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Thala and Wall

After 22 years of my existence in this planet I finally got to watch a night show. Surprisingly my mom didn’t have an issue with it. One of my friends called and asked me if I would accompany him to Udhayam theatre for watching Mankatha-night show. Normally I would immediately refuse the offer if it read the word “night” But I just had a hunch and said a yes. I heard a lot of good things about the movie from a friend of mine who watched it earlier that morning and yet wasn’t that excited.

  The guy who accompanied me was a Vijay fan, needless to say the kind of things he said when we were about to enter the cinema hall. “Dei padam sumaar dhan da, IPL final la panam kolla adippan” The ticket we had for the movie were complimentary and we didn’t spend a single penny. Obviously I had nothing to loose not even sleep. It’s been so long since I slept before 2am.

  My idea of a night show all these years was that it would be deserted, people wont come with their families, posse of boys are …