‘Paul’um Pazhamum. What the Octofcuk is this?

The world can be divided into people who know Paul the psychic Octopus and people who dont, after the Football World Cup ended. Paul recently even got a honorary Spanish citizenship. I caught with Paul and asked a few questions which are in tune with the very existence of this world.

Question no:1

What’s more important to the existence of the world rather than my Chartered Accountancy course? So I asked Paul whether I would get through CA or end up stealing double CA’s i.e CACA’s (crow)  ammavasai (no moon day) offering.
He answered “Only the cold days” How inappropriate was that?

Question no:2
I got worked up when Paul answered it like an ass, that is my birth right! I even thought of becoming a non-vegetarian! I asked  if we would chop his tentacles and make a soup of it, will it be called Octokaal soup? (kaal in Tamil means foot)

Once again the answer was “Only the cold days”. Okay this is getting really annoying but he does have a point. We have soup usually when the weather is cold, dont we? So I will take that as a yes and it is “Octokaal Soup”

Question no:3
Now Octopaul is losing his credibility, giving the same answer. Hence I asked him that if I asked him any question will he answer “only the cold days”.
3 He answered that someone actually beat me to this question and asked him the same yesterday and that he would answer the same.

Question no:4
I wanted to give the poor thing a second chance and warm him up for something great. I asked him a question whether he has 8 tentacles because only 6 were visible.
2 Voila he answered it right!

Question no:5
He is now ready for the most important question in the history of the mankind which has been haunting the most intelligent of the minds, The Mystery of the missing Vaazha Pazham (Banana) Once upon a time there lived and still is alive a Tamil comedian by the name Goundamani who is known for his decibel level and kicking skill against his sidekick Sendhil. On one fine day Gounder asked Sendhil to buy him 2 vaazha pazhams (bananas)  But Sendhil gave Gounder only one Vaazha Pazham. When asked by Gounder where was the other one Sendhil answered “ Ithu dhaan anne adhu”/ “This is the other one/”Yeh doosra hai”. Gounder tried every trick in the bag but for pulling the octopus out of the hat. He even tried frisking Muralidaran for the doosra. So I asked Octopaul about it.
The puzzle has been solved. It was Octopaul after all the octofuss. Now the old Tamil song “Paulum Pazhamum” has taken a new meaning. Now that the mystery is solved Gounder can die peacefully and Sendhil need not live the guilt the entire life!
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