End of an Era.

I entered college when Rajini’s “Shivaji” released and left when “Robo” aka “Endhiran” released. Yeah! A college life is the interval between two Rajini films :-) At least that’s what it suggests

   Tuesday, the 11th was the last day I entered my college as a student. Just 10 days after this date, 3 years ago, on 21st May 2007 I enrolled myself in A.M. Jain College. 16th of June, the same year, was the first day of college. I remember entering the place as a fresher with fear of being ragged or pulling up a fight with someone. But I should say, all the chaps were kind and no one laid a hand on any of the fresher. That’s it I never looked back, with pride i can say that A.M. Jain college is ragging free.

   As usual, I couldn’t find my feet in the first year. I was quite baffled at the way Madras University functioned. Then I figured out how to counter MU. The worst part is  that I couldn’t make many friends. All that changed in the 2nd year. I cracked the MU code and broke the ice and made some wonderful friends. I probably grew more closer to them only then. 3rd year went by like a breeze, I couldn’t realise how it ended.

The things I will never forget from college are

  • The College Management which gave respect to our rights, not imposing draconian rules
  • Leaving whenever I would want to leave.
  • Searching for missing books and taking a dig at shopkeepers – Tale of the missing book
  • Decoding the mystery of results and predicting exact day of release of results – MU results Saga
  • Fun I had with friends taking digs at my professors.
  • My train Journeys – Mambalam to Meenabakkam Part-1 Part-2
  • Troubles I had when it rained – Rendezvous with Rain
  • Cutting classes and playing cricket.
  • Receiving a prize for the 1st time in my life for being the 2nd in my department.
  • Last but not least the Friends that I’ve earned

   Forgetting all the Bad things like stupid lecturing and writing annoying Model exams which would never be evaluated, for me, college life has a special place in my heart. Perhaps more than school life.

   I never felt sad or detached leaving my school. To be honest I wasn’t all that worried about losing anything after my schooling. That may be because I wasn't all that important person in school or was a silent kid confined to his own group of friends who adored him. Another thing is that ‘all the qualitative rather than quantitative friends’ I had, were just a call away. We would meet each other so often since we were in the same locality. But that may not be the same with the gems i’ve earned through college. That is because all are scattered far apart from me, none are in proximity. I hope we keep tabs with each other.

  Every time I switched from one stage to another; one organization to another; I’ve always come out great guns not fighting a rat race with others but bettering myself. Be it from my first school Alpha Matriculation to GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya, be it from GRTMV to A.M Jain college, I have bettered myself. I hope the trend continues. One thing common between me and South African cricket team and New Zealand Rugby team is that we suck when it matters the most and miss that mark. I got 84.9 in my 10th and repeated that in 12th 84.9, now can anyone do that 2 of a kind. And i hope that trend doesn't continue I want a 75% in MU, which is actually good.

Leaving on a positive note re- uttering the words uttered by Abhishek Bachhan on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal

“Dont be sad because it is over; be happy that it happened” 


  1. thambi... ore autograph nyabagam now :( !! train journey blog i stil remember!

  2. @ Hary: Those were that days. But i seriously know I can get over it

  3. Hmmm Venks, that makes it the two of us (the twelfth marks - my tenth was even lower :D - and missing UG life more than school. I hardly missed school too!)

    All the best and yes the trend of upsurge you have seen in your life will continue. Take care!

  4. @Srini: I dont think my 10 and 12th marks were low. I got the same percentage 84.9 just .1 % Short of 85%.
    Did you manage to score the same percentage in both 10 th and 12 th I hold record kanna B-) . And thank you very much for your wishes.

  5. the best days in the life of anyone.. college days..

  6. College is the best time of your life. Good that you a good time!
    All the very best for the next phase!
    Cheers :)

  7. Venky dude - check my comment properly: I said my tenth score was lower. 12th was 84.9. :D

  8. @Chriz: Yeah I think it would be better to believe The best is yet to come :-) Nappaasai.

  9. @your reply to Chriz

    True :D. But not "nappaasai": when we meet life without preconceived notions, automatically the best is yet to come!

  10. @Shilpa Garg : Thank you very much for wishes shilpa ji

  11. @Srini: Getting high or low percentages is inconsequential sellathu sellathu You have to get the same percentage in both 10th 12th. I hold the record ! :-D

    And thanks for the support hehehe naama onnu kulla onnu

  12. Nice re-collections. I remember reading a lot of the posts as you wrote them. Now that stage of life is over! WOw! all the best for you in whatever you do. :)

  13. @Ajai: Yep Gotta move on! and thanks for the wishes.

  14. Superb post.. i travelled with your memories through this post... btw how are you :) :) Been very long time da :(

  15. @Meow : I am good how have you been?

  16. arumayana natkal.. isnt it?!!! me new here..lemme know how i fair of... su[er bro

  17. @Darklove: Hmmm yeah, I'll let you knowe how you fare

  18. Heyy that was a nice post.. And congrats for being the second topper. Dont become sad, I am sure you will hang out with your college friends even after leaving it. I am still in touch with my friends after so many years. But yeah college days are always the best period in our life. You will never get back those days again. Aaaghh.. you made me nostalgic :( about my college.

  19. Evanescentthoughts: :-) thank you. I have a mobile now, so hopefully i will keep in touch


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