Comedy cops

Comedy cops Entrance music:

You must have seen Comedy Cops doing comedy here, if you haven't see it. One fine day when we were sitting on the top of the Motta Motta Maadi we had an enlightenment.


We thought if XYZ can make noise in the name of music, so can we. And this is the result of that. Our First assignment is to compose the Entrance music for Comedy cops, a short film which has shelved due to the request director Shankar so that he can release Rajini starrer “Eindhiran”


Comedy Cop- 1 -  Venky aka Comedy piece
Comedy Cop-2  -  Ashwath Athreya aka comedy time
Stone Drums    -   Ravi Shankar aka Vaangikko Shankar
Say trr trr        -   Hari Haran aka Mokkai Putter
Recording        -   Venkat Unbeaten aka Machi -the unparallel jai


Comedy Cops- Entra...

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for your temporary or permanent deafness


  1. endhiren vitutu mokairen peri vachiduvar! sami !

  2. naa kekkala innum :D aanaa tune yenna? annikku pottu kaamichaye, adhu dhaane? ;) :D

  3. @ Hary O_o
    @ Srini Aama adhe adhe!


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