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I can't be doin with this

I think I am relatively safe writing here. No one is going to bother. The last time I checked, this blog had 6 views per day. I was recently listening to karl's diary portions of the Rick Gervais animated podcast and it rekindled me to write a journal. Also coupled with the fact that I am wasting way to too much time on twitter and I shut it down. The constant mindless chatter, I cant be doin with that.

I am going to write down anything I find interesting or any state of mind that I want to record. It may be explicit and down right nonsense. If you are easily offended, you can please get the fuck out of my blog. Oh you're still reading? You are skin is slightly thick
I woke in the middle of a dream, today. It's always surreal when you are woken in the middle of a dream. You are dilly dallying between consciousness and fantasy. Minutes later, you just remember zilch but at the moment when you are in the dream, it is very real. I wonder we are nothing but a dream of ourselv…