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I have decided to post Photologs of interesting things I come across. To be honest i am not getting any ideas to blog about. By the time I get to conceive an idea, it becomes stale as milk. When you dont have anything to say just shut up. That is exactly what i am doing now. Humour is around me everywhere, I thought why wont I use it. There is always a reason to laugh! isn't it? Take a look at what I've got


1. If you thought only politicians asked for votes, think twice!



2. A scene at the railway station.



3. A distant cousin of Spiderman Peter Parker, No Parker! 



The guy is gutsy, isn't he? The sign says if you park within 100 metres, you will be fined Rs 500. I am yet to see a cop look at this and fine anyone.


4. This is how No Parker was born. A breed between No space and  Yes Parker. 


SPM_A0198 SPM_A0197


5. This is the Jewel in the crown picture.

If you didn’t know the spellings of various Chaat items, just look at the board below and learn the authentic spellings. If you’ve missed this picture you’ve missed a lot of fun in life!



Keep laughing until then bye from Venky!!


  1. Final pic was simply hilarious, ba! :D And you're absolutely right - humour is all round us and in fact humour that's appreciated is one that's picked up from ordinary life. You have done that through pictures and brief captions beautifully here.

    aanaa, No Parker Yes Parker dhaan puriyala!? :O ;) :D

  2. hahah... send these pics to THE HINDU :D

  3. @ Srini
    No parker is a person who parks in the "no Parking" area :-p
    Yes Parker = The Person who parks in the parking lot.
    No Space= The so called parking lot

    "No parker" parked there because of "No space"

    do you get it?

    @Yuvika: :-D

    @Sowmi: I will laugh that off ;-)

  4. Got it Venks. Finally! :D Read it again too!!

  5. I am still wondering how did you manage to get a close-up pic of those cops :O


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