Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pwndaworse meet and Why i am a comedy piece

10 blesses 'n' curses
   I know it’s quite late to write a post about it. But better late than never. Not that i am too busy but too lazy to post early. One perfect Saturday evening while I, Vignesh and Keerthi were group chatting on yahoo about our group blog “Punch Pwdaworse” (Do Follow it! I write there too) et al. Suddenly our idea mani Vignesh suggested that we would meet up and talk trash. I used it to my advantage and fixed up the meeting at Kalima Hotel, which serves Vada Pav, on Sunday the 19th. One stone two mangoes!

   The day arrived and so did Vignesh at Ashok pillar only to face my ire. I texted him to get to the Ashok Pillar and this bugger replied “You mean Pillaiyar? No pillaiyar around” Seriously hopeless at wits' end, it took him some gazing around to actually grasp what i meant. Voila! we met but we had to go to Vadapalani to meet up with keerthi and then got Kalima.

    Now it was my time to play the fool that I always was. We were standing apposite to a Shiva Temple in Vadapalani. Apparently I was of the opinion that any temple as big as that must be Vadapalani Murugan Temple, after all Murugan is Shiva's son no? I dont know Just as expected she ended up at the other temple. After all the chaos and confusion we met. 

   We were then off to Kalima Hotel. We sat and placed the order “2 plate paani pooris and 1 vada pav(me)” I was thinking “Pani Poori! even here d'oh. Tasteless fellows!”. My Vada pav arrived a bit later than the pani pooris for obvious reasons. These two didnt even eat the the whole of the pani pooris and they went on to order two vada pavs! This Keerthi is quite different you see. Let us now spin a cycle or whatever thing that satisfies the requirement of a circle and get to the flashback hypnotized. A year ago if you had took her to a ThalappaKatti Joint or Velu Military hotel she would kattify a full kattu i mean food filled till neck! But now she’s a vegan. Holy cow! she doesnt consume even dairy items. Now thats the cue. The vada pav was so full of butter and she refused to eat it. I had to eat that vada pav, anything that is not meat is vegetarian for me! I wonder what would she be asking for; like a friend of mine who goes by the nickname Kong “I want vegetable rice without vegetables” Likewise “I want Panneer Butter Masala without Panneer and Butter Smug” But she settled for onion Bajjis.

   I know I am very Saarp and a superman who wears pants over my undies star, but still I am busy you see, I cant save people all the time! Not talking See this I say! I have proof! They want me to save them!

   Thank God! WhewI didnt order saMoocha Channa. I think they got frustrated with Keerthi not eating their Vada Pav and edited “Veg Bonda” to “VEG PO DA” I know one guy who would be Plahaha-ing after seeing this “Chelli Bajji” our very own bhajji! Harbhajan Singh Plaha

   Like Kalima wasn’t enough, after plotting the budget we went to Marry Brown for some beverages. They were telecasting Guyana Vs Lions match there and what would you expect from me but for outrage and ranting on seeing the Guyanese play. Two ice teas, 1 milk shake, some ringtone exchanging and some banter later, we left Marry Brown. That was after the Watchman gave a look that meant “Please leave before i do it for you Time out

   From there walked the bus stop and with that continued some more banter till the bus arrived. Keerthi left at vadapalani and we both took a bus from vadapalani. What would you expect two nerd wearing a white string across their body to talk about while travelling? G-string? Nay! Just String Theory and some psychology Nerd.

   What happened was I once again I proved that i was a pucca comedy piece. I didnt even realise that i had travelled almost 3 kms past the stop which i had to get down, despite the conductor warning me. Another flashback while we were waiting at the Bus stop hypnotized, Vignesh “I once got down three stops before my college and had to walk from there Dont tell anyone Me “Haha such a loser!Smug”. What an ass i was! what a pwnage! I ended up doing a “Ross Geller” type comedy.

Then I walked back home tired. My mom asked “You told that you’d be by 6.30”

Me: Yeah! There was no bus and we were talking for a long time.

Mom: With Whom?

Me: Me and my blog friends! Vignesh and Keerthi

Mom: Surprise You have friendship with girls and you didnt tell me!

Me: What the….Angry You never asked!

   With a feeling of disbelief she said “Ennamo po! I dont know what you people talk!Rolling Eyes  I got damn irritated. God has given us, human beings one power “The power to ignore” Not listening I stormed to my already planned “motta motta madi meet” with my friends. I vented all my frustration with them. End of the day two things are sure. I had blast, meeting Vignesh and Keerthi; I am 100% sure that I am a comedy piece and comedy cop, some people live in Stone age and there is no place like “Motta Motta Maadi” Period! oh go on

P.S If you haven't read my First post @ Pwndaworse “(no) Parking In Front Of The Gate Syndrome” Do read it here

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Banana Joke’s accounting interpretation!

All of us, Tams would know about the epic Goundamani and Sendhil Banana joke. Here is an journalised interpretation of the the comedy or an attempt at it. Before we move into the accountancy part let us first see the comedy once again.

Banana Joke Accounted_thumb[5]

And thus, Goundamani despite repeated attempts to find the “other banana” gave up and wrote off the missing banana/Rs1 as bad debts/Gandhi kanakku. Sendhil though still maintains he has no liability towards Gounder because that banana was the other Banana. But after some investigating and auditing one can find out
            Banana a/c  dr                                                                                     Rs 1
               To Commission recieved                                                                                          50p
               To Goundamani a/c                                                                                                  50p
           (Being the other banana given to gounder
             and the other swallowed as commission)
Okay thanks for stopping and withstanding this geeky blade

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Return – Blog-a-ton-14

27 blesses 'n' curses
This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14; the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

One can comprehend a number of meanings from the word RETURN. Let us see how different people comprehend RETURN differently


Makkus Return:

Amit: Abeyaar! We should file a case on Microsoft yaar

Mani: why Machaan?

Amit: They say press the return key yaar iss me return key nahi hai yaar

Mani: Yes Machaan! There is only Enter key da! Cheaters!


Tradosphere Return:

Entrepreneur: I want to increase my “Returns On Investment”, decrease the “sales returns” so that my profit will increase. I dont care about the purchases returns though.

Auditor: You better file your “Income Tax Returns” or else i have to file a penalty for you!


Wannabistan Return:

Amit Johnson: Mate! I cant return to India.

Manische: Yup! crappy roads, crappy politician and crappy everything

BigBadAussie: “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!” Look who has returned to our neighborhood, 2 wannabes .


Blogosphere Return:

Blogger1: Hey! Great blog and great post. Can you visit mine in return and give your thoughts

Blogger2: Thank you much. Yeah for sure.

Blogger 2: Great post, nice post and good one.

Blogger1: So nice of you thanks for the visit


Twiterverse Return:

IamABC: @BeingBBC #nowfollowing you

BeingBBC: Following back in return :-) RT @IamABC: @BeingBBC #nowfollowing you


Aham Return:

Wife: Here, have some “Mysore pa” that i made.

Husband: Wow thank you so much!

Wife: hey ! what are doing?

Husband: The nail had loosened a bit and i was searching for hammer and your Mysore pa came to the rescue. I wish I could return to those days when my mom used to cook!


Facebook Return:

FB to Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon suggested you to like “Dont tickle the dragon” –  Like

FB to Hidden Dragon:  "Crouching tiger suggested you to like “The Real King of the Jungle” – Like


Deemed University Return:

Owner: One seat = RS 50 x 10000

Student: Here I have  Rs 1000 x 500

Owner: Application rejected! I want only Rs 50 x 10000 nothing less!

Student: Striaght Face Clearly he doesnt no calculation.


Student kammbinati return:

Former Student1: Machan In college we teased life da

Former Student2: Today we are being teased by it

Former Student1: I want to return back to college so badly

Former Student3: Why wont it?  You were more interested in the Tea shop gyan!


Spot Fix Return:

Fixer: I will give you 5000 pounds return the favor

Player: Dont worry we have “no balls”


Many Mor Happy Return:

Farmer to Cow: Many  Mor, curd, ghee, butter, milk returns of the day

Cow: Maa Maa (what would expect a cow to say?)

(Note: Mor in Tamil means Buttermilk hence the wish)


There may be many Laws of Returns but this the “Most Important Return”:

Go! Enough of wasting your time on this crap. RETURN to your work Laughing Dont tell anyone

Before that I urge all the readers who survived till now, to give your valuable brickbats or to click your desired option below the post if you are too lazy to comment.


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