Did you smell what “The Venk” was cooking @ ECR?

Yesterday me and my friend “machi” left for the Sai Baba temple at the ECR. As usual i managed to crap up something and have fun. Since the temple opened only at 4pm and there was a solid 30 mins, we found refuge in a beach near VGP at the ECR. I was searching the place for something interesting to do, what I call “podcast” and what others may call “crapcast” The Beach basically contained garbage, rotten wood, tonic bottle ( i wonder what they did with them :-O), Liquor bottles of all shapes and sizes from 1/4 to full and one of the pair of slippers/shoes. What in the blue hell is wrong with people throwing just one slipper/shoes.

Here’s me trying doing a Bear Grylls after find growth of flowers on one such bottle.

And then “machi” spotted a crab! I was shouting like one those wildlife enthusiast, which was similar to that of seeing aliens. Suddenly “The Venk” enters and asks what he was cooking. Damn! I even “gommalla”ed the crab. hahaha


And here is an octopus shell, if it has one. You can also see the waves inching to touch the feet of “The Great One” :-))\

This was what i could manage in 30 minutes. You know what the money we planned on eating out was spent paying fine to the Police for driving without Helmet. What was really surprising was that the Cops actually gave a receipt for the spot fine of Rs50. Our Country is improving :-)


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