Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking back @ 365 days- 52 weeks- 12 months- 1 year that went by


IMG_0412 It’s been a while since i wrote something in here or let me put it this way; it’s been a while since my think tank cooked up anything. Without noticing, a year has passed since i started blogging. I have come a full circle from zero back to zero. The place looks deserted as it was a year ago and i am once again thinking of reinventing myself - Venky 3.0

It was a certain February I started off writing about cricket. I found no takers for it. What is the use if you write something people dont want? People might argue that one should write for his own pleasure. Then buddy blogging is not is not your platform you write the same in private place why the hell do you choose blogging and ponder no one visits. I found this out quite early which actually helped me.

I switched to genre which i always had in me, subtly taking pot shots - Venky 2.0. I brought out the cheeky guy hidden inside me. I started my new journey with IPL’s dubious DLF maximums and strategy breaks. Then i never turned back. I slowly started building up readership. Truth be told i first sailed blogs for gaining one ship thats readership. I have this luck, whatever i do ends ending very good; call it “Naradhar Kalagam” or whatever; I sailed towards friendships.

As months passed by, my areas of writing improved from taking pot shots to fiction writing and a bunch of vote less Blog-a-Tons. If i can look back and see my year of blogging; 51 posts, 32 followers, close to 1000 comments, 1 interview, page rank 2, 1 blogadda pick (which i didn't nominate); not bad.

Well, I didn't earn enough from this to buy 2 kachoris, 2 mirchi Bajji and a jalebi which costs 25 bucks but a few friends and experience i earned through blogging simply priceless.

17 blesses 'n' curses:

KParthasarathi said...

Congrats!!Not a bad show for one who is busy otherwise.Amost one blog post a week.Quite commendable.It is not the number Venky,it is the content.
You write well with clarity.
Increase the output this year without hindrance to your focused area.Best wishes!

Neha said...

wow! congrats!!!
i truly agree to what you mentioned about the INTENTION of writers to blog...


evanescentthoughts said...

Congrats venky!!! Not bad at all. I love the way you write. Hope to see many more awesome posts from your side this year!!!

vEnKy said...

@ Kparthasarathi

thank you very much for your visit i never expected you here.


Thank you and yeah you have to look it that way

@ Ash

I am really delighted that you love the way i write. I wont let you down, your comment has inspired me to write more and i really mean it

Srini said...

Many more happy returns of the day, Venks. In blogging as elsewhere, you give and you get - I am talking of readership. You have done it perfectly, kudos.

However, I am not quite at agreement when you talk of people writing 'for' audience... which is fine, but even there there's bound to be a touch of Venky-ness about it. There will be, there HAS to be. Originality is the key! :D

HaRy!! said...

athu vena yes.... some times cricket na ve ppl keep running away!!.. epadiyo last line la nenja nakita bro..priceless indeed!

vEnKy said...

@ Hary

:-) thank you

vEnKy said...

@ Srini
I know wont but i kinda learned to co exist with people who dont agree :D

Actually i completed a year of blogging a month back so not happy returns of the day ;)

Anu...:) said...

Congrats! :)
Keep writng! :P

Meow said...

Heyyyyyyyy congrats da :) :) nalla statistics end la :P and ya we met atlast cuz of your blog :) :) I am happy that I met a "thumbi" online :D

Srini said...

oh Venks... the feeling of co-existence with disgreements is undoubtedly mutual. :D ;)

Many More Happy Returns of the Month (or quarter) then! ;)

vEnKy said...

thank you

@ Meow
the feeling is mutual

@ srini


Issam said...

congras venky...
looking forward to reading much more of you... :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

May you have a great year ahead... May you gain more experiences and some money as well!!! :)

Versailles Palace, Paris - Part II
Work Wear Style - 7

vEnKy said...

@ Issam
Thank you very much buddy

@ Bhushavalli

Thanks thanks i not gonna earn any money anytime soon :-)

Maddy said...

Congrats Venky. If you wanna thank pass it on to Meow. thro her blog only I came here and read your post.

vEnKy said...

@ Maddy

ya thanks to meow and of course you for having patience to read my stuff

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