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Midnight's call

This is my first attempt at writing a short story. I hope this one fits the bill because I have mixed feelings about it. Here it goes…..

   “ Time is now 11.00 AM” sounded the alarm. An arm just rose and hit on its head and went back to bed. “ Time now is 12.00 PM”, this time a leg kicked the clock out of its porch. “Time is now 1.00 pm”, a leg kicked, this time he was at the receiving end, drenched in water. “Now get up you lazy goose” his mom said. He reluctantly got up and went up grumbling, now to his laptop . “Welcome to Windows vista” it uttered. “Connecting to Local area network”….. “Loading…..” He started checking his mail and then updated his Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and every other social networking site in the World Wide Web. He was getting tired of resting and hit the bed to rest even more.

   2 years had passed since his graduation, yet there were no signs of him getting any job nor was he interested in one. His parents were worried about his atti…

Nammai Pol Oruvan ( some one like us)

I was sitting in front of my computer day dreaming of getting the tickets of Kamal and Mohan Lal starrer “Unnaipol Oruvam” ( someone like you), the remake of the Hindi movie “A Wednesday”. That’s when my dad blocked my vision showing a ticket to the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this one heck of a movie.The film deals with how a common man can really bring a city to a stand still. It picks up the issue of how to fight terrorism. The films Starts with Kamal Haasan a common man who plants bombs all round the city and call the Commissioner of Police enacted by Mohan Lal and negotiates with him to release terrorists to a location. Rest of the story revolves around what does he do with the terrorists and does he do what he actually wanted. The Dialogues in the movie are really sharp, inspiring and witty at places. the dialogue uttered by an ethical hacker, who comes to track Kamal’s location is one of the best . When Mohan Lal asks him whether he can work with this computer he says“ sir, t…

An Irksome Story told to a 7 yr old

My 7 yr old cousin Aarthi, Stayed back at our place a few days back. She wanted me to tell her a story. The freak’s grey matter was in search mode now.  It found a theme and built up on it. The result was the remix of Mahabharata, MAHABOREATHA.

    I started, “ There were two  Rap gangs” only to be  interrupted, “ what is a rap Venky?”. I replied in only the way i can, “ good question ;You say rhymes, don't you?  Eat a kozhukattai and say that very fast, that is rapping ” She gave a big grin

   I continued with my incessant crap talk . “The 2 rap gangs were Funky Five Pan Doves and Giant Gs. The Funky five were Top Dogg Dhamn, ARJ, Bheems, Nak and Sak. The GGs were many in number but notable were DJ Duri and his bro DJ Douche.  All of them honed their rapping skills at Deadly Drone’s Rap class. ARJ was the best of the lot.  

    It all was hunky dory until Big Daddy D composed a Dapaang Kuthu ( A style of folk music in Tamil Nadu). The advisor of Daddy D was Big Poppa B-ees…

My First Shot at 55 fiction

Peops this is my first shot at 55 fiction and a nice chance to take a pot shot at me.

First of all what is 55 fiction ? After reading quite a few 55 fiction posts, i can safely say they are thoughts which may be fictional or real, expressed within a word limit of 55 . 
The above  paragraph is mandatory because your reader will be lost in thoughts  “what is 55 fiction?” . They might think this is some ghost story and run away. If you don’t write this then you will be poked in the eyes by God in your sleep.

I don't know whether what i have presented falls in such genre or is just a gag, anyways here it is.

The TaLe Of ThE  2 BrAtS:

ABC Payer… cash payer:Quick gimme 2 of that for killing them as i told you yesterday. 
XYZ Nair: bury them carefully, it’s dangerous. Here, take this cocktail of chemicals along with that. I can guarantee  this will work its magic on them.
Next day………
ABC Payer: At last i got those brats. R.I.P ( Rats in Pieces)

NOTE: Catching rats using tea stall Masala…

Small Bada - Mission Vada Pav !!

....... A few weeks back...... My friend Hari went to one shop and asked for Vada pav. You know what he got. A huge pav with a Masala Vadai in it, that's what you call cross cultural bonding . Vada pav has now become, Ada paavame ! ( distress call)
....... A few days back.......we were watching the gangsters eating vada pav in "Kaminey", which made our stomach growl. We took an oath to eat vada pav , where else other than the north Indian haven of Chennai, Soucarpet. Mission name:Small Bada Mission Vada pav. Starting Point :Ashok Nagar Destination point:SoucarpetStart time :5.30 pm End time :8.30 pm Day eatmarked :Saturday Status :Mission in progress- empty stomach and drooling mouth
A small introduction to who seem like caricatures but are characters:

Hari : The guy who can put mokkai ( blunt jokes ) that even a blade doesn't stand a chance . He thinks so differently from others. He says " The one who speaks without any connection is hari" . He also has his…

Remains after the ashes ;) how ironical.

It's been a while since i wrote anything about cricket. I think this would be the right time to end my exile from posting about it. I am writing this like a phoenix out of the Ashes rather after the ashes  :)  .Yep the Ashes was done dusted literally few weeks back. I know i am pretty late, but better late than never. Even if i post late i will post the latest  :)
   The Summer Ashes ended with England taking back the ashes of its cricket after bashing the Aussies 2-1. They are now the proud owner of the urn at least till next years winter Ashes down under.

Here is a sum up of the some events and players this series.
Broad Shoulders :The most noticeable one is Stuart Broad. Many remember him for the six sixes, in ashes he picked up six wickets in an innings and scored fifties. Time really turns the tables doesn't it ?
Trott-a-thon : Jonathan Trott trotted his way to his century on his Debut. A great find for English cricket, though it is very early to say so.
De-straussed :Stra…