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Symonds The bad boy( guy) goes crying

Andy Roy Symonds has turned out to be one of the brattiest cricketers the game has ever seen if the recent lump of shit remark is anything to go by.He has a history of such events hung-over on the morning of a one-dayer against Bangladesh in 2005, a spat with Harbhajan Singh in the summer of 2007-08, a fight at a nightclub last year and another suspension at the hands of Cricket Australia earlier this summer. Watch out this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Things were hunky dory until he made the "Unaustralian" remark on NSW which I think is bullshit. Just when you thought his rehab was on track he got drunk and took a jibe at McCullum calling him a lump of shit and pressed the self-destruct button. He tendered an apology through his manager,by now it was too late that his apology was only what he meant McCullum was.CA should get their act together and put an end to Roy's antics, rather than imposing fines on players getting injured during the IPL. If Symonds has any aspi…

Like It or not Aussies will be back

I might sound silly to you all.I cant blame you guys for that as they lost series to India and South Africa.But if anyone thinks of writing off Australia you have mistaken.Mind you India and SA beat the Aussies when they were at their weakest,the problem is others rarely manage to beat them.But when they do beat the Aussies they start screaming at the top of their voice.The likes of Marsh ,Warner,Clarke,Tait,Mitch might just manage to get them back on their feet.Australia seems to be coping well after losing great,it has found their answer for next spinner in Krezja too.I think future ahead for young blokes is pleasant especially Pocket Rocket Dave Warner,he just needs to fine tune his skills a bit.

I agree that they have lost the aura of invincibility but there still gas left get them back on track .To be honest I don't see them winning consistently for a year or two .But the kind of domestic structure they have got the Clar…