Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New features in Blogger

    I owe a lot to blogger for my return to blogging. I always preferred Blogger to other blogging platforms. It was so capitulating for me that I could connect to people I would never even think of connecting otherwise when I started blogging. But off late I was losing that passion. I didn't blog for a whole month. The last time I didn't blog for a month was never.

  On one fine day I visited by ‘Blogger Dashboard’ to take a look at what my fellow bloggers have published. I then clicked the layout section to add a ‘twitter widget’ because that was in which, I was very active. I saw something called “Template designer”. I clicked the link and I was totally awed by it. Customizing my blog template according to my whims and fancies was a dream and have a glossy look and a transparent template was one of them.

Template designer

  I started exploring each and every option it had. I started the editing from about 9 in the morning and ended up editing till 5 in the evening. My fingers were very itchy; I wanted to write something and something quick. I chose to write what I know about “Time travel” and I was happy with the way it came out.

Template designer 2

   After 6 pm I was waiting for comments about the post and the template. The first one i recieved was from my advisor, well wisher and well read Srini.


I was over the top after seeing his comment about the post and template. I then recieved a comment from Neha and Ajay. Neha didn't have any clue about the equation and Mr Ajay (Dubai sheikh) was in denial mode that time travel was possible.


I couldn't resist myself from jumping in joy after seeing Avada Kedavra’s comment about the post and her linking that post in her blog.


   I then wanted to see whether any other new features were introduced by blogger. When i clicked the Post section I found an option called “Create a Page” Goodness, gracious me, is this dream or what? My feet weren't on ground I was flying up in the skies. You can check my new about page here


These were the two features i was dreaming that blogger would have and i got them. Now that has ensured that I will be blogging often just venture them. I also confess that my blog which I visited once in a blue moon is being constantly visited by me to see that lovely glossy template of mine Winking. This has set the blog registers ringing.

One thing I really want blogger to do is to make its commenting system more elaborate. I want a reply button to reply to the readers rather than using ’@’.  I know there are 3rd party widgets out there but there is nothing like having a commenting which is developed by the respective blogging platform in default.

Now you guys would know why I owe my return to Blogger. Hope I didn't bore you guys

19 blesses 'n' curses:

Srini said...

Good one, Venky!

PS: Advisor blah blah laam yenakkum romba over pa. :D. 'Srini'-oda niruthirkalaame! :O

Yuvika said...

Yes, I personally too prefer blogspot for all the features and an easy interface!

vEnKy said...

Ok, i get you humility :D

vEnKy said...

Exactly, But i am waiting for a threaded comment system by default

Meow said...

thanks for the info,, beeen ages since i visited my dashboard.. and ya ..ur theme is sooooooper cool :D

vEnKy said...

@ Meow:

Thank you, Its my pleasure :)

Neha said...

Yup! your new blog avatar is cool...elegant...i am trying those features right now!!!


vEnKy said...


I am waiting to see yours

Pooja Menon said...

I so very well agree with whatever you've written.. The new templates and options that Blogger has come up with is really appreciable! :)

evanescentthoughts said...

Liked the new look of your blog venky :) Welcome back!! We want more posts from you now! :)

evanescentthoughts said...

Something is wrong with the about page. It is not letting me comment :-/

vEnKy said...

@pooja Menon:

You know what pooja, i was surprised to on of my friends switching from wordpress hosting to blogger after seeing these features.

vEnKy said...


Thank you avada. yeah that is a problem with blogger, i cant add comments to pages :(. They give problem everytime. To be honest thats whats making keep going, to work towards perfection

Nethra said...

I Don"T see any template designer and add new page option on my dashboard. :(

vEnKy said...

you will have to log on to and not

Swathi Pradeep said...

Your blog template is AWESOME!
Before,I used to alter the code for adding or deleting features in blogger,now I m planning to use the template designer! :)

vEnKy said...

@ Swathi Pradeep:

Yep use it. It is really good apart from from a bugs . You cant add a items like reactions, ratings to blog post after you apply the template. Otherwise it is nice

Tripat "Prerna" said...

wonderful post :)

vEnKy said...

@ Tripat Prerna: Thank you very much that is nice to hear evthough it was not a wonderful post ;)

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