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Venky 2.0

If you have read my previous posts all would have been nothing but cricket. . The main reason i started a blog is to be heard by everyone.I have decided to not to be too obsessed with cricket and a give other meaningful things a miss. I will now start posting on other areas and events in the journey of my life and the lessons it will teach me. No this post is not emotional nonsense but a new start to my view on life and my blog. That's right Venky 2.0, that is what i would like to call it.


April 18th 2009 will be the start of the IPL extravaganza's second coming. The Indian Premiere League ironically being held South Africa has gone global this time around, thanks to the terrorist attacks on Srilankan cricketers in Lahore and the General Elections.IPL was banished by the Indian Government due to the security concerns and clashing of dates ahead of the central elections. The BCCI pulled the rabbit out of the hat yet again and shifted the tournament to South Africa. Unlike its rival ICL who have called off the tournament due to global slow down

I am not great fan of the IPL being held abroad because and the end of the day it is a domestic tournament. But one thing is that me or anyone in India will never bat an eyelid when it begins . IPL 2 which is going to be held in the rainbow nation will test the power of IPL abroad. South Africa has this knack of organizing successful Tournaments i hope this one too adds to the list. Whatever, IPL 2 will be unique from the last …

Underdog necessarily need not be what the name suggests

All you underdogs out there who are worrying out there, I have delightful news. South Africa the new world leader in ODI cricket was brought to ground with the Aussies avenging their series sown under, with a 2-1 victory in the away leg. This comes at the back of the hype that the Proteas were touted to beat the kangaroos. History is testimony to the fact that only the Aussies and the Windies were the only two teams who successfully held the favorites’ tag. Be it India, be it South Africa all have crumbled when burdened with the favorites’ tag. The Indians bitted the dust when they were the favorites in the Caribbean and got knocked in the group stage by a lowly Bangladesh. Now and many times before which of those I could not disclose because of restrictions of time and space, the one and only South Africa. Both India and South Africa have done well when they donned the underdog cap. The Men in blue in the T20 WC and the Proteas in the Series are testimonial to t…