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Gopiyaan fans Hai – The haun song

Most of you know that I hang out a lot at the “Motta Motta maadi” which basically, is the roof of a lift room and the topmost point of my friends flat. We were chatting random shit and making fun of each other. Hari, one of friends took off as usual to speak with his "friends" who are "girls" in conference mode. Exactly when he left, another friend of mine Ravi said “Otha ore Gopiyaan Fans hai..Wait! we can sing the same when he comes back and own him" I bumped in and said “Machi Why dont we record it” and we all started singing “Gopiyaan fans hai” in chorus and then i gave “Haun” touch at the end. And the haun song was born.

I just didn’t want to stop there. Hence i cooked up some more versions of the same song, same tune but yet different like Himmesh’s remixes. Each version last just 10 seconds. The remixes include Robot version, Alien version, Baby or some mouse version, Chest beating formula mug up version, chorus football stadium yelling version, Ghos…

Yee Nivvor Knaa

There is not a more imbalanced town in all of the UK than the town of Alston, when it comes to Men:women ratio. Perhaps its half namesake 'Bere Alston' might stake claim of it. Together they have the most imbalanced Men:Women ratio (17:1) Women are rare commodity at Alston. Even the lads at the town wanted to address this issue and they set up a website appealing for the regeneration of the society at Alston. Vincent Pearle was one among them.

"Hey Vinnie isn't time for yer work at the market" his dad, Tim pearle shouted at him.

"Aye dad! yee mind yer own, I knaa" said an annoyed Vinnie. Who left the place as his mam was yelling " Hey pet! Take yer breakfast pet!"

Tim was very worried about Vinnie, as he was growing restless and lonely day by day "Look how wor laddie is taakin". It has been a long time since they had a father and son time.

   Vinnie was working as an accountant in one of the metal shops in the market. Af…