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Commenting on the Commentaries

It’s been 3 weeks since i last blogged the reason being exams, fever, block and boredom and that seems to be a thing of past now. Now people will see me regularly in other blogs and my blog as well. No welcome back comments please

   I’ve been watching Test cricket between India and Sri Lanka for the past few days on Neo Cricket. The cricket commentary, I should say is really below par. To be honest the Sri Lankan commentary team is horrible. The coverage isn’t all that interesting either. RK was very disappointing; over stressing every time he ends a sentence. It is irritating and fake. I will quote a few examples here of some shoddy commentary.

Russell Arnold on Thilan Samarweera
“He ees a very good player. He starts off very slow and scores slow. He ees not afraid to play his strokes”
Come Russell what are you saying, this is verbal diahorrea. Just because you are a Sri Laankan you need not speak highly of every Sri Laankan player. what you are saying is equivalent to saying Ladoo …