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2010 – Tattanked!

Its been a really long time since I blogged, that's mainly because of me being sandwiched between 12 hr classes for a month now! Out of the blue my second session for the last day of the 2010 has been cancelled and I am writing this post. Being back home at the stroke of 1 seems a luxury!

  Same time last year, I was pondering the fact whether 2010 would be a good year because ‘even years’ have never been great for me. But 2010 has just turned my world upside down, probably the most successful year of my life ever. Considering that I was such a success deprived person for almost 3/4th of my life it's quite overwhelming for me. I did things, which I've not even dreamed that I would do. 2010 has been a year of many firsts in my life.

  1. First proficiency prize
  2. First graduation
  3. First Tweet
  4. First blogger meet
  5. Meeting my blog friends, in person and further strengthening the bond
  6. First #perkytweet win
  7. First time, getting selected in bloggadda’…

Did you smell what “The Venk” was cooking @ ECR?

Yesterday me and my friend “machi” left for the Sai Baba temple at the ECR. As usual i managed to crap up something and have fun. Since the temple opened only at 4pm and there was a solid 30 mins, we found refuge in a beach near VGP at the ECR. I was searching the place for something interesting to do, what I call “podcast” and what others may call “crapcast” The Beach basically contained garbage, rotten wood, tonic bottle ( i wonder what they did with them :-O), Liquor bottles of all shapes and sizes from 1/4 to full and one of the pair of slippers/shoes. What in the blue hell is wrong with people throwing just one slipper/shoes.Here’s me trying doing a Bear Grylls after find growth of flowers on one such bottle.And then “machi” spotted a crab! I was shouting like one those wildlife enthusiast, which was similar to that of seeing aliens. Suddenly “The Venk” enters and asks what he was cooking. Damn! I even “gommalla”ed the crab. hahahaAnd here is an octopus shell, if it has one. You …

Raja Paarvai and Kamal–Ilaiyaraja combo

The unlimited access to the internet has ensured that i have round the clock access to all kamal Haasan’s work i haven't seen and also to YouTube videos too. The more I see the man’s work, the more is the respect i get for him. Sometime back i bumped into this song, “Azhage Azhagu” from Raaja Paaravai. I really wanted to watch the film because i have heard a lot about it from my father. I was really shocked at the kind of vision the producer, Kamal and the director, Singeetham Srinivasa Rao had as early as 1981 when running around trees and singing duet were the norm, truly a "Royal vision" as the title suggests . Not to mention the same guy directed Pushpak aka Pesum Padam starring kamal, which was also way ahead of its time. The film contains no dialogue and is mime based.

   It is a love story between a budding writer (Madhavi) and a blind violinist (kamal) The film is devoid of any unwanted songs and very natural. This could have been easily a sob story with the …

The Other door

Before I start, let me say that is not going to be one those whacky posts i usually come up with. It’s a long post of things i really wanted to convey for a long time, perhaps this might ease out my mood swings. I know it’s been quite a long time since I blogged in this place. That is purely because i have simply lost any motivation to write here because there’s not an awful lot of people waiting to read. And the souls who do read already know in first hand, what i am going to write.The Deepavali weekend that went by was pretty good. I’ve been in Chennai ever since I was born and i didnt even visit St Thomas mount once. So prior to deepavali on Thursday we visited the place in the evening. We had quite a blast watching the night sky being decorated by the infinite number of fireworks, I never knew people here had so much money. Such a marvelous place is this St Thomas mount. It’s very peaceful and close with nature! We also decided the comeback there the morning, post deepavali.Deep…

Gopiyaan fans Hai – The haun song

Most of you know that I hang out a lot at the “Motta Motta maadi” which basically, is the roof of a lift room and the topmost point of my friends flat. We were chatting random shit and making fun of each other. Hari, one of friends took off as usual to speak with his "friends" who are "girls" in conference mode. Exactly when he left, another friend of mine Ravi said “Otha ore Gopiyaan Fans hai..Wait! we can sing the same when he comes back and own him" I bumped in and said “Machi Why dont we record it” and we all started singing “Gopiyaan fans hai” in chorus and then i gave “Haun” touch at the end. And the haun song was born.

I just didn’t want to stop there. Hence i cooked up some more versions of the same song, same tune but yet different like Himmesh’s remixes. Each version last just 10 seconds. The remixes include Robot version, Alien version, Baby or some mouse version, Chest beating formula mug up version, chorus football stadium yelling version, Ghos…

Yee Nivvor Knaa

There is not a more imbalanced town in all of the UK than the town of Alston, when it comes to Men:women ratio. Perhaps its half namesake 'Bere Alston' might stake claim of it. Together they have the most imbalanced Men:Women ratio (17:1) Women are rare commodity at Alston. Even the lads at the town wanted to address this issue and they set up a website appealing for the regeneration of the society at Alston. Vincent Pearle was one among them.

"Hey Vinnie isn't time for yer work at the market" his dad, Tim pearle shouted at him.

"Aye dad! yee mind yer own, I knaa" said an annoyed Vinnie. Who left the place as his mam was yelling " Hey pet! Take yer breakfast pet!"

Tim was very worried about Vinnie, as he was growing restless and lonely day by day "Look how wor laddie is taakin". It has been a long time since they had a father and son time.

   Vinnie was working as an accountant in one of the metal shops in the market. Af…

Pwndaworse meet and Why i am a comedy piece

I know it’s quite late to write a post about it. But better late than never. Not that i am too busy but too lazy to post early. One perfect Saturday evening while I, Vignesh and Keerthi were group chatting on yahoo about our group blog “Punch Pwdaworse” (Do Follow it! I write there too) et al. Suddenly our idea mani Vignesh suggested that we would meet up and talk trash. I used it to my advantage and fixed up the meeting at Kalima Hotel, which serves Vada Pav, on Sunday the 19th. One stone two mangoes!

   The day arrived and so did Vignesh at Ashok pillar only to face my ire. I texted him to get to the Ashok Pillar and this bugger replied “You mean Pillaiyar? No pillaiyar around” Seriously hopeless , it took him some gazing around to actually grasp what i meant. Voila! we met but we had to go to Vadapalani to meet up with keerthi and then got Kalima.

    Now it was my time to play the fool that I always was. We were standing apposite to a Shiva Temple in Vadapalani. Apparently …

The Banana Joke’s accounting interpretation!

All of us, Tams would know about the epic Goundamani and Sendhil Banana joke. Here is an journalised interpretation of the the comedy or an attempt at it. Before we move into the accountancy part let us first see the comedy once again.

And thus, Goundamani despite repeated attempts to find the “other banana” gave up and wrote off the missing banana/Rs1 as bad debts/Gandhi kanakku. Sendhil though still maintains he has no liability towards Gounder because that banana was the other Banana. But after some investigating and auditing one can find out
            Banana a/c  dr                                                                                     Rs 1
               To Commission recieved                                                                                          50p
               To Goundamani a/c                                                                                                  50p
(Being the other banana given to gounder

Return – Blog-a-ton-14

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14; the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. One can comprehend a number of meanings from the word RETURN. Let us see how different people comprehend RETURN differently Makkus Return:Amit: Abeyaar! We should file a case on Microsoft yaarMani: why Machaan?Amit: They say press the return key yaar iss me return key nahi hai yaarMani: Yes Machaan! There is only Enter key da! Cheaters!Tradosphere Return:Entrepreneur: I want to increase my “Returns On Investment”, decrease the “sales returns” so that my profit will increase. I dont care about the purchases returns though.Auditor: You better file your “Income Tax Returns” or else i have to file a penalty for you!Wannabistan Return:Amit Johnson: Mate! I cant return to India. Manische: Yup! crappy roads, crappy politician and crappy everythingBigBadAussie: “Aussie! …

From “Sober "Satyavati” To “Morose Machaan”

This post is not part of the Sleepy Sunday contest –II by “We Blog” because the author was subject to mind extraction and someone planted an idea now, using inception technique. Hence he is posting this unclassifiable bullshit now

The contest was a 300 words Interpretation of a picture. Take look at this tears/love failure feeling inducing downright sober picture.

Most of posts I read were basically poems. There were some good ones with rhyming words. Poems and I dont go together. Rhyme for me is very important so that i can recite it like a rap. To sum it all up, the whole mood of almost all the posts were so sober, even a take it easy, lunatic, tea totaling and happy go lucky guy like me wanting to have a spliff, a large ( mixing water and side dish included) and to grow beard.
Just to spice up my mood and few others i gave the picture some twist and made it morose, hell yeah!

If you notice carefully, you can notice the Indian flavor of this rockstar. Yes you guessed it rig…

A hard look at ourselves

In the world we live in, it is very easy to be cynical and rubbish everything. Before we start questioning the politicians or the government we should take a hard look at ourselves.A person is walking on the road. Why? Because the platforms are encroached by shopkeepers. He goes, buys Paan and some groceries and the shopkeeper gives no bill. The person chews paan and where does he spit? On the ground. He walks down a street and suddenly due to the over consumption of water, he wants to pee. He chooses a corner and sees whether there are any God pictures painted there and pees. Since nowadays people become atheists for no valid reason other than the cool quotient and ability to pee anywhere, even on the Gods. He then goes to the Parking lot where he parks his vehicle. He gets to the vehicle after jumping over the stagnant water and slush left over by the rains. He gives his token and what does the token guy do?  He tears the token, throws it and that money isn't accounted. He start…

Kalmadeception – CWG

Krishashok recently created a meme Kalmadecption, a remix of Inception and Kalmadi’s folly. Here are my 3 contributions to the meme with template Courtesy - @Krishashok1. The Bearby faced ASS²in2. Kalmadeception – Goundamani edition 3. New “Lease” of lifeI hope you enjoyed it

‘Paul’um Pazhamum. What the Octofcuk is this?

The world can be divided into people who know Paul the psychic Octopus and people who dont, after the Football World Cup ended. Paul recently even got a honorary Spanish citizenship. I caught with Paul and asked a few questions which are in tune with the very existence of this world.

Question no:1

What’s more important to the existence of the world rather than my Chartered Accountancy course? So I asked Paul whether I would get through CA or end up stealing double CA’s i.e CACA’s (crow)  ammavasai (no moon day) offering.

He answered “Only the cold days” How inappropriate was that?

Question no:2
I got worked up when Paul answered it like an ass, that is my birth right! I even thought of becoming a non-vegetarian! I asked  if we would chop his tentacles and make a soup of it, will it be called Octokaal soup? (kaal in Tamil means foot)

Once again the answer was “Only the cold days”. Okay this is getting really annoying but he does have a point. We have soup usually when the weathe…

Yet another Tag due to lag or lack of thinking

Avada Kedavra tagged me and here are the 10 to 1 answers from my side. I promised myself to act like an ass throughout this tag. BEWARE!Ten how’s:1. How did you get one of your scars?A: I was playing with a toy car which sparks fire at the back. An ordinary kid would play with and leave it, not me. I broke the car took the part which emits the spark and started playing with it. It fell near the wheel motor near the well. Me pretending to be Superman and not tall enough to switch the motor off, tried to stop it with my iron hands. Zoom a spin i couldn't stop it. This is how my finger look now2. How did you celebrate your last birthday?A: I have stopped celebrating them3. How are you feeling at this moment?A: Annoyed4. How did your night go last night?A: Sleepless, searching for random blogger profiles5. How did you do in high school?A: Promise! I didnt do anyone at school 6. How did you get the shirt you’re wearing?A: I did tapas and got this T-shirt. 7. How often do you see your b…

Comedy cops

Comedy cops Entrance music:You must have seen Comedy Cops doing comedy here, if you haven't see it. One fine day when we were sitting on the top of the Motta Motta Maadi we had an enlightenment.We thought if XYZ can make noise in the name of music, so can we. And this is the result of that. Our First assignment is to compose the Entrance music for Comedy cops, a short film which has shelved due to the request director Shankar so that he can release Rajini starrer “Eindhiran”
Comedy Cop- 1 -  Venky aka Comedy piece
Comedy Cop-2  -  Ashwath Athreya aka comedy time
Stone Drums    -   Ravi Shankar aka Vaangikko Shankar
Say trr trr        -   Hari Haran aka Mokkai Putter
Recording        -   Venkat Unbeaten aka Machi -the unparallel jai Comedy Cops- Entra...Disclaimer: We are not responsible for your temporary or permanent deafness

Wish – Blog-a-ton- 12

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 12; the twelfth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. A wish can be interpreted in two ways or may be even more. One way is wishing for stuff both tangible and intangible. If I start writing about these wishes, it wouldn’t end for eternity. So I am not going into all of this. The other one is wishing others. This may be a “Good morning” tweet or a “Good Night” tweet which gets endlessly tweeted and retweeted or wishing someone else at college or at work place.But “wishing” has taken a new level with “Politicians” and “Film stars” Let us take an example of a politician.This wish is for Mr S. Ramadoss the above wish is loosely translated into English as“O bright light of the Thamizh race (also rays ) Please come! Please come!”After the highness himself, it’s the rising son Mr Anbumani Ramadoss. Oops was I politically i…