2010 – Tattanked!

  Its been a really long time since I blogged, that's mainly because of me being sandwiched between 12 hr classes for a month now! Out of the blue my second session for the last day of the 2010 has been cancelled and I am writing this post. Being back home at the stroke of 1 seems a luxury!

  Same time last year, I was pondering the fact whether 2010 would be a good year because ‘even years’ have never been great for me. But 2010 has just turned my world upside down, probably the most successful year of my life ever. Considering that I was such a success deprived person for almost 3/4th of my life it's quite overwhelming for me. I did things, which I've not even dreamed that I would do. 2010 has been a year of many firsts in my life.

  1. First proficiency prize
  2. First graduation
  3. First Tweet
  4. First blogger meet
  5. Meeting my blog friends, in person and further strengthening the bond
  6. First #perkytweet win
  7. First time, getting selected in bloggadda’s top 25 post of the year
  8. First time, I made so many friends!
  9. First time I won a First prize in anything, for our Standards on Auditing skit
10. Last but not least,first time I touched a teacher’s feet, Mr Vikas Oswal

August 29th, I attended why first Auditing class for my IPCC. I didn't even bother who’s going to teach me. Out of the blue came, Mr Vikas Oswal. He just bowled me over with his unconventional way of teaching. But the guy saved his best for the second session which started in the month of December. He took classes for 6 hrs which felt like 2 hrs. Seriously I have not met a better teacher/person all my life! For goodness sake! He made Auditing an interesting subject, made us do a play on Standards of auditing and made us conceptually understand every bloody thing about auditing. Which guy would call up a student and ask the student to mimic himself and then clap for him?! Who in the blue hell would?! Vikas Oswal did that to me!

The moment when he gave us the 1st prize for the Standards on Auditing skit, I had Goosebumps! When he congratulated me personally, I felt a million dollars! Exactly the last day of the year when his classes got over, I was so sad that all of this has to end. He just inspired me too much to ever forget about this great person. He tells us a lot of things other than auditing! Man! I will miss the way he stresses things and shouts! The way he repeats sentences when he dictates! The way he says “repeat the repeat”

Vikas Oswal is the greatest teacher to have walked the face of the earth, the man whose feet I touched, My guru and he is always |Tattanker|


Transformation from a shy, under-confident and a reserved person to an uninhibited, over confident :-D and outspoken person, I should say was complete in 2010. One thing I've learned a lot is, sometimes it is quite important to put up a brave front even though you feel like a chicken.

I have totally tattanked 2010 and I am eagerly waiting to tattank 2011 and 2012. You may ask “why not 2013 also?” but after 2012 the world gets tattanked no? :-D

Sooner or later I will be back posting the “Gommalla Act 2010” Beware and be aware :-)


  1. sema da :) Wish 2011 is even a better year.

  2. Congrats for the blogadda pick and for all the prizes you won this yr :)
    Happy new yr! :)

  3. @Vennesh Thanks machi

    @Avada Hey thank you :-) How have you been! Long time no see :-(

  4. I know you tagged me on this long back, sorry for the delay. But I am glad I read it: first up, thanks for the mention.

    Great to see the mention of your Audit teacher. I still remember how you used to react to my posts on teachers, indicating that you have never had a good one thus far. I always believe life evens it out and in your case it seems to have been a GREAT evening, one which I am sure you richly deserved! :D

    Couple of tangents: at your age, not that I am grandpa and you're grandson but still, I never even thought of success. And I lol-ed when you mentioned success deprived person for almost 3/4th of my life"; but no offence meant. Success is very often simply being comfortable with oneself and aspiring to be better and that is something I have always seen on you. So even without these laurels you are successful. Admittedly, though, we all need recognition from time to time so that we put in that bit extra in the future :)

    Secondly, I never thought you were a shy person; not you of all people :D But then I should not say too much: one half of the world swears that "I" am shy and the other half believes that the first half is crazy. The first half in turn believes that the second half is joking :D (No bring bats, puhleez :D)

    All eez well; take care and may you have a glowing 2011! :)

  5. @Srini: To be honest in my school days everything I touched went into ashes :-) People didn't even know I existed :-p and thanks for the kind words Srini, it is blesses/wishes from people like you, which make my day rather than any prize or victory :-)

    I never believed a teacher could impact me like this! YOU WERE RIGHT!

    As far as the 'shy' thing, when you actually met me i wasn't shy :-) The transformation had started only then. So you have every reason to be bemused at that statement :-) Even I cant believe I turned into this monster :-p

  6. Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

    - David

  7. Nice post. :) Now that I am not scared to be scared by you, I am even happy posting my comment. :)

    BTW, The Venkypedia page is blank??


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