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One can comprehend a number of meanings from the word RETURN. Let us see how different people comprehend RETURN differently


Makkus Return:

Amit: Abeyaar! We should file a case on Microsoft yaar

Mani: why Machaan?

Amit: They say press the return key yaar iss me return key nahi hai yaar

Mani: Yes Machaan! There is only Enter key da! Cheaters!


Tradosphere Return:

Entrepreneur: I want to increase my “Returns On Investment”, decrease the “sales returns” so that my profit will increase. I dont care about the purchases returns though.

Auditor: You better file your “Income Tax Returns” or else i have to file a penalty for you!


Wannabistan Return:

Amit Johnson: Mate! I cant return to India.

Manische: Yup! crappy roads, crappy politician and crappy everything

BigBadAussie: “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!” Look who has returned to our neighborhood, 2 wannabes .


Blogosphere Return:

Blogger1: Hey! Great blog and great post. Can you visit mine in return and give your thoughts

Blogger2: Thank you much. Yeah for sure.

Blogger 2: Great post, nice post and good one.

Blogger1: So nice of you thanks for the visit


Twiterverse Return:

IamABC: @BeingBBC #nowfollowing you

BeingBBC: Following back in return :-) RT @IamABC: @BeingBBC #nowfollowing you


Aham Return:

Wife: Here, have some “Mysore pa” that i made.

Husband: Wow thank you so much!

Wife: hey ! what are doing?

Husband: The nail had loosened a bit and i was searching for hammer and your Mysore pa came to the rescue. I wish I could return to those days when my mom used to cook!


Facebook Return:

FB to Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon suggested you to like “Dont tickle the dragon” –  Like

FB to Hidden Dragon:  "Crouching tiger suggested you to like “The Real King of the Jungle” – Like


Deemed University Return:

Owner: One seat = RS 50 x 10000

Student: Here I have  Rs 1000 x 500

Owner: Application rejected! I want only Rs 50 x 10000 nothing less!

Student: Striaght Face Clearly he doesnt no calculation.


Student kammbinati return:

Former Student1: Machan In college we teased life da

Former Student2: Today we are being teased by it

Former Student1: I want to return back to college so badly

Former Student3: Why wont it?  You were more interested in the Tea shop gyan!


Spot Fix Return:

Fixer: I will give you 5000 pounds return the favor

Player: Dont worry we have “no balls”


Many Mor Happy Return:

Farmer to Cow: Many  Mor, curd, ghee, butter, milk returns of the day

Cow: Maa Maa (what would expect a cow to say?)

(Note: Mor in Tamil means Buttermilk hence the wish)


There may be many Laws of Returns but this the “Most Important Return”:

Go! Enough of wasting your time on this crap. RETURN to your work Laughing Dont tell anyone

Before that I urge all the readers who survived till now, to give your valuable brickbats or to click your desired option below the post if you are too lazy to comment.


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  1. What an absolutely unique take on the topic! Loved it! I think it's the funniest entry I've read. Cannot stop laughing!

  2. haha Venky sonna mariye you posted :D but then this is far from being a mokka post :)

  3. Mindblowing...... and can't stop laughing :P

  4. Hahaha...I like this!!!!Enjoyed reading every part of it but i liked 'blogosphere return' and 'deemed university return' somewhat better than the others probably because i could truly relate to them. All in all a very hilarious post. Very well done.
    All the best!

  5. truly funny and so true...nice take on the topic.. :)

    i blog at

  6. Very funny.. :) ATB for the BAT.. :)

  7. :)

    I was thinking of doing something similar - like using all the possible meanings of the word return... and here you did it. :)

    Had a good laugh.

  8. @Dreamer: Thank you much. I never go with the herd! :-) In every BAT you will see mine would be unique but still go unnoticed :-P

  9. @Vignesh Seiyarda solluven! solradadaan seiyyuven! hahahaha

  10. @Meow : Heart warming comment! My body temperature has raised! hehehe

  11. @Jaspreet Thank you so much liked your poem as well :-)

  12. @Namit Truly thanks :-) (no pun intended)

  13. @bedlam Thank YOu

    @Kshiti Hi 5 I am sick of doing the run of the mill stuff. Let us give this BAT some fresh air

  14. Hello Venky:

    I can't just choose one or two as favorites! Loved them all!:)

    I would love the possibility of 'spot fix' bit being mailed or made into a souvenir and sent to each stupid person who indulges in such shameful act! Absolute 'No balls' for sure! X-(

    Sooooooper post! Hail Sarcasm! :)

  15. Lol. :D That was funny.
    I esp. liked the one about student wanting to return to college.
    And man, the last one was a tap on the head. "Return to your work" Lol.
    Enjoyed reading, Venky. :)

  16. The Makkus and Spot Fix returns were the best! I will certainly NOT return to my work now but instead look for some more of where this crap came from!
    All the best for the BAT.

  17. @Raksha Raman
    Thank you very much glad you liked it. I never really intended any sarcasm :-)

  18. @Karthik: Welcome to my space! Though it cant keep up your standard, I am quite happy that it made you laugh :-)

  19. @D2 Thanks man! read your post as well awesome but you can definitely do better

  20. @SId Thank you and it nice to get a compliment from a person who writes in the same genre :-D

  21. Hilarious !!
    And the cheeky line right at the end is the icing on the cake !!

  22. :D different - different types of return.
    best of luck for BAT

  23. I wasn't lazy to comment I just wanted to break the rules ;)

    Hence "I am outraged" and of course the idea was fabulous a little something to tickle the fancy of a varied bunch. kudos for creativity.

  24. LOL I just noticed I had commented here already.. I just happend to hav missed followin. Did now. :)


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