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My name is Venkatadri

Oh Yeah! If you didn’t know my full name, it is Venkatadri. Now let us rewind to the past, say August 31st 1989 7.08 pm. The baby Venk was born nameless. The Baby Venk’s dad decided to name him “Venkatadri” because he had a friend by that name who was polite, God fearing and wore a “Thirmann” (for you guys it is simply Naamam) in his forehead. Years passed and The Baby Venk soon became The kid Venk. The Kid Venk passed LKG with flying colors and he had to write his name on a cardboard hat. Every other kid just had to say the name and the teacher would spell it. But The Venk had trouble brewing, the teacher asked “Come here, What’s your name?” He never knew the eternal mantra “It doesnt matter what the name is” so he said, “My name is Venkatadri” The teacher was quiet befuddled “Venkatachalam?!!” The Kid Venk got pissed off “No miss! Venkatadri” The clueless teacher replied “Do one thing child, let your mom write your name on it!”The Kid Venk returned home and asked his mom “Amma spell…