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Venkatadora the explorer

Travelling is something I really like to do. There are two kinds of travel, travel just for the sake of travelling and then travelling for official purpose. I hate the latter so much, I once offered to quit the articleship I was undergoing. I used to watch Dora the explorer while I was taking care of my, then 8 year old cousin. I badly wanted to induce some fun into to my boring life. What I did was follow a pattern that is followed in Dora the explorer while travelling back from my office to home. I call it "Venkatadora - The explorer"

  After making sure that no one had a clue what i was doing, I was wondering what to play as the Venkatadora song. Dora was girly she would sing "VAnga nanbargaLe! Ellorum onna povom! Muyarachi thiruvinai aakum! MuyandrAl sAdhikka mudiyum! Enga nAmA porom? *clap clap clap* Poli Venkateshawara Boli stall ku "   But the Venkatadora is badass, keeping that poker face "hey come on!" kinda guy. So I played "Brock Lesna…