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The Great Mad-ras University Results Saga

Guys i am back with another installment of the Mad-ras university leelais. You may ask what is so great about MU results. Yeah it's great with the precision they keep up in announcing the results. They are so!! on time they always announce a date and deliver the results exactly a month after that date. Can it get any greater than this. I was disappointed with their punctuality last time the one month tripled i got the results weeks before my next semester.

Formula for calculating result date:

Result date =1000 * (R.D+ 31 days or one month which ever is less) /1ooo

R.D = first rumoured date.

(BTW the mutiplied by 1000 and divide by 1000 is just a gimmick to make it more complicated)

Talking about the results of the semester i wrote this May they have not delivered yet, obviously considering MU standards. The other day i had an argument with one of my professors about this. Not like i do this once in a blue moon, i do this often. My professor was talking about discontinuing one college a…

atTagged!!!!!!! Again

Guys i am attagged again by Shankar. This time Its ABC of me, nothing big to say about me though. Of course my Friend has give certain rules for it . You see rules are meant to broken, i am rebel so broke a few so don't go mad Shankar :D 

These are the real rules

Link the person who tagged you.Post the rules on your blog.Share the ABCs of you.Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!

This how i doctored it to my wishes. 

Link the person who tagged youTamper the rules in your blogShare the ABC's in your blog Tag 3 people or tag a person and let him/her tag the pending for youKottify or pummel them to submission to take up this tag while you chatI will tag the same person you don't tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different p…

Solar Eclypso Calypso !

I will kick things of with a "Eclypso Calypso" of mine

"come on 'n ' come on 'n' in the East India come on 'n' party in the patna, ullalalala ulleyo la la la la la la leyo..........."

You can take a cue from "Eclypso Calypso" if you know something about the solar eclipse taking place. The world witnessed the longest ever solar eclipse in 105 years, if you miss it, you wont probably see it again. Of course there are millions of videos available in the web. Patna is the best place to see the eclipse in india is Patna.

OK let me brief you what a eclipse those who already know it take a small nap.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes in between the sun and the earth like Nandi and blocks the light makes it dark. However this happens only during new moon days and rarely a total eclipse is visible in India. It's totality phase usually lasts for 7 minutes.
alright wake up guys, this is what solar eclipse is. There is more to it when …

Mankey's 3 monkeys.

Guys i am back with one of my unclassifiable bullshits. This time i am handing over the reigns to Mankey. First take a look at this picture

These are the three mankeys oops monkeys which Gandhi mentioned.

The first monkey says " I hear no evil".
The second one says " I see no evil".
The third one says " I speak no evil".

Well not quite literally it doesn't know English or any human language. This brings us to the question do i know monkey language. No i don't, just interpretations.

The crazy idiot in me refuses to die down making fun these things. Here is what mankey says

" Crazy guys don't know what it actually says. I will tell youthe first monkey sees evil, speaks evil, but does not hear evil.the second monkey hears evil, speaks evil but doesn't see evil.the third monkey sees evil, hears evil but does not speak evil.Moral of the story don't do evil by all three means, concentrate one at a time.Follow this Mankeyji and not Gandhiji.&qu…


I have been atTagged by my friend Shankar to take up this 4 in 4 tag. Which is weird because my lucky number is 2, why not 2 in 2, whatever i am giving it a go. First of all i am no good at tagging or being tagged. This is because i have very little to say about myself. You know what the toughest thing to do is? it's talking about you, because it's damn difficult man.  Ok i will get into the difficult part, Tagging.

Four places I have lived :

ChennaiChennaiChennaiand Chennai
I have spent all my life in chennai, I have never lived even in nearby town, let alone leaving city.

Four T.V shows that I love(d) to watch :

To be honest i cant just name just four, i watch and love tons of shows on TV.  I will reluctantly name a four.
Man Vs WildJailed AbroadFriendsDragon Ball Z

Four places that I have been on vacation:

I don't anyone to laugh or make fun of me after you read this, the first one is an exception. the rest are insane.
KodaikanalPonamalle.( my grandma's house)Nerkundram ( my…

The tale of the missing Book.

Here i am back with a yet another Mad-ras University leelai as promised earlier. MU had taken madness and monopoly too new level altogether. This post of mine is a testimony to that. If there are things in this world which are hard to come by , this one will top the list. No the book is not a best seller novel not even sold in fact. It's my first year English poetry book. You get to ask every day and get a same reply " It's on its way will be back in a week".

One day me and my friend embarked on this journey to solve this mystery.  Finding this book is like finding dead sea is like running treadmill you can run for hours and still be in the same place. We chose not to go that far but to search in our locality.

Time:1st year of my college life 2007.
Place:Ranganathan street, Chennai.

Me: Dei i want buy the symphony book can you accompany me?

Frnd: Ok i want to buy it myself lets go.

Me: I don't think we will get this book here.

Frnd: Lets put the weight on GOD…

Living life King(s) size with Charm(s)

Wondering what this crazy guy is up to. Ok I dont want to run the risk of people running away from this page. Kings and Charms are cigarette brands in India. I guess that explains that this post is about smoking. I just played with the words to make it sound that way.    You  know its very creepy to see people whom you must have eaten cookies with as a child, puffin smoke with rings. Feeling, that the world has grown around me so drastically didn't sink in. I asked my dad " why are you smoking? which age did you start?" He answered " I started smoking when i was 20 and don't take me as an example, i am what you should not be".  Then there is my mom who says "promise me these two things, you should not drink or smoke". All these factors and my displeasure towards it is that's why I am Teetotaler. Ok I will stop this self-boasting and get to the point. #1. When you ask a smoker "why do you smoke?". The first answer is that "I fe…

My Memoirs.

I am feeling pretty nostalgic at this moment, the reason being a quiz I recent took on Facebook "How good is your memory?". No wonder that I got 92% memory. There was a certain question "Think of the oldest memory you had? how old were you?".

  I have a vivid imagination of this incident. All my relatives gathered around me and were asking me to repeat some words and what i had uttered was some gibberish, remotely close to what they had asked. People say that is bollocks because you dont have a memory at that age. It turns out that I do *wink wink*. That probably was the oldest memory i have of an incident. There are quite a few which i remember like yesterday. This one when i was 2.5 yrs and before I was eligible to join a school. I was playing with my animal toys, i accidentally stepped my foot on a tomato. I ran screaming my throat out to my grandma complaining that i was bleeding. That's one of the dumbest things i have ever asked. May be I had known about…