The Banana Joke’s accounting interpretation!

All of us, Tams would know about the epic Goundamani and Sendhil Banana joke. Here is an journalised interpretation of the the comedy or an attempt at it. Before we move into the accountancy part let us first see the comedy once again.

Banana Joke Accounted_thumb[5]

And thus, Goundamani despite repeated attempts to find the “other banana” gave up and wrote off the missing banana/Rs1 as bad debts/Gandhi kanakku. Sendhil though still maintains he has no liability towards Gounder because that banana was the other Banana. But after some investigating and auditing one can find out
            Banana a/c  dr                                                                                     Rs 1
               To Commission recieved                                                                                          50p
               To Goundamani a/c                                                                                                  50p
           (Being the other banana given to gounder
             and the other swallowed as commission)
Okay thanks for stopping and withstanding this geeky blade

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