An argument on and off sidelines

Offside Rule has been creating a lot of ripples perhaps waves in the game of football for a long time. This Worldcup is no exception. During one such game at the world cup a goal was disallowed and ruled offside. The commentators started screaming “ Oh its Offside or is it!” and these 2 guys, Batmanaban and Baalu were confused.

Batmanaban aka Bat : Machi (dude) what is this offside rule da?(yaar) Confused

Baalu aka Ball : Its nothing da if the player is running on the offside it is called offside da.

Bat: So you cant score from an offside position it seems. What about onside?

Ball: Who said? We can score. But you need have a very good technique to score, just like cricket. Only technical players are allowed!

Bat: Oh! ok da but what about onside?

Ball: If you are onside everyone is allowed to score. Football is totally like cricket. Sloggers always score in the onside! So everyone is allowed to score from onside.

Bat: How da? Can you enumerate da?

Ball: In cricket there is a fine leg and in football the dribbling midfielder has fine legs. You have slips to catch the edges, likewise if the ball slips the defensive midfielder recovers it. See you get it? Simple da Machi!


Bat: Ok I am going by your word because you know some football da.

Ball: But i have one confusion da whether it changes with Right-footer and Left-footer. This rule is very uncertain and dubious da!

Baalu’s Bro Footbaalu : Machi! Yes da. I have fair share of my doubts whether you have brain or not. Smug

Bat: Stupid! What do you want?Angry

Footbaalu : *Draws a diagram and explains* See this is offside!

Ball: Poda!! you split in a vertical way and I split in a horizontal way. What is the difference?

Bat: Yes he caught the point. Machi you are right leave him.

Footbaalu: DohI dont knowNot talking

Ball: You know one thing da. There are only two teams in Football others are just add ons da. They are Brazil and Argentina da. If its club football then there is only one team Man Utd and the oppositions change from time to time

Bat: Surprise i see, that is why everyone support them.

Ball: Didnt i tell you? Cool

Footbaalu: Not worthy Some things never change! I cant help but laugh LaughingRolling on the floor


P.S  The above conversation is a figment of fiction. But i have heard even heard worse than this. Like: Cristiano Ronaldo played for England when he played for Manchester United because it was an English club.


  1. @Ajay You mean Mock "ai" :-P

  2. yapa sami.... but yu also Man U fan ah? nice ...

  3. @Ashwini
    Was that laugh for my lame comment or my lame post :-)

    No i am a gooner for life. Arsenal always!

  4. liked it :D new to your blog.Will see you around.


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