Sunday, November 28, 2010

Did you smell what “The Venk” was cooking @ ECR?

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Yesterday me and my friend “machi” left for the Sai Baba temple at the ECR. As usual i managed to crap up something and have fun. Since the temple opened only at 4pm and there was a solid 30 mins, we found refuge in a beach near VGP at the ECR. I was searching the place for something interesting to do, what I call “podcast” and what others may call “crapcast” The Beach basically contained garbage, rotten wood, tonic bottle ( i wonder what they did with them :-O), Liquor bottles of all shapes and sizes from 1/4 to full and one of the pair of slippers/shoes. What in the blue hell is wrong with people throwing just one slipper/shoes.

Here’s me trying doing a Bear Grylls after find growth of flowers on one such bottle.

And then “machi” spotted a crab! I was shouting like one those wildlife enthusiast, which was similar to that of seeing aliens. Suddenly “The Venk” enters and asks what he was cooking. Damn! I even “gommalla”ed the crab. hahaha


And here is an octopus shell, if it has one. You can also see the waves inching to touch the feet of “The Great One” :-))\

This was what i could manage in 30 minutes. You know what the money we planned on eating out was spent paying fine to the Police for driving without Helmet. What was really surprising was that the Cops actually gave a receipt for the spot fine of Rs50. Our Country is improving :-)

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Raja Paarvai and Kamal–Ilaiyaraja combo

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   The unlimited access to the internet has ensured that i have round the clock access to all kamal Haasan’s work i haven't seen and also to YouTube videos too. The more I see the man’s work, the more is the respect i get for him. Sometime back i bumped into this song, “Azhage Azhagu” from Raaja Paaravai. I really wanted to watch the film because i have heard a lot about it from my father. I was really shocked at the kind of vision the producer, Kamal and the director, Singeetham Srinivasa Rao had as early as 1981 when running around trees and singing duet were the norm, truly a "Royal vision" as the title suggests . Not to mention the same guy directed Pushpak aka Pesum Padam starring kamal, which was also way ahead of its time. The film contains no dialogue and is mime based.

   It is a love story between a budding writer (Madhavi) and a blind violinist (kamal) The film is devoid of any unwanted songs and very natural. This could have been easily a sob story with the sympathy angle but not, thank goodness. The Entire cast of the movie needs to be congratulated for putting such a quality performance unheard of 30 years back! The camera work is also very novel. If you are one those people who haven't seen this movie, watch it and be amazed by the brilliance which was shown 30 yrs back.
Lets go into the second limb of the post, Kamal- Raja combo. To be honest I’ve started listening to Ilaiyaraja only lately and have unearthed a few gems. Out of those gems, for me the kamal-Raja combo songs stand apart. Let me list a few songs which I love here.

Azhage Azhagu – Raaja Paarvai - Yesudas : I love this song a lot, especially the way it is enacted with subtle touches. The song is about a blind guy describing the features of his lover by feeling her through his senses. There is so much kavithuvam in the lyrics, no wonder it was written by Kaviarsu himself. The only other song in this film,  “Anthi Mazhai” by SPB and S.Janaki is also my favorite. The theme music of the film has Raaja written all over it. MASTERPIECE. Let me digress and share a thing I noticed in the song. Around 2.10 in the video I linked above, Kamal and Madhavi sit near the steps. In a playful way he tries to elbow her. If it was any other actor he would have elbowed at the first go but not Kamal. He misses the first time and then connects the elbow the next time. If you notice, there is also a noticeably halt and then the song picks up as soon has he connects the elbow. This level of genius is unheard at least for me.

Valaiyosai – Sathya – SPB & Lata Mangeshkar : This song was a chart topper back in 1988. As told by dad, no radio programme is complete without playing “Valaiyosai” once. The way in which the song was shot, surely must have been first of its kind. Once again the song sequence is so natural. The chemistry between Amala and Kamal was great. I really want to grow a beard like him in the film. But alas it isn’t growing as thick as he has!

Nee Oru Kaathal Sangeetham – Nayagan – Mano & Chithra: Yet another kamal-raja combo magic! The song was extensively shot in Mumbai and stuck to the narration of the film perfectly. Mano for me has done a commendable job! My favorite part of the song is were they both stand at the beach and Kamal shows something to charanya and the line "KadarkaRai kAtrE vazhiyai vidu dhEvadhai vandhAL ennOdu"

Nee Paartha Paaravai – Hey Ram – Asha Bhonsle & Hariharan : This film “Hey Ram” is one of my all time favorites. When i first saw this film as 10 yr old i just couldn’t appreciate it. But when i watched it after i knew something about the world, I just realised it was a treasure I walked past without noticing. This song is so sweet and has really wonderful lyrics penned down by Kamal himself. My and most of the people’s favorite lines are “Naan endra sol ini vendaam. Nee enbadhe ini Naan dhaan. Inimelum varam ketka thevai illai. Ithu pothum vaerengum sorgam illai” Truly magnificent, isn’t it?

Sandiyare Sandiyare ( Shreya Ghoshal) & Unna vida (Kamal & Shreya Ghoshal) – Virumandi : A film that was least appreciated but once again one of favorites. Kamal- Raja combo was a hit here too! There is a scene were Abirame ogles at Kamal's childhood pick and kamal notices it and the reflection is shown on the picture frame. Brilliant! Just a brilliant shot.

Ore Naal unai Naan – Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu – SPB & Vani Jayaram: Though i despise the way it was shot with kamal and Sripriya just walking about in a park like morons and lip syncing, i absolutely loved the audio version. One of the best ever as far as audio is concerned!

Inji iduppu azhagi – Thevar Magan – Kamal & S.Janaki : Need i say more. I just love this song especially duet version sung by Kamal. Pure awesomeness! The voice modulation was brilliant!

Poongatru Pudhidanathu – Moondram Pirai – Yesudas : This proves good films will always contain good songs. I really like the way in which the songs gathers pace and slows down. The shift is quite amazing! Also not to miss out on another song from the same album “Kanne Kalaimane”

Sandu Pottu – Thevar magan – SPB : This is a really peppy song, which I have added for the purpose for breaking the monotonous pattern of melodies here :-)

Apart from these i’ve mentioned here, I do a like a lot more. But for me these are the songs which stand out as of now, personally. Bottom line is Kamal-Raja combo = *respect* period!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Other door

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  Before I start, let me say that is not going to be one those whacky posts i usually come up with. It’s a long post of things i really wanted to convey for a long time, perhaps this might ease out my mood swings. I know it’s been quite a long time since I blogged in this place. That is purely because i have simply lost any motivation to write here because there’s not an awful lot of people waiting to read. And the souls who do read already know in first hand, what i am going to write.

The Deepavali weekend that went by was pretty good. I’ve been in Chennai ever since I was born and i didnt even visit St Thomas mount once. So prior to deepavali on Thursday we visited the place in the evening. We had quite a blast watching the night sky being decorated by the infinite number of fireworks, I never knew people here had so much money. Such a marvelous place is this St Thomas mount. It’s very peaceful and close with nature! We also decided the comeback there the morning, post deepavali.

Deepavali went on really nice. Though the curiousness to find out what crackers my dad had bought for me and to save them for later wasn’t at fever pitch, It’s really something to be with friends and light up fireworks with them. Though this time I really missed pwning my good friend Ajay due to him being in Dubai and the bugger didn’t even turn up for skyping that day! I would say there were other guys whom i was pwning that day, my fellow comedy cop Ashwath and the karate Kid Vignesh who got repeatedly bashed by me. I really had a blast this Deepavali quite literally. In the event i even got blisters on my index and thumb fingers, trying pluck the fuse off the crackers.

The morning trip to St Thomas was even better than the evening one. May be that was because we managed to sneak in without paying the parking ticket and Camera ticket hahaha. Now you must know why we went as early as 5.30 am :-) Also there was Ashwath accompanying us which means double the fun, because of his antics! I had wonderful time fooling around the place and clicking random pictures. I even caught hold of a snail which was lying on the road  You can view them here  and prayed for peace for the dead snails and frogs hehehe


How much ever I try to be a serious guy, I just fail and land face first on the ground, in front of my friends. This considering, I was serious, unsocial guy who rarely talks to anyone but his friends and is absolutely unsocial with females is quite a change! Blogging has totally changed me, as it opened more vistas i realised i was being too rigid and wasting whole lot of opportunities to have fun. I am really blessed and gifted to have such wonderful friends around me all the time.

Later that day Vignesh whom i call Vennesh and lot other profane things which i dont want to express here, his friend Pramodh whom i have also become friends with and last but not least Keerthi whom i affectionately call Deedee ( For more info view her profile pic, courtesy my editing), visited my place to design a “Dustbin”. Now dont laugh, that’s community service for the Elliot’s beach area! These pwndaworse mates have really gotten close to me. Everything happened so quick with us. We were an instant hit with each other, no inhibitions whatsoever. Only person i need to hang out with among the pwdaworse is Vinay.

Apart from some ‘Deedee’ish behavior from Vennesh who was fiddling with my facebook page and twitter page it was quite nice. Only “The button” which asked him not to press here was the “like button”. On the contrary Deedee was very “chamathu” and was not troubling this Dexter. Pramodh was giving suggestions while meddling with his mokka micromax phone, he bought the day before. If only he had listened to me, he could have bought this beauty. We wrapped up the design only in the last hour or so. One the whole it was quite a funfilled day which was topped off with a nice chat at the motta maadi with Hari and Machi, where i almost dozed of if it wasn’t for the rain.

Though the 8hr Tax class was cancelled, courtesy Jal cyclone on Sunday, I was rendered powerless for about 10hrs, second week in a row. For the past week or so there have been so many mood swings. One moment I feel like I was born to do all the things i do and another moment I feel why the hell was i born. What has hit me hard and haven’t helped me one bit is that we friends, are slowly but surely parting away! We’ve been so close for the last 6 years and i love my friends so much, it’s so hard think of a week without hanging out with them at the ‘motta maadi’.  

All I can do is console myself by saying it’s just wishful thinking that they are moving away and believe as people say “Bhagawan oru kadava moodina innoru Kadava thorappaan” I am waiting for the other door!

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