Gopiyaan fans Hai – The haun song

  Most of you know that I hang out a lot at the “Motta Motta maadi” which basically, is the roof of a lift room and the topmost point of my friends flat. We were chatting random shit and making fun of each other. Hari, one of friends took off as usual to speak with his "friends" who are "girls" in conference mode. Exactly when he left, another friend of mine Ravi said “Otha ore Gopiyaan Fans hai..Wait! we can sing the same when he comes back and own him" I bumped in and said “Machi Why dont we record it” and we all started singing “Gopiyaan fans hai” in chorus and then i gave “Haun” touch at the end. And the haun song was born.

I just didn’t want to stop there. Hence i cooked up some more versions of the same song, same tune but yet different like Himmesh’s remixes. Each version last just 10 seconds. The remixes include Robot version, Alien version, Baby or some mouse version, Chest beating formula mug up version, chorus football stadium yelling version, Ghost- Mohini pisasu version and last but not the least Great Khali version.
The Autokaran/Autowala version is specially dedicated for the autokarans who have tortured me heavily since yesterday, playing songs in loud speaker, which are totally unrelated to Ayudha Poojai or Vijaydashmi. They were playing songs on the lines of “Vijay dashed me da” like “Kattabomman paera adikuthu kuliru” (Hey kattabomman’s grandson its cold haun!) How apt for that is a haun song. Hear that version at your own you might suffer high trauma! But if you are gutsy enough, try it.
Gopiyaan Fans hai by vencurd


  1. epic pwnage!!!!!!!
    sathyama I pity your friend! XD

  2. hahaha thaarumar da! Loved it :D

  3. the chest beating is the best !haun all around !naasthisya naasthiyaha your friend!:D:D

  4. @Vignesh , @Pramodh @Keerthi thanks all. Actually he was the one who enjoyed the most :-)

  5. Nope, don't have the guts, not at 2:16 a.m dude :D Laters. lol.

    Btw, what on earth is Pwn? Meant to ask for a while but keep forgetting!

  6. @Srini
    1. An act of dominating an opponent.

    Originally dates back to the days of WarCraft, when a map designer mispelled "Own" as "Pwn". What was originally supose to be "player has been owned." was "player has been pwned". Pwn eventually grew from there and is now used throughout the online world, especially in online games.

  7. Ha ha ha.. Semma comedy da macha.. I personally love the baby - mouse version.. Ultra super hyper hilarious... =))


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