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Temple pain at the Temple town Kanchipuram.

Not very long ago i visited the Temple town 'kanchipuram' with my mom and dad. Let me make it clear to guys who are afraid this post is gonna describe the temples i visited and who are excited about the temples,  that this not gonna be like that. Visiting temples especially the grand ones, have never been my cup of tea or coffee or whatever. The main reason i travelled there was that i was too bored and wanted to eat out and take a look at the scenaries.

   You see, if i plan something some other thing happens, so i stay away from planning. In this case i didn't and paid the price. Coming back to the business if there was one, I noticed certain things during my visit which i will deal in the coming  paragraphs. You must have heard about the 3 golden rules of accounting, these are the 3 golden rules of Dagalting ( in Madras Tamil it is the act cheating derived from the word 'dacoit' )
Rule no 1: Show me the money Honey!
The first the thing i noticed was that a Templ…

Parties, Page 3 and bullshit

I recently read all three of the famous newspapers in the city. They are TOI, Indian Express and Deccan Chronicle. All three papers had one thing in common. No not the omnipresent Swine flu headlines in the front or Jaswant Singh's Jinukku chikkan Jinnah controversy. But one thing that is common almost everyday, is their add on page. To be precise the page dedicated to parties. I find that page completely annoying to the core.

I did some homework and came up with how to get together this page yourself. Here is a tutorial.

1. First if you are a Journo, all you need is a nice camera and an ID 

2. Bump into some party. That party need not have a celebrity.

3. If you have them, there is no harm. They are there for publicity so click them, you might get an interview from them someday.

4. Now comes the photos part. First is to take a pic of the DJ in the party. It is a must or else it will look like a headless body.

The pose of the DJ should be something like the above picture. No party page …

Awarding Time.

First of all i would like to thank Mitr-the friend and shankar for giving awards to me. Which i dont think deserve them. I would like to give the awards away to certain people here it goes


Srini.sowmiEAAjaiharySandyaMitr-the friendSayremAnupamaRimz

Srini.sowmiEAAjaiharySandyaMitr-the friendSayremAnupamaRimz

63 and still going strong.

August 15th marks the entry into 63rd year of our Independence. 62 yrs on we have progressed leaps and bounds far quicker than other democracies. I take only democratic and not monarch countries, just for the reason we enjoy freedom they can only dream of and still manage a decent enough growth rate. USA a democracy of 150 years and more, 176 to be precise, took lots of time to reach where it is now. I am leaving all the cynicism and parody behind atleast for this post.
Exactly on this day in 1947 we were under the Poms rule. Just a day before our neighbours Pakistan got their independence, after all the chaos which took prey of many innocent lives. A day after our independence Pondicherry which was under French rule celebrates its Independence day on Aug 16th. I would like to thank all the freedom fighter and especially Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or in short Gandhi Thatha aka Gandhi granps  and many other unsung heroes who lost their lives for us. I owe a lot to them not only me bu…

Part 2 - A train Journey from Mambalam to Meenambakkam

Guys, I am back with my second installment of "A train Journey from Mambalam
to Meenambakkam". I left with us entering Guindy aka the gateway of serendipity. The real fun starts from here.

St Thomas AKA Mount near oblivion.
Though the name suggest there is a mount you wont see anything like that any near. It seems to be so far you can hardly notice. The stretch from here to Pazhavanthangal is by far the most enjoyable part of the journey. 
For starters you have a vast bed of grass adjacent to the station. it resembles an once agricultural land with a huge well too. Now it serves the purpose of being a playground for area boys as they would like to call. A really wonderfull sight to watch. 
Main course is a vast area of water covered with vegetation nearby the  bridge. It is a mini- Vedanthangal here. You see lots of birds here. You can say I attend all five hours of my college to see this serene sight in the evening ;).
There is  a church which has been dilapidated. Before seeing…

A train Journey from Mambalam to Meenambakkam. Part 1

Off late i have been reading a few travel blogs, this is my honest attempt at writing a travelogue. Since you all know my idea of vacation is very dumb ;). So this what i've got for you "A train Journey from Mambalam to Meenambakkam." to my college.

Image courtesy :
When i visited the Mambalam station on the first day of my college, little did i know about trains, i got into the wrong train only to get back down. First few days were really interesting, watching the sights whizz past me. I prefer standing on the foot board that faces the opposite side of the platform, feeling the wind on my face. 

Vehicle Parking Stand aka Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu stand

My journey starts at Mambalam station where I park at a place which resembles the place where the Psycopaths bury their kills in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu (tamil movie), near that that creepy banyan. On rainy days the place becomes a swamp. Now you know why I don't want it to rain when I am on my way home. One t…

My Rendezvous with rain

It was Monday the first day of the week. As always I had Monday blues. Everything seemed to be going in the right way, until………….. it was about 5.30  in the evening. I was listening to the boring lectures waiting to get out. I never knew that what was a simple drizzle would become an incessant rain. I thought it was just another gimmick played by the rain and never knew there was a conspiracy going on to stalk me. I walked from my college to the railway station the drizzle followed me as soon as I entered the train it stopped. I started riding my Black Panther, drops of rain were falling on me. Then came my rendezvous with rain.
Me: Do u always plan to piss me off.
Rain: yes, of course.
Me:  Please stop dripping for a while 'chal chal'. I will get in and u do your job. deal ?
Rain: chalak chalak chal chal chal(Then what is the reason I am here for, my answer is no.)
Me: Look I am not in a mood to dance a solo song in rain; I am super bad at it. I am not ready to make a fool of myse…