Saturday, August 20, 2011

Decoding the “Zha” code

5 blesses 'n' curses

Now many of you non-tams must have been dumbfound how to pronounce Azhagiri or KaniMozhi or Thamizh Nadu for that matter. I have heard some amit news anchors pronouncing them as Kanimoyi or even a Kanimozi with a literal “z” sound worth cringing my whole life. I feel like I want to put “dharbai” in their tongue and posikkify their mouth.

Before going into the step by step method to pronounce the letter “zha”. Zha represents the Thamizh letter  “ழ”. The sound of the letter and its variants are quite unique that only Thamizh and Malayalam have it.

Variants of Zha by vencurd

Those of non-tams who cant pronounce it, don’t worry! Even many Tams cant pronounce it. Many people substitute it with a “La” sound. A friend of mine from south of Tamil Nadu even claims that it is the right sound hahaha!

Don’t worry you are in safe hands! I will teach you how to pronounce a “Zha”. It’s closest equivalent is the American ‘r’ If you don’t find that good enough here’s a simple way.

Step 1: Imagine you have gobbled something really hot. Say, Vada Pav with two extra chillies

Step 2: If you do that I am 100% sure that the portion of gums above the middle of your tongue must have been roasted. It would have been so hot that it would have peeled off some skin. Imagine that.

Step 3: Now gently try to massage the roasted portion with the tip of your tongue and try saying “la” without touching the teeth.

Voila! You will end up saying a “zha” It is as simple that you know!

You have decoded the “zha” code if you can successfully do this.

Tongue twister by vencurd

I mastered this when I was a baby itself! Saraswathi wrote “zha” in my tongue. Please don’t ask me to show it okay!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A day well spent

4 blesses 'n' curses

    I keep telling this to all my friends. Let me without further ado say it here. I have seen more Chennai in the past four months than I ever did in my entire life before that. I’ve been travelling, travelling and travelling. It has been a welcome change to my “lock yourself up and meddle with your computer” lifestyle.

   We Friends decided to meet up and go somewhere, now that our results have been announced. We decided to meet up at ICAI and then head off to “Semmozhi Poonga” which is at a walk able distance from the institute and nearer to the Gemini Flyover. I went into the ICAI and was checking vacancies for Articleship Clerks, now that I have got through the 1st group of my IPCC . It’s funny I was eligible 2 times for doing my articleship. Once after my CPT in 07, which I opted out and now, which I have no option but to take.

   I was looking out for firms within my locality, that is West Mambalam, Ashok Nagar, T-Nagar and that belt. There was this Firm which offered to provide Laptop for every Articled Clerk who would work there, which obviously caught my fancy. I ended up taking up a lot of pictures, for change not me but the notice board and then we left for Semmozhi Poonga.

   I’ve been to this place a few times before but this one was special. Not that I met a soul mate or anything. Of course I am blessed with awesome friends wherever I go but not that. Yeah I manage to have fun at the places which you even wouldn’t know are places so not that either. What makes it special then? HELL YEAH! “The food” On the contrary to your belief this park has a small pond with ducks and swan, wonderful lawns, so many species of plants and trees (also their names in Thamizh), of course the “lovers” and the jobless and more than all of this a FOOD STALL WITH SANE PRICE, SELLING AT MRP. Now that’s something you rarely see it cinema halls, cricket stadiums, beaches etc. The Place is clean, well maintained, quite airy, shady and easily the best park in Chennai.

  The entry tickets cost a mere 5 rupees. I ruffled some feathers even before I entered the place. There were four of us, so I gave 20 to the person in charge. She refused to take a 10 rupees note.

“Sir Idhu sellathu, Kizhinjirukku”

I was livid because it just had a slight cut and was very OKAY.

“Idellan sellum! Lightah dhaan kizhinjirukku vaangikkonga! government dhaane aprm enna prechana”

She was obviously pissed off at me and said “Naanga kudutha vaangipeengala?” That is where I slipped in one of logical mokkais.

“Naanga vaangaama epdi madam unga kitta thara mudiyum”

Now coming back to the food. Sarvana Bhavan has opened a Fast Food Stall there. There is also a kwality walls stall and ice colas too! I just wanted to eat all the items put up on display at Saravana Bhavan but I settled for a pan pizza and a Kachori. The Pan Pizza was pure awesomness. Till date I believed that the best Kachori in Chennai was available at Viji Chaat in West Mambalam but today it changed my world upside down. I made a hole in the kachori poured the hot chutney, then the sweet chutney and enjoyed every bite. I just cant imagine how it would have tasted with the onions. Worth all the 15 rupees. This is my fucking “WHITE CASTLE” (You would understand that reference if you had watched Harold and Kumar go to white castle. So go watch improve your knowledge) It Just made my day and all the coming days which I will be visiting in the near future. Semmozhi Poonga is truly Semma poonga! This place just made me write again.

We then headed off to the thankfully crowd less Elliots Beach, had a frankie each, sat in the sand next to the waves, quarreled about various matters; I was outraging the public for littering and then we went back home to mark a day well spent. Only thing I was not satisfied with was the thing that I wasn’t able to eat bajji at the beach hahahaha.

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