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This is howie do it!!

Hey guys I am Dubakoor Guru, yet another Incarnation of Venky like Venkey and Mankey . My main aim is to enlighten you guys how to do things.I am back once again with a “This is howie do it” guide. Last time I enlightened you guys about How to put together a Page 3 page. If you aren’t enlightened as yet, enlighten yourself by reading that once againhereOk! Now back to business, this time i am gonna teach you how to put together a promo song for Bollywood. Yep, you heard that right. I’ll leave a sample at the end of the post too. Now everything has been given in points for your purpose.1. Nowadays the opening songs are of hip hop genre, make sure it is of that kind.2. Dont get local artists to perform in that video.Instead  get Sardars from London to rap. Like in this video3. Now let us come to lyrics part. Most of the films like these, deal with money and how money is king and stuff like that. They enlighten you about the reality and ideality. So make sure your lyrics contain them.4. …

All in a day’s work

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Disclaimer which actually claims something: The characters in this post exist only in this freak’s think tank if you find them in any water tank or temple tank or your Fishville tank or another place for that matter would like to meet them

“Your time is up; my time is now now; U can’t see me; my time is now” *alarm rings*
My world was awake but i was half asleep. I asked with my mouth which smelled closely to a concoction of rotten egg and onion, still dreaming about my job “ One coffee assistant”. “The guts you have, Keshu your time is really up and John Cena ain’t going to save you” As I heard my mom sound the warning bell I rushed to the bathroom; downloaded everything I uploaded last night (you must know what i mean) and rendered the bacteria homeless by showerin…