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From “Sober "Satyavati” To “Morose Machaan”

This post is not part of the Sleepy Sunday contest –II by “We Blog” because the author was subject to mind extraction and someone planted an idea now, using inception technique. Hence he is posting this unclassifiable bullshit now

The contest was a 300 words Interpretation of a picture. Take look at this tears/love failure feeling inducing downright sober picture.

Most of posts I read were basically poems. There were some good ones with rhyming words. Poems and I dont go together. Rhyme for me is very important so that i can recite it like a rap. To sum it all up, the whole mood of almost all the posts were so sober, even a take it easy, lunatic, tea totaling and happy go lucky guy like me wanting to have a spliff, a large ( mixing water and side dish included) and to grow beard.
Just to spice up my mood and few others i gave the picture some twist and made it morose, hell yeah!

If you notice carefully, you can notice the Indian flavor of this rockstar. Yes you guessed it rig…

A hard look at ourselves

In the world we live in, it is very easy to be cynical and rubbish everything. Before we start questioning the politicians or the government we should take a hard look at ourselves.A person is walking on the road. Why? Because the platforms are encroached by shopkeepers. He goes, buys Paan and some groceries and the shopkeeper gives no bill. The person chews paan and where does he spit? On the ground. He walks down a street and suddenly due to the over consumption of water, he wants to pee. He chooses a corner and sees whether there are any God pictures painted there and pees. Since nowadays people become atheists for no valid reason other than the cool quotient and ability to pee anywhere, even on the Gods. He then goes to the Parking lot where he parks his vehicle. He gets to the vehicle after jumping over the stagnant water and slush left over by the rains. He gives his token and what does the token guy do?  He tears the token, throws it and that money isn't accounted. He start…

Kalmadeception – CWG

Krishashok recently created a meme Kalmadecption, a remix of Inception and Kalmadi’s folly. Here are my 3 contributions to the meme with template Courtesy - @Krishashok1. The Bearby faced ASS²in2. Kalmadeception – Goundamani edition 3. New “Lease” of lifeI hope you enjoyed it