time Machine’.

Why cant we travel to the past?

The answer is simple it creates paradoxes. Paradoxes are nothing but errors. One of the famous ones is “Grandfather Paradox”.  For example If I invent a so called time machine, go back to the past and kill my grandfather, I wont exist. If I kill my Granps, my Pops wouldn't exist and so I wouldn't too. But how come I travel time and kill granps if i did not exist because my grandfather was killed in the first place. Now do you get what error i am talking about?

This can be possible if only parallel universes exist. Existence of these universes is very debatable. String theory or the M theory claims they exist but it is still under construction and has to be worked upon. You can know more about the String Theory by watching these three videos Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. It is explained in a simple manner by NOVA.

They may be right; they may be wrong only time will tell, perhaps it wont.

Tell me what you thought about this write up. Leave your comments Happy

And for more about this, you can read the view of Stephen Hawking here in Swathi Pradeep’s Blog


  1. Good one, Venks. Although the science of it all despite being fairly simple went over my head, I still liked your description: it was clear, the diction was simple and perfect and the flow coherent and very grammatical. *Applause*

    I hope this post marks your positive return to your blogging! :) All the best!

    I like the change in template too. While people say light background dark fonts are better, I have always preferred this. And with a blade of lightning and all that against a black sky, it looks scintillating!

  2. @Srini :
    Thank you srini. I did not want any frills for this post bcoz this one would be confusing for some people.

    And i found out one thing you need go out of you r way every time and you just need to be precise in what you want to say.

    Yes this is my comeback. One of main reasons for comeback is blogger's new template editor. I wanted to post to see how it looks in the new template.

    This has infused new life in me :D hehehe

    Dont be surprised if this look changes soon :D

  3. The whole time travel concept is very interesting but just because I am pathetic in science the equation went above my head!


  4. u remember thr was a time when flyin was an unknown concept.. travellin to space n beyond was deemed impossible..chattin with a person halfway arnd de globe was a ridiculous thought.. but u c "evalavu panittom,, idha panna maatoma?" (well,, we've (we=men) done and achieved so many things.. y should this be impossible??) but as u say only time 'll tell!!

  5. @ Neha:

    that equation is KG stuff yaar. if you see the equation

    T'= T [√1-(v²/c²)]

    when v=c

    anything divided by the same number is 1

    so 1-1 =0 and then t * 0, anything multiplied by 0 is 0 so T' becomes 0. Why do you have a tough time understanding this. :D

  6. @ Ajay shyam:

    The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laugh at vadivelu the comedian. Physics laws simply dont allow time travel. But physics laws allow flight that is the differenece

  7. Hey Venky, that was an awesome post dude!! you put everything in such simple words. I am sure even a person who knows nothing about time travel will get a clear understanding of it after reading this. Loved the post. I am putting a link to this post from my Time travel post. Hope you wont mind. I am sure all those people who turn insane after reading my story can understand after reading yours :)

  8. Nice template but can you put some color behind the post. The design at the back makes it hard to read :(

  9. @ evanescentthoughts

    Thanks i delighted at my post link finding some space in your blog. Put a background behind the post hope this is fine now to make it legible

  10. yep this looks good. Like your template now :)

  11. @ evanescentthoughts
    thank you :)

  12. Nice new post in an all new nice template ...:)

  13. @ANu:
    I am glad that you like the post and template

  14. Nice template! Gives a new elegant look to your blog!
    Ah! Time travel and parallel universes are an interesting concept and you have explained it so simply!
    ...with equations et al...Impressive! :)

  15. @shilpa Garg
    Thank you i hope you uderstood

  16. good post.
    but you see, the paradox is applicable only when you are travelling in the past. not future...

  17. @LVS:
    That is what i am saying time travel to futureis only possible. We are moving towards the future just as i am typing this and you reading this.

    But by time travel what we mean is moving between two points in time, back and forth.

    What i am saying is even if manage to travel we wouldn't able to travel to past unless and until there are parallel universe. It is a one way once you go there, there is no coming back.

  18. Amazing facts was grandfather's paradox! :)


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