A hard look at ourselves

In the world we live in, it is very easy to be cynical and rubbish everything. Before we start questioning the politicians or the government we should take a hard look at ourselves.

A person is walking on the road. Why? Because the platforms are encroached by shopkeepers. He goes, buys Paan and some groceries and the shopkeeper gives no bill. The person chews paan and where does he spit? On the ground. He walks down a street and suddenly due to the over consumption of water, he wants to pee. He chooses a corner and sees whether there are any God pictures painted there and pees. Since nowadays people become atheists for no valid reason other than the cool quotient and ability to pee anywhere, even on the Gods. He then goes to the Parking lot where he parks his vehicle. He gets to the vehicle after jumping over the stagnant water and slush left over by the rains. He gives his token and what does the token guy do?  He tears the token, throws it and that money isn't accounted. He starts the ride back home. Now our guy sees a “red traffic signal”, okay wait there is no policemen in the vicinity. What does he do?  He zooms ahead despite the red signal. Next Signal he sees a Policeman, with reverence/fear of paying fine/bribe to them, does skip the signal and he inches before the stop line which he shouldn’t and takes off with 3-4 seconds still left for the signal to change.

Let us see what are in the control of that single person. He could have not spit paan; peed in the corner, stopped at the signal and stopped before the stop line. Now the shopkeeper could have not encroached the platforms, accounted his purchases and paid proper taxes. The Token guy could also do the same thing and provide better facilities. But no one does that. This is not the only cross section view of the society, so many atrocities happen. Let me list out a few. The LPG gas delivery guy supplies the ‘home usage cylinders’ for business activities to get extra money. He then delivers the same cylinder which has been used off, to the real owners which is obviously not full. No auto guy in Chennai uses a Meter to receive payment from the commuter. They have Auto groups too where they set the tariffs their selves. They ask for extra tariff when petrol prices increase and the auto actually runs with diesel. The landlords charge totally disproportionate rent and ask the tenants to pay special tariff for the electricity used and they wont provide any receipt for rent payments. People illegally tap electricity and get away without paying a penny. The shops pay the unit rate of household for the power they use when they actually should pay business rate, thanks to authorities. Factories dont dump their chemical wastes properly. Just look at the state of the Holy Ganga. It is so shameful. In my city they just destroyed a river which was used for navigation and reduced it to a gutter. How do we preserve monuments? We write our names accompanied with our lover’s name.

All the things I have mentioned above has nothing to do with politicians. This is what we so called “citizens” do. When as citizens, if we are so corrupt, how the hell could we expect our politicians who are also citizens basically, to be honest. “Our country is corrupt, i am fed up” huh come on! we ourselves suck big time and cant even adhere to simple rules and we have the guts to call our nation corrupt wow!

Charity begins at home, they say and how true. If we are to take our nation forward let us just do the things which we have in our control in the right manner. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Do you know our planet recieved rains for millions of years to form the worlds ocean in existence today. Everything starts slow and small.

I am not asking anything big from you. The next time please throw that waste into the dust bin and please dont stare at people who do so. We are not aliens. Please adhere to the traffic rules.My sincere plea to everyone, please dont corrupt and engage in activities like i have mentioned and please show dissent by boycotting them.

I am following and will continue follow whatever I have said.  Please start now, it is never too late. Let the awakening begin.

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  1. Hard-hitting post Guru! :D And I am so happy to see - I have said it at different stages in your writing and development, which is always likely to be a work in progress as is anyone else's - that your prose has come on in leaps and bounds in every sense. Kudos and *bows* on that!

    You are spot on in using the "charity begins at home" saying. Like with charity, everything begins with the self and spreads its roots abroad! :)

    Even when you were walking with me the other day at Secunderabad, I saw you waiting for a trash can to throw something. I was surprised. It is commendable! :)

    Miles to go bro! :) And good one. Hope to hear more people's opinions on this very coherent post!

  2. @Srini You are the guru! I think you are being too kind when you say my prose has improved. No i am not being modest. Every time I proof read i see hell a lot of mistakes.

    And yeah thanks srini that is the least one can do. Throwing trash where it is due. It is a pity that even guy who does such a small thing is looked upon with amazement.

    As far as others views i am not too sure.

  3. Great post Venky.. completely with you on this.. But I guess in a way population is also responsible for this.. too many people, illiteracy and lot of poverty has driven us into this mode..It will take time but someday we will overcome these too :)

  4. Great post! :)
    Every word of yours rings with truth.The problem also arises when people see others being comfortable by breaking the rules...hence the people who actually follow the rules also take diversion and start disrespecting rules :(

  5. @ Evanescentthoughts: Yeah you are right population does play an important role. Hopefully if we do what we can do it would happen.

  6. @Anu And that is where one needs to be much more controlled and exercise the self-discipline.

  7. true and sensible.. sad that people don't realise things.. so many of them even take me for instance talk about stuff like this and continue to do so.. Change is the only thing that can change the way the world today is

  8. @Vignesh

    Please please dont do it. It is the least we can do. Hey did you see the Kalamdeception comic post?

  9. hello

    Just saying hello while I read through the posts

    hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.

  10. @Anonymous: Hi it would be nice of you, if you use an identity rather than anonymous comment. I mean there is a name/url option, then Open Id's and goodle account :-)

  11. Nice post :) Well we can tell these people...what else can we do?

  12. @Vishesh: Yeah the least we can do is do the right things ourselves and hope others would do the same.


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