Wednesday, June 9, 2010

55 fiction #2

I Have committed the cardinal sin Not talkingthat a blogger shouldn’t commit, Letting their blog die because of twitter. To cleanse me of my sins I am gonna blog regularly and torture you guys to read meBig Grin.

55 fiction is a form writing where the author expresses their thoughts within 55words. But for this author they are way to torture his readers with his (Poor) Jokes. So go ahead and read this one for this poor soulLaughing 

A guy walked passed the snoring watchman and entered the flatDont tell anyone. He placed something on the lock, opened the door and went in. Suddenly a bowl slipped and fell on the ground Doh, the lights went on and he was caught food-handedDrooling. “Rohan! Why are you late? No dinner for you todayAngry” said his mom.

This Further re-establishes the fact “He who comes late for dinner gets a bummer”  If you want a share of you dinner arrive early or else you would left with the left overs.

12 blesses 'n' curses:

Neha said...

LOL! no dinner? :O damn!

Srini said...

shabba... your prelude was longer than the 55 fiction pa :) (that's the purpose anyway, isn't it> lol)

take care! and welcome back to blaaaging! :D

Nethra said...

lol! :D
No dinner? That was hilarious! :D

evanescentthoughts said...

hehehe :D I am committing a similar sin these days. Forgotten my blog completely :)

idlivadasambar said...

Me the likes. :) :D

Meow said...

lol good one da :D :D no dinner for you ???

vEnKy said...

@Neha , Nethra, Meow
I would ban the world LOL if i had the right :-D

thanks for visiting :-)

@ Avada
I am now cleansing my sins :-)

@ Srini
The post looked short so I added some Venkyism to it :-D

Chatterbox said...

Very interesting :D
By the way what did he put on the lock?? Key?? ;) ;)
Nice one Venky :)

vEnKy said...

Yeah Key but definitely not ven"key" :-P

HaRy!! said...

personal experience ah?

vEnKy said...


Bedlam said...

That was a very cute 55 fiction.. :)

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