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My Tryst with God

Does God exist? this question has been lurking me for a long time. Since i was  born and brought up in a religious brahmin family my tryst with God had begun ever since i stepped onto this world. First thing i was taught was to fold my hands and pray. Everyone has two religions. One they are born into, another that they follow after growing up. Sadly most of the hindu customs are pretty much outta this world and higly symbolic. I was neither religious nor an atheist , but somewhere between the two. 19 is probably not the age for thinking about this. I was thinking about my teenage when was a tween and now my salvation. Pinjiliye pazhuthadhu as one would call in Tamil. This was when i started to search why i am here? Is there any being called GOD? Again it brings to Venkey and MankeyVenkey: Finally i found it! Mankey: Found what? Your non-existent brainVenkey: No stupid, the truth behind God.Mankey: Hahahaha what truth? You found the ornament worn by Rama and lipstick worn by sita in t…

Swine Flew huch 1 'n' 1

Still wondering what the topic deals with, it is a funny take on a serious issue of Swine Flu. before that some serious info on it. Swine flu is a disease caused by swine influenza virus which is also called H1N1. WHO annouced it as pandemic based on its spread and not its effect so no worries peops. This virus was first affecting only pigs but then flew to humans through mutations, it spreads through Sneeze (huch!), it s like anyother cold it being fatal is very rare. Its vaccine is tamiflu.  Now i'll tell you the story of Swine flu huch 1 'n' 1 virus.

    Once upon a time, not so long ago there were two scientists of the Panny and Fanny, they were evil scientists wanting to make mankind suffer. They wanted humans to sneeze hard and spit mucous from their nose, undigested food from mouth and semi digested food from the back running; u know what i mean, diarrhea. And also tickle their throat, suckle their energy, tweak the joint and cause pain; raise the temperature lik…

Racism Factoid Venkey Mankey Style

I was really disgusted at the way Indian students were being beaten up down under. Umpteen number of cases have come up just recently about racial abuse. . Do you remember Venkey and Mankey, my inner personalities? A few things were going on in my turbulent mind about this issue. Here it what happened. Venkey: Do you know ? Indian students are being attacked by the rogues in Australia, all News channels are reporting  about this thing.Mankey: Wow what a discovery? The Aussies are racists, they have a history of this.Venkey: you cant present a picture on the whole country like that, it’s not fair.Mankey: what? fair do they even know the meaning of fair, it shows in their cricket.Venkey: Don't bring sport into this.Mankey: Lame excuse! I don't know how Symonds lives there, probably because he is not a Indian. hahahaVenkey: Ok I will play by your rules , what did Harbhajan do in Australia and what did the crowd do in India to Symonds, did they offer flower garland and worship Lor…

Venkey Vs Mankey

You guys must wonder,  is "Mankey" a typo. Are Venkey and Venky the same. All the answers lie in this post.

First i will clear the air that "Mankey" is not a typo and it is my inner personality which is mischievous. There is also another character rather an angel in Venkey. And then there is me Venky aka Venkat(different from Venkey). Confusing isn't it. May be these pics would throw some light into the darkness created by my confused brain.

Now you guys must be somewhat half clear. To clear the half or to erase whatever left in your memory about this, i will give a taste of Venkey vs Mankey Medicine.

It was my accountancy examination, everything was known but became pretty alien when i started answering the questions. This was due to the constant conflict between Venkey and Mankey. It was my the last question and it's worth 20 marks good enough to get you 60 as well as bad enough to make you fail. The last thing i needed was Venkey and Mankey to battle for th…