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A wish can be interpreted in two ways or may be even more. One way is wishing for stuff both tangible and intangible. If I start writing about these wishes, it wouldn’t end for eternity. So I am not going into all of this. The other one is wishing others. This may be a “Good morning” tweet or a “Good Night” tweet which gets endlessly tweeted and retweeted or wishing someone else at college or at work place.

But “wishing” has taken a new level with “Politicians” and “Film stars” Let us take an example of a politician.


This wish is for Mr S. Ramadoss the above wish is loosely translated into English as PrayingO bright light of the Thamizh race (also rays Winking) Please come! Please come!Not worthy


After the highness himself, it’s the rising son Mr Anbumani Ramadoss. Oops was I politically incorrect because Sun is the symbol of another party Confused Here is how he is wished “O! Our prince! Please come! Please come!”

[Note: His name has been murdered by the north Indian news readers as “Ambumanni Ramdoss” Anbu means love and ambu means “arrow”. So please dont say it that way. He is not Ramadoss and he is Anbumani. Ramadoss is his father]



Now This is how people wish film Stars. They call them “Thala” which means head or simply head of all operations. Every film star has his nickname which praises him. Vijay is wished as “ilaiya Thalapathy” / Young leader, Vijaykanth as “Captain”, Kamal Hasan as “Universal Hero”, Rajini as “Thalaivar” / Leader. Even the newbie have their own nickname, for e.g they are called “rising star” or he is added with prefix “young” along with existing big hero he resembles . The big heroes get a free milk abhishekam. That is the bonus of being a big hero.

So that is it! I have summed all the wishes i have noticed. If you have anything else to add please do so in the comments section. I would like to read those  comments Big Grin 

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  1. As uncannily funny as ever, Venks! :) Loved the post. I can understand your exasperation with Anbumani Ramadoss being called Ramadoss; but Anbumani becomes Ambumani because of other reasons (I can appreciate as a phonologist! :D) Cheers and blog more if you please :)

    The sun symbol was cute based on context! :D

  2. A funny post, I loved your way of inpreting things.. Congrats man

    I wish you a good luck for BATOM - 12

    Saravana Kumar - Wish

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  3. I like it,but i am telling you for starters !
    Acerbic,caustic,incisive-and a brilliant job of doing it.
    Only wish you hadnt stopped so soon,just when the mood was starting to build up.

  4. yea, i second brijender...
    wanted to read more.....few compilations here and there....it ended soon and abruptly

  5. @ Srini: Thanks buddy

    @Saravana "Wish" you the same :-P

    @Brijender and Mahesh: Actualy i was in hurry to leave for Hyderbad. So this what i could mange. I was so desperate to participate because i missed the last 2 blog-a-tons one due to exams and another due to my bad memory.No excuses i will better it.

  6. Hey vEnKy.. nice job dude.. u definitely tuk me b surprise through a diffenrt interpretation of Wish.. it nvr ocurred to me :)
    t as brijender hs said i really WISH thr were sum more wishes..
    keep participating :)

  7. Atlast something funny on Blog-a-ton which brings an instant smile :-)

  8. @ Vipul Grover
    Yeah sure will keep participating!

    @Pavil I simply hate when everything is the same so mixed it up thank you

  9. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!


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