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New features in Blogger

I owe a lot to blogger for my return to blogging. I always preferred Blogger to other blogging platforms. It was so capitulating for me that I could connect to people I would never even think of connecting otherwise when I started blogging. But off late I was losing that passion. I didn't blog for a whole month. The last time I didn't blog for a month was never.   On one fine day I visited by ‘Blogger Dashboard’ to take a look at what my fellow bloggers have published. I then clicked the layout section to add a ‘twitter widget’ because that was in which, I was very active. I saw something called “Template designer”. I clicked the link and I was totally awed by it. Customizing my blog template according to my whims and fancies was a dream and have a glossy look and a transparent template was one of them.   I started exploring each and every option it had. I started the editing from about 9 in the morning and ended up editing till 5 in the evening. My fingers were very itchy…

Indiblogger Meet @ Chennai March 20th 2010

A few weeks back I got email from Indiblogger saying that I was invited to a blogger meet in Chennai on 20th march 2010. I didn't hesitate a bit to get myself registered for it. I was very eager about it  Around 2 pm on 20th march I boarded 12G from my place at Ashok Nagar to reach GRT Convention Centre . It was one of those rare occasions when I arrived on time. There was queue standing in front of me, like many i didn't know purpose of the queue, which was actually for verifying my presence in the meeting.  I looked around the place for some familiar faces, sadly i found none. I managed to make friends with people sitting around me, which was a great surprise, because I suck at starting a conversation. The host of meet Renie Ravin kicked off the meeting with a video on Hitler kicking his personnel's ass to attend the Blogger meet.   Then came “30 seconds of Fame” I was not knew to this concept because i used to watch “15 seconds of Fame” on cartoon network . It was re…

Is Time Travel possible?

For Ages the term “Time Travel” has excited the Sci-fi film makers. All I want to say is that i am staying away from all that. What I am going to do is put down in writing, what I infer from time and the mystery of time travel
    Ok let us hang back and take a look at what is time travel all about. Time travel basically means travelling through time. For starters all of us are time travelers. I am travelling through time as i am writing this post and so are you while reading this. In a sense we all are time travelers
   What we actually mean by time travel is the act of us going back and forth in time with freewill like we move forwards, backwards, sidewards, upwards and downwards. The problem is we are 3 dimensional beings and Time forms the 4th dimension in our universe along with 3 space dimensions. Our movement is restricted to 3 dimensions hence our inability travel time back and forth.
  According to Einstein if an object can travel at the speed of light it can surpass time…

Looking back @ 365 days- 52 weeks- 12 months- 1 year that went by

It’s been a while since i wrote something in here or let me put it this way; it’s been a while since my think tank cooked up anything. Without noticing, a year has passed since i started blogging. I have come a full circle from zero back to zero. The place looks deserted as it was a year ago and i am once again thinking of reinventing myself - Venky 3.0It was a certain February I started off writing about cricket. I found no takers for it. What is the use if you write something people dont want? People might argue that one should write for his own pleasure. Then buddy blogging is not is not your platform you write the same in private place why the hell do you choose blogging and ponder no one visits. I found this out quite early which actually helped me.I switched to genre which i always had in me, subtly taking pot shots - Venky 2.0. I brought out the cheeky guy hidden inside me. I started my new journey with IPL’s dubious DLF maximums and strategy breaks. Then i never turned back. …