Choosing your battles

Watched Bahubali recently. I liked how the filmmaker conceived the situations where the characters are emotionally torn apart to make the right decision. There are no right decisions in certain circumstances. You will just have to choose one and live with the consequences.

Also it majorly sucks to be Palvazhathevan. He yearns all his life to become the kingdom's main man. He not just dreams, but works so hard towards to it, only to see his foster brother take over the crown. Then he wants to marry a woman he likes, only for the woman to be swooped over again by his foster brother, albeit she loved Bahubali. He is then given the kingdom, but not quite the king. He is second fiddle to Bahubali, in that as well. But my loyalties swayed away from Palvazhathevan, after the very dark portrayal of him in the latter half of the story.

If there is one quality that I would like to possess, it would be to choose my battles. I have the habit of being skeptical when I feel that people are stating the wrong facts. I go out of my way to prove them wrong and show them the real facts (according to me). It has earned me a reputation that I am a sort of a person who argues against everything.

Yesterday, I did something which I haven't realized myself doing in long time. I was about start an argument and then quickly my mind censured it. The question I asked myself was, "What am I going to achieve by doing that?" To think of it, nothing good would come of it. The other person is not going to magically correct their uninformed opinion, rather they would be offended. However, most of the time I find myself getting pulled into an argument and fight all the battles. I get a high out of proving others, wrong. At the same time I am ready to humbly accept defeat if I am proved wrong (Only if I think so)


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